[LCN] Screwed: Promoted to Syndicate War Class B

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by davidcherr, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. davidcherr

    davidcherr New Member

    I am in a youngish syndicate that was doing fine in Class C, and then, as a reward for actually building A/D/H, we get promoted to Class B where we got aced out of any reward. Kano needs to either change the algo assigning a Class, or change the reward system to add a reward for overall placement as an alternative to the class placement. We placed 165 and there are people who placed lower who are getting fat rewards. No more refills, that's for sure.
  2. Stiletto Babe

    Stiletto Babe New Member

    Same happened to lots of syns including mine! We got pushed up into the top division and were literally slaughtered the first few syn wars lol! My advice is keep going, don't give up the syn wars as you will eventually turn it around and be able to compete in that division. Just think yourself lucky they didn't shoot your syndicate up into the top division, always try and find a positive out of a negative. ;)
  3. Manysheeps

    Manysheeps New Member

    You are even more screwed now. The devs have decided that the rewards for Bs only go to the 20th team now instead of 40th.
    Not worth playing it anymore.
  4. davidcherr

    davidcherr New Member

    Thanks for all your input. Will keep trying, but this round even worse - It seems we have enough strength for B class, but not enough to do actual damage when fighting C class, so we are essentially limited to D class and the occasional C we find that's low on health, and then it's 50/50 to either get the kill or get aced out of it. We will once again place fine overall, but not even close to 40th or 20th or whatever the cutoff is for B class. It's a catch -22, because being so far away means no refill use. Save'em for Raiding I guess.
  5. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    Dont use your refills. Not worth it. It looks good when everyone can see you are in a top position. But if you need to use 48 favor points for any reward that is less than or equal then you are hindering your own growth. Great. You broke even. You used 48 favor points and got 48 back. You used 48 favor points and got 14 back. Just play without refills and always make a prophet if you can rank.

    Imagine if no one used refills. They just all stopped. Everyone who ranked would get more back. They would keep the favor points they had and get more on top. I hate to see my guys use all their 48 favor points on refills to get 10 12 14 18 favor points back or whatever. I wouldnt consider that progress even when you land on rank 1 and barely break even. As far as ranking just cheat like all the others do. They seem not to have an issue having a cheat to beat mentality.
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