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  1. does any one know the recipe for the flamethrower lamp:confused:
  2. hi2all2004

    hi2all2004 Member

    No, I still looing for it (
  3. hi2all2004

    hi2all2004 Member

    x1 BMW Dirtbike has been
    x1 Cargo Ship has been
    x1Ford Torino
    x1 Saharan Racetruck has been Added to your inventory.
  4. killer 87mobwars

    killer 87mobwars New Member

    you are a bad person you know_:))_:)))
  5. Scarface

    Scarface New Member

    Hi2all2004 ... That's not a hidden recipe you're giving us ...

    Didn't find the flamethrower lamp recipe yet but I have a feeling it involves the Zippo gift ... Correct me if somebody finds the right recipe.
  6. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Kano Crafting Tip!!!!

    Having trouble finding out what is used to craft the Flamethrower Lamp secret weapon? Well here is a hint to help point you in the correct direction.

    There are two items required to craft the Flamethrower Lamp.

    One of the items is a Gift.

    One of the items is not a gift.

    Hope this helps in your crafting attempts.
  7. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Not much, but it's a start.
  8. cmstephenson

    cmstephenson New Member

    That doesn't help me at all. Can you at least give me one item? Jeez. I thought we're supposed to help each other out.
  9. cmstephenson

    cmstephenson New Member

    Any luck yet? I've tried everything. Makeshift flamethrower, zippos, lamp, gas grenade, etc. I'm lost. Help out a fellow mobster. Thanks
  10. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    Since the Flamethrower requires Dubai level 170, it's logical that the "non-gift" would be in Dubai. I have everything you can buy and all of the Job drops; therefore I think the non-gift is a Dubai Coop Boss (Nazim) drop.

    Armed Dune Buggy, MK11 Sniper Rifle, Gas Grenade or Smoke Grenades.
  11. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    If you obtain the right items, will the "autofill" button come up?
  12. cmstephenson

    cmstephenson New Member

    I tried the Armed dune buggy, gas grenade and smoke grenade, Cant find the MK-11 Sniper Rifle anywhere. Where is it?
  13. cmstephenson

    cmstephenson New Member

    Yes, it will.
  14. derouyag

    derouyag Member


    So I suppose you have the answer to the Flamethrower Lamp; or at least have all the items. I know I have all the gifts... and there is still no AutoFill... I am also at level 460. Are you sure it will autofill.
  15. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    Damn. Still no Lamp for me. Is the Gift a duplicate of one of the other Workshop items?
  16. Dead Mans Bones

    Dead Mans Bones New Member

    The MK11 is from the Nazim Boss drop
  17. Dead Mans Bones

    Dead Mans Bones New Member

    I've tried the Blade Tonfa, Beacon, Flaming Shishkabob, Zippo Lighters, and others. No luck. Just can't figure what is from Dubai we need. The gas and smoke bombs don't make sense (and don't work so far) the Dune Buggy makes even less sense, that leaves MK11. I've tried that with several gift options and Nothing. :( :confused:
  18. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    I have everything you can buy, all the weapons gifts, and all the Boss Drops Dubai and above. No dice. I'm thinking maybe a Moscow Boss drop, which a Dubai-level player would be expected to have?

    Plus, a Flamethrower Lamp is a headlight for a vintage MG or motorcycle. Is this a weapon at all, or a vehicle?
  19. shadow wolf

    shadow wolf New Member

    i tried all of them and nothing (armored dune buggy,mk11, gas and smoke grenade )
  20. derouyag

    derouyag Member

    I would like to know two things:

    1. Does the Hidden Blueprint AutoFill if you have the items necessary?
    2. Another hint that would say something like: One is a vehicle, the other is a weapon.

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