secret blacksmith recipes?

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  1. Das liebe Beil

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    Well, I wasn't in Muspell that long. 2 Months maybe. And I mostly dropped Trolls.

    And I too am a collector, after all the Chariot looks nice and a 60/60 attack value is pretty high, therefore I think it will show.

    My Muspell Items still show, once they don't I will create further Hellfire Chariots.
  2. Jme

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    When did everyone decide to start hoarding these recipes?! I thought we were here to share ideas, and when someone came up with them, they pass it on. Douche move, really.
  3. sselnioc

    sselnioc New Member

    why does it have 5 items in total to craft Trident? i only have 4 slots? please enlighten me. thanks peep!
  4. skjold

    skjold Member

    You only need 3 slots.

    2 of the slots just USES 2 items. ;-)
  5. I know what the ingredients are :D
  6. Under Giant

    Anyone have the Under Giant Recipe yet? It's drivin me insane tryin to figure it out.
  7. self

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    HellFire Chariots - Recipe + whining

    Okay, here I whine.

    At one time, at the end of muspel, it cost 300+ XP to do 1 adventure, then at some point adventures changed, and there was a plethora of new adventures, plus the one at the end of muspel. I think for myself, as well as others who were at the end, just tried to complete the adventure requirement to get the skill points and move on. Regular leveling and completing an adventure as many times as you can to go to the next level will net you hundreds of drop items. Just completing the adventure will net you less than 50.. Enter crafting of Hellfire Chariots.

    you need 50 fire chariots and 50 fire wingsuits. I have thousands of fire chariots and only a handful of wingsuits. Wingsuits have an attack of 40, which will never show up in my attack as my min is now 45 or 46 (depending on if I have new chieftains), so no way will I spend a minimum of 3200 energy plus give up 50 WFC's to get 1 60/60 item. If I was at that point in the game, I would to get some higher attack weapons, but not at that cost.

    To get one of these items from scratch you need to level a minimum of 13 times.

    So there is the recipe
  8. SkylerF

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    Excellent! Please share them instead of gloating that you know them. That's what this forum is for.

    Apologies. I figured out the Hellfire Chariot and got distracted trying to figure out if it was worth crafting. The Hellfire Chariot requires two different items, 50 of each. They are Muspell adventure drops: Fire Chariot and Fire Wingsuit.
    NOTE: I have not yet crafted this item. I know they are correct because the error message did NOT say I failed, but that I did not have enough ingredients in my inventory and told me how many I had out of 50. I will get a screenshot uploaded in a moment.
    EDIT: screenshot attached.

    The only other Hidden Recipe I can make right now is the Under Giant. Does anyone have any clue what makes it? Or how many DIFFERENT items it takes?

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  9. jan1904

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    Trident is made from:

    Aegir Warship
    Hero warship
    War elephant
  10. DraganLiviu

    DraganLiviu New Member

    Under Giant - hidden recipe

    Who know the combination for Under Giant?
  11. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

  12. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    Spear of Root Essence

    x1 Spear of Root Essence has been Added to your inventory.

    x2 Magic Root has been Removed from your inventory.

    x2 Alfheim Map
  13. waldo1984

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    Just remember - Jesus loves you, but I'm His favorite. :p
  14. vikings_shel

    vikings_shel New Member

    Has anyone seen any "Hints" on the Under Giant"?
  15. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Sadly none yet. I check every time there is a new post in Viking Clan.

    Search "Blacksmith."
  16. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    under giant failures

    Here is a list of failed attempts at the under giant

    didnt work
    frost giant, underworld ring
    frost giant, ice blade ice shield
    frost giant, battle swine, blood decoy
    frost giant, yeti ice helm, yeti ice sword
    frost giant, yeti ice helm, yeti ice mace
    frost giant yeti ice mace, yeti ice sword
    frost giant, yeti ice mace, yeti ice helm, yeti ice sword
    frost giant, forged helm
    frost giant, undersea helm, undersea shield
    frost giant, rock giant hammer
  17. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    frost giant, ice sword, ice shield
    frost giant, northern knot charm
    frost giant, lands end sentinel
    frost giant, lands end sentinel, northern knot charm
    frost giant, lands end sentinel, battle etin
    frost giant, battle etin
    frost giant, battle etin, northern knot charm
    frost giant, elder frost giant
    frost giant, elder frost giant, northern knot charm
    elder frost giant, northern knot charm
    elder frost giant yeti ice mace
    elder frost giant, undersea helm
    elder frost giant, svalinn sun shield
  18. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Under Giant Attempts

    Failed Attempts:
    Does anyone have any hints? It sounds like we'll need a Warrior (Frost Giant?), but any idea as to what else?
  19. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I'm also guessing the frost giant is part of the equation considering we're trying to make an under giant and that and the elder frost giant are the only two giants you can aquire
  20. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    (spelling adjusted)
    But it's not always logical.
    Pirate Clan had a hidden recipe called "Minstrel Maiden." It required the gift item "Treasure Chest" and a Blacksmith item called "Jaguar Knight", which used the bought matey "Sea-Dog Powder Monkey" and the gift "Pirate Monkey". We had all thought it would be something involving songs (there were some) and a GIRL matey. Not even close.
    However, the Steel Sword used sword/dagger items and the Hellfire Chariot uses a Chariot and another fire item.
    Frost Giant is an adventure drop (Niflheim, of course). Where is the Elder Frost Giant from? I don't have it and don't know where to get it. :confused:

    ANY hints at all would be greatly appreciated! Or do not even the ninjas know? :(

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