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  1. SweetJennyLee

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    Good point, derouyag. The Tuareg Robes, Pet Lion and Safari Suit are all combined armor/weapon items and the Goldthread Suit is armor/vehicle/weapon.
  2. derouyag

    derouyag Member

    Maybe from the title "Flamethrower Lamp" we can assume weapon/weapon or vehicle/weapon. Really doesn't sound like an armor type at all.
  3. Gazember

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    Hi! can you give any clues for the Rolling Thunder?
    2,3 or 4 objects?
    I assume that one object is the Harley Davidson, and i need 2 gifts? or 1 gift and 1 boss dropp?
  4. cmstephenson

    cmstephenson New Member

    Any luck with the Flamethrower Lamp. I'm going crazy over here!

    BNPLAYN Member

    Flame thrower is Zippos & Scheik Scimitars


  6. Godsent

    Godsent New Member

    Not worth doing it though... Weak weapon!

    BNPLAYN Member

    Each of the Hidden Blueprints are for a certain lvl. That was for the weakest lvl. the others should be better.
  8. derouyag

    derouyag Member

    Where do you get the Scheik Scimitars?

    BNPLAYN Member

    Sheik's Scimitar

    26 Attack

    26 Defense

    Quantity Crafted : x1

    The following items are required to complete this Blueprint:

    Dragunov SVU <<< stock

    Saudi Business Intel <<<< drop

    Blade Tonfa <<<<< gift
  10. cmstephenson

    cmstephenson New Member

    Thank you!!!
  11. hi2all2004

    hi2all2004 Member

    x1 BMW Dirtbike has been Removed from your inventory.
    x1 Cargo Ship has been Removed from your inventory.
    Ford Torino was used for the Blueprints but remains in your inventory.
    Crafting this item cost you $1,000,000
  12. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    My friend just figured it out, too. Thanks for posting, BNPLAYN.
  13. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    The "joy" of the hunt is the thing, g-dsent. If pulling one's hair out and growling can be considered "joy", lol

    BNPLAYN Member


    As soon as I find out the other 2 I will post them
  15. Semper Fi

    Semper Fi New Member

    Flamethrower lamp

    One of items needed are the Zippo lighters

    The other is not a gift

    Check my inventory, I have the Lamp.:)
  16. Red

    Red Member

    you´re a bit late lol
  17. tHe mUtANT

    tHe mUtANT New Member

    Come On Already

    is someone going to post the answer to this? i think kano apps is just trying to get more site hits in the forum !! does the blueprint even exist??
  18. derouyag

    derouyag Member


    Flamethrower Lamp = Zippos and Sheik's Scimitar
  19. NoiseMaker

    NoiseMaker New Member

    I found it, the flamethrower lamp requires the shake scimitar and the zippos, thanks DarkStratus
  20. I know the blueprint for the flamethrower :D

    And i will tell ya for one of the other blueprints in return ;)

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