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  1. Hi Kano all in favour of your new guild wars as i do like that it brings more to the game ... but as for the season trophy ...why cant we have 2 trophys ? a war trophy and a season points trophy ? :)
  2. Just i think this would be a fairer option .....
  3. i always thought there was 2

    could of sworn for mob lcn i saw 2 separate trophy lists
  4. Maler

    Maler Member

    they are separate in the leaderboard : War Points and Gamer Points. It hasn't been a week since the guild wars started, so there can't be a war points trophy just yet.
  5. Thanks for the replys ..but we are talking about viking clan here ? For instance, those with higher war points are higher up the leader board than lets say , those with the highest Gamer points .......Rank Guild Division
    Royal Vikings of Valhalla Raiders 64,691 2,146,500
    One Raiders 41,525 2,246,450
    Saga Norns Raiders 41,223 1,814,000 Meaning ...this is a combined leader board.
  6. they are separated though

    by clicking the two separate "points" on the top

    it changes boards
  7. Eric

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    Yes there are 2 sets of trophies, you will see them appear at the end of the season.
  8. ahhhhhhh do i feel stupid ? oky thanks for that ... was just checking !!! :D

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