Sc0rpi0n (me) Do it again :-) hehe

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Sc0rpi0n, May 25, 2010.

  1. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    Wtg to myself for reaching lvl 100 and being a top at every single leaderboards list :)

    Mob wars = Legend First to get on all mademans list
    Mob wars La Cosa Nostra = First to become top on every made mans list + when i got disabled i got spot number #1 & #2. Beat that! (first to lvl 1-2-3-4-500)

    Viking clan: Top on every list. First one to lvl 2-3-4-5-600.
    Pirate Clan = Top on every list and first to reach lvl 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 and 1300.

    Zombie Slayer: Top on all lists. Lvl 100 so far.
    lvl exp achiv. voult
    1. Sc0rpi0n 100 105,035 59 34,000,000
    2. Marie Laveau 84 65,707 48 8,192,433

    Zombie Kills
    1. Sc0rpi0n 745,412
    2. Marie Laveau 479,479

    Come on guys! i Know you can do better than this!
  2. Angel

    Angel Member

    what are you talking about? oO
  3. he is talking about facebook apps i wish i can go and kick some @ss from myspace apps :D
  4. Angel

    Angel Member

    I see
    yeah, that would be funny :eek:
  5. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    WTG Hans!!!

    Kat Wicked Wench
  6. av4tar

    av4tar New Member

    maybe top for level size and zombies killed, but for hitlist kills, kills and wins your certainly not! theres pvp to do as well .. so far i'd mark this as a -1 due to the non bragging rights!!!
  7. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    Well, You talking about Kilo the cheater? hehe.
    Kilo has 2 accounts that he play with.
    He admitted i t to both me and many others.
    Kilo add one to the hitlist with one account, And since he has 2 screens, 2 accounts and all its easy for him to grab the bounty with the other account.
    I cant wait for Kano to disable that cheater. He not only cheat in zombie slayer.
    But also in pirate clan, viking clan, lcn and all other games.

    He will pass me today i think, since i wont be playing for a few days now(im on vacation)
    But that dosnt matter, I still know that hes a cheat so i know that im still the number 1 for real. Thats the only think that count. I really wonder why people cheat in this and other games. Are they totally losers that has no life? So they need to cehat on a facebook game. LOL so damn pathetic!
    Yes a computer is a better player than me, A cheater si better player than me. But for the last 4 years ive been playing all those games. I still havent found any real human who is better than me.
  8. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    and 3 the record.
    If we take away both accounts that kilo has:
    Ive killed 633 700 more zombies than number 2
    i have done 347 fights less than number one. Thats only since i dont have anyone to attack up here(only boss fights) and that dosnt count on total fights.
    But if i had someone to attack i would pass number one with less than a hour easly. (i have 180 stamina)
    i have 2 more hitlist kills than number 2.
    i have 17 fight kills less than number 1, but thats also bec. i dont have anyone to attack.
    right now i have 48 million more in my coult than numer 2 /(thats over twice as much)
    i have 10 more achivements than number 2
    i have 59563 more exp than number 2. (almost twice as much again)
    im lvl 109 and number 2 is 87.

    Overall im number 1

    So its totally 9 lists, and im number one in 7 out of them. And as soon someone get up to my lvl i will easly get the last 2 :)
  9. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member

    I still havent found any real human who is better than me

    lmfao ummm its a computer game so hows it human
    Last edited: May 28, 2010
  10. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member

    and your really that dumb to think im the only one who does it huh
  11. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member

    alot of i haves up there what u have is a ego issue
    number 1 prize baby

    thats because you added them all as friends cos your scared of getting a beating gang up
    on me all you like in the other games because your higher level unlike you i dont care
    i dont get ego trip its a GAME oh and bang bang your dead hahahaha

    i bought un points damn i must be a cheat roflmfao
    Last edited: May 28, 2010
  12. when i started play Viking Clan than Pirate Clan also MW DOA some one could not beat me in battle bounty me from hes 2nd acct's ... so i was not happy and its hard to proof that they not just big family in one house :D so i did the same i got two more myspace acct and got lots apps on my hand so i use it only for persons who use 2nd acct in games bad way so they can feel what they do to others and believe me i feel much better other way you will waste your time on this thread and noting will happen :D
  13. scott t

    scott t New Member

    You are a cheat thats all there is to it!you admit it you should be deleted!
  14. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member

    because it aint cheating there isnt any rules saying different so quit crying you problly have 10 accounts you no the ones u use in mob wars to keep attacking me
  15. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    So you have 2 accounts on facebook and there's no rules saying you can't have 2?
  16. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    1. YES there is rules against having more than one account. both Facebook TOS and KANO rules says that.

    2. No i dont have any other account, And i never cheat bec. ilike to play for real and see how good i can be instead.

    3. I dont play mw anymore. Im on Lcn once each week or somthing. But i know you attacked foxyiren (one of my good friends) and you just got killed by her xD
  17. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    he dosnt only have 2. I know about 3 for sure, and think i have one more on him

  18. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member

    and scorpion u go on and on about cheating explain how your top squad is 20 when it isnt possible until level 130 and your only level 118 script hacking !!script hacking !!
  19. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Oh LOOK!!

    List of Things That Will Get Your Account Disabled

    Using more than one account.
    Using any kind of bot, script, or automated method to play the game for you.
    Making real-world threats or slander to any other player in the game.

    If You Cheat, Your Account Will Be Disabled

    No exceptions.
    No second chances.
    No whining.
    No refunds.
  20. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    This game is to new for script hacking already.. this person may have already had 20 in their top squad before the recent changes to the app.

    @ all others:

    Keep the language respectful in the forums. If you suspect someone of cheating or would like to report someone make sure to go through the Kano Terms of Service for the proper procedure for MySpace or facebook to do so.

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