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  1. i received a notification that i received the 'thor amulet' from a friend, but when i went looking for it i didn't have it. i tried doing the adventure that needs it and i still didn't have it. if anyone can help please do! i just want to know if it's a glitch or if there's a specific place i need to get it from...
  2. Ace

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    Before getting the item, you need to get it from the Chieftain Alerts, which is the same place where you collect Energy Boosts and Chieftain Earnings. It should show with a red 1.

    What is the Chieftain Alert? It's the first of the four (or five if you're in a guild) buttons that shows below your level in the top-right of the screen starting from the left.
  3. Whitelock

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    Or go to " Chieftains > Gifts > received "... accept it there
  4. Smack

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    Chieftain Alerts is probably your easiest solution as you can access it from anywhere, but for completeness you can also view the gifts you have received via: Chieftains => Gifts => Received.

    Both of these methods will allow you to view your received gifts from newest to oldest.

    EDIT: Whitelock beat me to it!
  5. Whitelock

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    Lol got to be quick on the trigger finger!
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    yeah he's never gonna catch a bounty like that huh? smh
  7. thanks for your help but i still didnt receive it even though i got the notification -__- oh well thanks though
  8. Wonder Woman

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    If you didn't get an gift item that you should have, then send a message into support and we can investigate further. Gifts are sent through a request which is FB/MS channel that we have no control over. There are many cases where the items are lost and never received. Try requesting that gift again.

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