secret blacksmith recipes?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by chucknorris, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Micaylah

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    Try clicking the "show all" button when in Blacksmith :confused:
  2. Angel

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    "all" is automaticly selected, I can chose weapons or warriors, but there is the same stuff.
    the same with the alfheinm shield and the Ledhrblaka Armor / helm / axe and all the other boss items a have in there, they are just under special items but not at the blacksmith
  3. Micaylah

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    I'd talk to KANO :)
  4. Eddie

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    Any luck on the autumn's hammer recipe? :p Help devs? :D
  5. Wolfdaughter

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    yeah, give us a break! A clue would be nice :) Or another clue :)
  6. That Recipe Must be something Super stupid easy :D :D :eek:
  7. odinsmommee

    odinsmommee New Member

    i'm right there with you. i can't find it in blacksmith either and it's super irritating...
  8. self

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    In firefox, you cannot select pages in other games.. I cannot get past page 1
  9. i already posted this problem in pirate section along with screen shots
  10. Eddie

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    Are you saying you solved it?
  11. Eddie IS Kano and he seems just as stumped as everyone here.
  12. All I know is the Steel Sword thus far, Viking Dagger + Skull Dagger + Alfheim Dagger Set.

    I'd bet the hammer is made from the Wizard's Wand, Caesar's Underpants, and the Siamese Fur when is Kano going to release those items for us to use?
  13. Eddie

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    Haha, yeah, the recipe is a bit more complicated. Its made to be random, so it differs for all, and each time you try a combo it changes LOL
  14. SkylerF

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    I know I have all 3, but the "weapons" dropdown in the Blacksmith only shows the Viking Dagger (and 19 other weapons). Is it possible to scroll through?
  15. SkylerF

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    There is no "show all" button in Blacksmith. Unless you mean the dropdown menu that also has "Matey" and "Weapon." THAT button simply selects 20 items from all you have. 20 only. It does not show more than that and ALWAYS shows the same 20.
  16. Slytter

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    I have a similar problem in my list of special items I see

    Alfheim Dagger Set

    Attack: +47
    Defense: +42
    Owned: 1

    In show all it does not appear even with refresh or clear cache
  17. mistylady

    mistylady New Member

    Alfhiem dagger

    If it is not showing up on the list of items you can use ... look at the recipe. Does it say it has been unlocked? I couldn't find the daggers either but the recipe is not unlocked for me yet!
  18. SkylerF

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    You are referring to the Steel Sword? 5th recipe? I have been creating a LOT of Spears of Root Essence (2 recipes down) and some Ivory Elves. Still, on the "items I can use," whether "all" or "weapons," the only item shown is the Viking Dagger.
    So then I went to make sure that I had all the items needed: Skull Dagger and Alfheim Dagger Set. In my inventory, I have 32 Alfheim Dagger Sets (Attack: +47, Defense: +42) and a Skull Dagger (Attack: +25, Defense: +10).
    But the only weapon in the trio that shows up in my Blacksmith page is the Viking Dagger (I have 4, Attack: +9, Defense: +4).
  19. Evan Son of Thor

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    Says I need a "Hero" for one of the recipes. Where do I find a "Hero"?:confused:
  20. skjold

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    It's a reward from the world boss it you have min. 9 attacks.

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