secret blacksmith recipes?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by chucknorris, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. SkylerF

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    And I have posted it elsewhere in Viking along with screenshots AND messaged Support.
    Try switching to Internet Explorer (worked for me) or another browser (ATHEISTIC SATANIST, what were the ones that worked for you?) to unlock the hidden recipe. Then you can switch back to Firefox or whatever and the recipe will show up as normal and you won't need the page numbers.
  2. camino and google chrome worked for me.
  3. kennycjr

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    joy, i see no one's had any luck with sorting out the trident.

    fyi, to see the page numbers for the items in blacksmith ya hafta be at alteast 100% zoom. several apps have this sort of issue, only time it's ever came up in vc. the default control to zoom out is ctrl+. myself, i find the colorzilla extension to be more useful and stable, especially when it's lagging.
  4. Blue Clewline Jane

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    hidden recphies

    Minstrel Maiden i got this one but cant use it until i reach level 300 that sucks it only takes two thing to unlock it
  5. Blue Clewline Jane

    Blue Clewline Jane New Member

    hidden recipes

    Minstrel Maiden i found it but cant use it until i reach level 300 that lame as hell it only takes two things
  6. Blue Clewline Jane

    Blue Clewline Jane New Member

    Minstrel Maiden

    Minstrel Maiden i got this one but cant use it until i reach level 300 that sucks it only takes two thing to unlock i
  7. SkylerF

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    That is part of the gameplay. As you gain levels, you unlock more content.

    Do you complain that since you are not yet level 300 you can't adventure in Cartagena, fight the Cursed Pirate, or purchase advanced weapons/mateys/ships? You might not think it fair, but players who can do those things had to work for them. I'm level 1213 (not much compared to many players) and can say that if everyone had full access when they started playing for the first time, they would quickly lose interest. THIS WAY, a player will think, "5 more levels and I can do a new adventure! Yes! I had better level up so I can do it!"

    The "level up" mechanic is in practically every game EVER.
  8. dougo

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    page buttons/ next/ previous in firefox

    The page buttons / next / and previous do not show up in firefox if the page is zoomed out. Those of you having issues will need to "reset" your zoom setting (View->Zoom->Reset) to view the buttons.
  9. SkylerF

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    Or pressing the keys Ctrl and 0 works.
  10. Angel

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    nothing is working
    I reported the problem to Kano, hope that they can fix it.
    These are the items of my inventory list that are not showing up at the blacksmith:

    Alfheim Bow
    Alfheim Shield
    Alfheim Dagger Set
    Ledhrblaka Armor
    Ledhrblaka Helm
    Ledhrblaka Axe
    Dragon Fire Tunic
    Dragon Fire Boomerang
    Dragon Fire Shield
    Dragon Fire Sword
    Underworld Ring
    Hel's Blade
    Hel's Tunic
  11. SkylerF

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    Resize your screen or switch browsers.
  12. Angel

    Angel Member

    don't work :(
  13. Jme

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    Blacksmith "menu" errors

    I'm sorry to sound insensitive, and I appreciate the fact that y'all are having problems with some things, but this thread is called secret blacksmith recipes. Could we stay on topic please? Move problems where they belong.
  14. SkylerF

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    Does anyone know Aegir's Trident? Even a slight hint would be great. :D

    There are several bug threads in General Discussion, Viking, and Pirate. Possibly in the others as well.

    What didn't? Send a bug report to Kano instead of posting in the wrong forum. That way your problem will be seen and (hopefully) acted upon.
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  15. NekoKyd

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    I think the items that do not show up are because: You are not at that level of the boss items! You got the items from your clans bosses and didn't actually kill the boss yourself. You have not made it to that area, so that is the problem?:eek:

    Edit: Now can we PLEASE get back to the secret recipes?
  16. Eddie

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    I'm giving up on trying to figure out the Autumn's Hammer recipe. Devs a hint please?
  17. Klaas

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    there are pictures and stats of the secret items under profile/arming, mark the [Show All Items] box and scroll down.
    perhaps someone can get a clue out of those (i can't)

    Aegir's Trident a:30 d:41
    Steel Sword a:49 d:44
    Autumn's Hammer a:60 d:60
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  18. SkylerF

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    It only shows a total of 60 items (all, weapons, warriors). :mad: I am level 1252 at the moment, so anything through Helheim ought to show up. :p It was a problem with Firefox and the devs said they fixed it with a patch (it works now). If it STILL does not work for you, message the developers; we can't help you.

    I have been trying to figure out the Trident recipe since I can't do the Autumn Hammer.

    Here is a post focusing on the Trident. It also has my guesswork.
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  19. Colonel Jam

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    Blacksmith pages

    I had the same problem with Google Chrome until I hit the Control and 0 (zero) keys at the same time. Then refresh the tab. This sets the page to the default size.

    I have a habit of making the page smaller when fighting so all the buttons don't have to be scrolled to on the page.

    Here are the key combinations. Note that you can do the Control key combinations with + and - buttons multiple times.

    Control + makes page bigger
    Control - makes page smaller
    Conrtol 0 default page size
  20. Jme

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    I figured I'd mention this over here in this thread as well, in case anyone actually DID wanna discuss recipes and theories and such, instead of continuing to cry over their browser problems. Seriously, complain about it in the proper place!

    I've been looking through items you get as drops in the lands leading up to Aegir's passage, as well as items you can buy, and if it's a trident we're trying to make, I think we should attempt using the Aegir staff in the formulae. Since Trident's are staff shaped, lol. Steel sword used 3 sword shaped items, so it's a fair assessment.

    I don't have them anymore, since I cleaned out my inventory months before the announcement of the blacksmith, so someone try it out, and let me know how it goes.


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