[LCN] Raids vs leveling partners

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Bite Me Yes, Nov 13, 2015.

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    And war mode is you attack me for 5 attacks and punch me 4 times without any retaliation or opening up a window for a higher level who has been attacked for wp from a lower level. And I get to attack you 5 times and punch you 4 times. And at the end of a week we will see who has more points! Like that is real fighting? And I love how BA is just about who can spend the most on stamina and points. A lot of real skill there. And SW? Most of the time it is the team that spends the most on refills although I will give some credit to the players who are great at stealing kills and show some real skill in that! And since this game is all about who spends the most, how can a player who spends $500 a month actually claim to be any better than say a player who can only afford to spend $20 a month since at that point is all about who spends the most and has nothing to do with strategy, planning, or skill.

    And PVP is not as easy as you think. It requires first a great deal of coordinated scheduling between 2 people. It requires adding skills working with each other to make sure both are getting the maximized experience possible, and it requires planning as allocation towards stamina makes a big difference in how much you spend but also hurts you as far as attack and defense skill points. And then lastly, it requires a lot of time.
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    PvP does take a lot of time but is the most efficient method of leveling quickly - in terms of stamina - which makes it ideal for those with the time but not necessarily $$ to spend
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    Believe me, you are talking to the choir here. I went almost all stamina in my first year of playing and I took a beating for it but it also put me to the top in Kong LCN. I leveled with a list of leveling partners which some lasted years and others came and went. At one point I had like 5 people I could level with in any given day and sometimes I spent the entire day leveling. I made sure that each stamina refill counted as much as possible knowing that stamina is a daily return with the bog boost every day and things like attack and defense could be added to at a later time. Having 7800 stamina allows me almost enough to do 5000 attacks with one refill.
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    @GOING TO CATCH DAVID : when you level, what is your speed? When we do it with Gazza, we manage to do about 100 att/min. Im curious to know the expert speed :p
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    Leveling up with "level partners" is cool-I've done that.However raids are alot quicker as far as gaining XP.Also with leveling up partner battles,there's always a chance of someone trolling in-attacking etc.Raids can be done with a health level too low for anyone to attack you

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    Speed of leveling is based on how fast you can click and maneuver the mouse from healing, attack, and power attack. Or how well you know how to use a mouse clicker. And then there is the ability of a script if you have one and know how to use it. I am not the fastest when it comes to the "speed" of leveling.... I am old and my hands are slow. SO I don't consider myself an expert because I can level fast. But when it comes to making a plan and allocating skills, I reach my goals. I signed up for Kong in like December 2012 but started playing in February 2013. It took me 5 months to take over the #1 spot in levels in Kong LCN and I have held it ever since. I even left the game for three months in 2014 as I didn't have internet and couldn't play. There was that brief time when Funlover past me when RAIDS came out last year.... then we went back and forth for several months. I would take all month to get back to #1 and then those f* raids would come out and she would pass me again. And we back and forth a couple of times when she finally lost interest or felt sorry for me LOL. Either way, I am still #1 but I know it is only because she let me have it.

    And the plan I was following was working very well until RAIDS came out. That really changed things although I am set up for RAIDS since I have a lot of stamina and plenty of energy - I just don't have the money to spend like a lot of people who we call "spenders" so I can't compete with the wallet. Also, part of the plan was to reach new cities 2 or 3 months ahead of other people and get full on boss drops and be getting the great job drops long before anyone else..... this used to give me a HUGE advantage. But now that there are no new cities ahead of me and people who are 3000 levels below me are now also in the last city, that advantage is gone. It also does not help that the crafting for boss drops from Moon have not come out yet. So that is hurting me right now. I got to the #1 level not from spending but from planning. I am not even in Alexandrite Tier yet. I am just over half way there after three years of playing. I really don't spend much.

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