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  1. Tylerbmiller

    Tylerbmiller New Member

    it seem that you need craft one the item with with another blue print and use it with another item that is not crafted with a blue print

    WHELER Banned

    Tequila Flamethrower

    anyone know the recirie for this? "Tequila Flamethrower"


    WHELER ID 20210472
  3. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    Because the "tequila flamethrower" mentions tequila, I would guess the sombrero is involved. My group hasn't worked it out yet but when we do we will post it.
  4. nicolamurrie

    nicolamurrie New Member

    scmitar and zippo for the flamethrowers lamp
  5. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    Sheik's Scimitar, explosive zippos and $1,000,000. There's already a thread that gives the blueprint.

    WHELER Banned

    "tequila flamethrower"

    "TEQUILA flamethrower" not the flamethrouwer lamp!

    anyone know of the blueprint for the ->>>"tequila flamethrower"<<<_
  7. nicolamurrie

    nicolamurrie New Member

    Thank you for helping out :)
    if anyone else can help out with any of the other hidden blueprints would appreciate it (am level 753, so any of the lower ones up to the level i'm on would be great. thanks in advance):):D
  8. nicolamurrie

    nicolamurrie New Member

    hidden blueprints ...

    Can anyone help out with these please ???:confused:

    Hidden Blueprint

    Required Location: Moscow
    Level Unlock: Level 120
    Crafting Cost: $500,000

    Cellular Gun
    Hidden Blueprint

    Required Location: Las Vegas
    Level Unlock: Level 90
    Crafting Cost: $150,000

    Steel Harpoon Gun

    Required Location: Bangkok
    Level Unlock: Level 850
    Crafting Cost: $750,000,000
  9. Ruby Rann

    Ruby Rann New Member

    Anyone got the recipe for the Razorblade Tophat? It requires

    Level 55

    The only thing I have that even resembles a hat is the Sombrero and I have tried that with everything I have that looks like it will cut something. I also thought Tophat=Luxury. So I tried the Armored Limo with all the same things I tried with the Sombrero. Nothing worked.
  10. ShadowsOfOld

    ShadowsOfOld New Member

    Czar's Velvet Coat Recipe

    Czar's Velvet Coat Recipe
    14 Attack
    18 Defense

    1 Tactical Armor
    1 Smoking Jacket... I think from the Moscow coup boss

    Location Moscow
    Level 100
    Cost $500,000

    Hope it helps
  11. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    I tried the Beefeater Hat made from the workshop along with all the cutting things I have and nothing worked either, unless it's 3 pieces and not 2 like I was trying

    opps it does take 3 items back to the workshop!
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  12. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I believe you have to craft it once before the autofill shows up. After that it shows up each time.
  13. WHELER

    WHELER Banned

    Steel Harpoon Gun

    --Steel Harpoon Gun-- any one have the blue print? or for the -"Tequila Flamethrower"-
  14. bad stevie1973 tdf

    bad stevie1973 tdf New Member

    Flamethrower Lamp

    Flamethrower Lamp

    27 Attack

    27 Defense

    Quantity Crafted : x1

    The following items are required to complete this Blueprint:
    Sheik's Scimitar

    (Own: 0/1)

    Explosive Zippos

    (Own: 18/1)

    Required Location: Dubai Missing Item(s)
    Level Unlock: Level 170
    Crafting Cost: $1,000,000
  15. Stewartyj

    Stewartyj New Member

    devs how bout helping people out this forum is dying more everyday so how bout helping peeps with the blueprints and people will find the forum more usefull, after all its us that make the game successfull aint it!!!
  16. MastroML

    MastroML New Member

    Blueprint Details for the Flamethrower Lamp

    OK, I'll share the Blueprint Details for the Flamethrower Lamp with hope that someone will share a blueprint I need . . .

    Sheik's Scimtar + Explosive Zippo = Flamethrower Lamp


    P.S. I need the Rolex Garrote or the Steel Harpoon Gun
  17. The Sniper

    The Sniper New Member

    The Flame Thrower Lamp is not the Tequila Flame Thrower
  18. MastroML

    MastroML New Member

    Tequila Flame Thrower

    The Sniper;21797 said "The Flame Thrower Lamp is not the Tequila Flame Thrower."
    Yes, that is correct. Will you offer the Tequila Flame Thrower recipe? or any other that I've previously requested? I've already given the Flame Thrower Lamp.

  19. MastroML

    MastroML New Member

    yeah, that's the Flamethrower Lamp . . . I'm searching for the Tequila Flamethrower. Does anyone have an idea? Please assist.

  20. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    A lighter and a sword makes a Lamp that can throw flames? This stuff is so crazy!

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