Sabotaged By Kano!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ahad, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Ahad

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    I'm starting to think the Kano employees, well, the ZS artist at least...

    Doesn't want me to become a butcher!

    He (sorry if it's a she, but i'm pretty sure it's a he) knows i couldn't resist the Rambo stuff he drew, a 'rugged tuxedo' and a god-damn LAMBO were IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST!

    So... Knowing that, he goes and draws a bloody tank in the shape of a Porsche! /droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!

    That is just perfect for my Ejection Seat to sit in, before i am rocketed up into the sky. To safety... from the surrounding crowd of undead 'fans' (?) swarming my perfectly painted / glossed and finished off-roadster!
    (i understand cars/tanks are not glossed, but things sound better in three's and i couldn't think of a better word to use)

    See, Lacquered sounds like a finishing move for it, i can't say lacquered and then finished off...

    I might not even have been talking about the actual TankCar, i might have been talking about the artwork which was perfectly finished off :p

    Anyway, i don't think i want to improve my ARMED loadout any further, these numbers are very strong indeed! I don't think anybody in this game has an ARMED Loadout with defence to top the attack that mine will be packing once this reaches lvl 4 ! :cool:


    Job very well done, good sir!

    This game could not be any more fun!

    Screw the killing everybody and stealing all their XP's, i just want to flaunt my pretty pictures! <3
  2. This is coming from onboard graphics as well!

    I bet it looks even more immense with an actual graphics card!

    I don't deny it, i may not have had a "severe meth problem" but my computer IS a load of junk!!!

    It's not dual core anymore, that one broke.

    I have no graphics card, all these "pretty pictures" are almost wasted on my poor hardware///

    I don't even have a bloody sound card!

    It's a good thing this game is only pictures or i would be missing out :(

    Don't take that the wrong way, i love clicking pictures on Facebook!

    Hi5 too, but that's another sub-forum.

    Especially when the pictures i click take something from other people (their XP), causing them to have to click even more pictures just to get back the the state that they were at before i clicked them into the grave/pile of corpses under my feet.

    When i clicked 'Preview Post' and read it, something sprung to mind...

    I bet i will be killing a LOT MORE with only 3 def, sufficient yet measly (imo) attack but a currently-loading boat's worth of health!
    (on Kano)

    Hey, would you look at that!?

    All that defence killed me the very same person that put all my defence down!
    (re-read and i'm wrong, wrong sig for that...)

    She may have been able to always beat me, but she beats everybody!

    I bet she gets terrible XP from most of the people she beats, though.

    That makes it all worth it, in my eyes.

    Even my (Kano's) self-proclaimed "measly attack" is probably too much for all the people that i fight on Hi5.

  3. Hey look...

    WOOP! There it is!

    Oh, i even paid for her to be killed too! :cool:

    I'm so useful :D

    I just wish other people had it in them to hitlist her more often so that i could regain all the money that i once had, so i could afford to re-booby her as much as she loves to hitlist me.

    I feel the love, by the way...

    All that money being spent on little old me

    (and caffeine too, only a LOT more in this case! She denies that caffeine is the one she is here on FB to kill, yet has no alternative to back up her claims that it's not me)

    Booby traps are not essential, they will only be placed when i feel she deserves to have any money at all spent on her. Once i get it, at least.

    Please read it that way, if i get my boobys out for you (her) that means you have done something right. It could be considered something similar to a hug, or even a slap to the ass (a punch to the face :p ).

    Has anybody ever made a point of making the killing of eachother flirtatious?

    If not, can i be the first?

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