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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Stiletto Babe, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Stiletto Babe

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    I'd like to make a suggestion for those players that keep saying they are being targeted. Firstly, I play on server 2 n tbh the few players targeted by most have brought it onto themselves. I think WE all know who I am talking about.... My suggestion is that Kano sells a "Safe house" which can be purchased for 24 hours with say 100/ 200 fps. A player within the safe house can not be attacked/punched or hit listed. However whilst inside the Safe house they are unable to play the game. If they choose to leave the safe house before their 24 hours is up they can not re-enter.
  2. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    hmm Interesting LoL maybe if Kano would stop letting the whiners give feedback I think this game would be Fun!
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  3. bully thor

    bully thor Active Member

    lol hiding in a fighting game to funny kano already ruined it with Repeated attacks on a fallen player is disrespectful to the Gods, your stamina grows weaker. kano your dumb there in hospital if hit them does no damage to them so why lose a stamina just tapping to check health grow up its a fighting game not credit card game you already killing game with raids now this
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  4. yeah i get what you saying and yes part of this game is fighting but why is fight list so small surely there can't be only 5 or maybe 10 if ya lucky players within your fight range(most are ones who kill me lmao) to fight and whacked mob if ya lucky those you can only hit once so take long time to get daily fights done while someone else is attacking you lol, me i heal up to help on folks bosses then get slaughtered while trying to do that as some have like one or two hit limit on it ,i only do fight list to get dailies done not targeting anyone but if it takes lot of att to take you down and i have enough stamina well you great target to hit i get daily fight done in no time, i don't cry complain to kano it's part of the game :p
  5. i was sat on by a player very high level when i joined this game when mafia wars went down for almost 2years constantly and associates she couldn't att me but got others within my range to do it yet i never even responded to them nor had attack nor coll bounty on, maybe someone in my syndicate did but i just kept playing and i'm still living proof i'm still here :);)
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  6. if they are dead or already in hospital losing stamina shouldn't happen especially for those of us who don't have enough to go round, maybe have it as protection for lower players
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  7. bully thor

    bully thor Active Member

    kano dumb as heck all they care about is money from us
  8. S C R E A M BFI

    S C R E A M BFI New Member

    Kano is making positive changes on the game in particular s2.
    s2 is all listing no fighting it is a fight game.

    The player you speak of used to target a level player the same as himself. (Level and otherwise). He left
    s1 as he cannot fight and s2 is all listing. As the other writer portrays there are no fight targets so as my
    wife and I do, we build from our rivals a list of fight targets.

    Kano has to address s2 for the severe issues that exist there. s1 is far superior in fight quality and players it
    would seem to me as I am legally a Network Administrator to merge both servers. Allow players to choose
    their best account. They could obtain some credit for the weaker or less favorite account. Merge the servers
    why have two servers to have this "runaway place" where listing occurs? To me it would be more feasible to
    play Zynga poker if you want a hitlist game. Lists are a gamble fight wins show power and competition.

    I also believe the chats are toxic and not beneficial to new players. The pinata situation on s2 is the same players
    passing bounties to the same players. It will soon end as it did on s1 from the same issues of what is a pyramid
    scheme. Blitz means the chance to obtain a double bounty on a target. Not to PIF to obtain 1/3 when you PIF
    of this event where double is the key feature.
  9. S C R E A M BFI

    S C R E A M BFI New Member

    Really 100 to 200 FP's paid to not play the game.
    Knowing your account how could you afford this? In all sincerity the lack of acceptance
    of new players and or players from s1 where millions play and have a right to the second acct on s2
    is the issue. Kano owns the game; we are the tenants they are the Landlord. This idea is pure
  10. S C R E A M BFI

    S C R E A M BFI New Member

    The targeted part is not the term you folks use on s2.

    You tell people they are a pinata during blitz especially if they are not on WC you just make them a
    target for the few who are already passing pinatas back and forth. I think if KANO pulled up their readings
    on data obtained during blitz they would see huge disparity on the "masses" playing the game and those
    catching these pinatas.

    Also the unspoken rule that no one attacks during blitz is only for those passing. I am at level 600 being
    intentionally listed up to 150 x in 20 minutes. I currently exceed $34 trillion bounty virtually unheard of at my
    level. Stiletto you folks don't want anyone on s2 and KANO runs a business they want new players they are
    marketing heavily the android players who deserve a right to learn and play the game not get dragged into
    hatred and drama. s2 I was told used to be the place to go and chill out. Due to this pinata issue the hatred
    and double standards are making the game uncomfortable and unfavorable for new players. What does a level
    13k and 7k have to fear list someone like me. When you continually list lowers in a fight game you gain a very
    unsavory rep with higher levels who do try to help newcomers. Why is that because they know the game needs
    new blood.
  11. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    SCREAM nobody wants to hear about KK cause no one cares zzzzzz
  12. S C R E A M BFI

    S C R E A M BFI New Member

    Unfortunately on s2 that is your issue not mine thank you.
  13. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    Like I said no one give 2 craps about you or your so called KK junk...she bores us all! (Yawning)
  14. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Meh, I been trying to avoid this thread for the title alone, but it's at the top of the forum all the time :p
    This idea is kind of worse than I expected it to be... If you're planning on not playing for 24hrs just hit a booby/countertrap and don't heal.
    "but you'll lose xp doing that" so? use 3 fps and open a calendar door, hit 4 challenge helps or hit world boss and you're good

    Makes no sense to pay 100-200 fps, to not play?

    Kano have said in the past that this'll never happen.
    People have built their characters in different environments.
    Imagine you've been grinding for 10 years on server 2, got to the top of your chosen leaderboards only to have the server merged with the more populated server 1 & b00m! You're no longer on the leaderboard at all.
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