[ZS] Raid update by chance?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by AlterEgoT, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Any chance the admins could take a look at the raids on ZS? we really struggle to kill them. (Mob wars does too) We just do not have the strength that pc and vc do. It is so much more fun on those games. ZS and MW it is such a grind it isn't near as fun.

    Could we make it just a little bit easier on us?

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  2. braatt10

    braatt10 Member

    I disagree I used to play all true PC and VC seem easier, but I had rosters and only play ZS now. Used to do 3 an event and all were killed in around 2 days give or take a few hours, cut back to 2 raids an event so don't put to much pressure on raiders, leading the way with as much damage as needed, never go public and rarely full, but always killed. We see the raids differently I see them as each hit adds to the rest taking down the tree as the raid cooperation is meant to be, alot I've seen there are afew hitters, many minimums and some sitters. This is probably where your problem is, in my raids they can do as much as they like as long as minimums most do more spreading out the damage more evenly and not as much is needed by anyone except me if needed and overall kill is quicker. Just saying I don't see how raids need to be made easier they have always been the same and die the same just depends on the raiders that are in each raid.
  3. Tony Cecil

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    I think what she's saying is that on pirates & vikings it's so much easier to build your character to 7,500 stamina and 10,000 energy. I can do a SHIT TON more damage in one sitting on a raid on pirates than i can on zombies. Like 25X or more on pirates than i can on zombies. All this boils down to it being harder to level on zombies than it is on pirates. Even with the 1000 stamina you get per level on zombies compared to 50 on pirates. If i start with full stamina on pirates then add a boost & reward i'm then rocking nearly 15,000 stamina. 2 refills and that's 30,000 stamina spent on a raid in 1 day. I do know I have WAY more fun when raids roll around on pirates than i even do on zombies. I dread them on zombies. I'm a fairly high level there and get bombarded with people asking me for help. I mean i like to help them to be nice but it's very, very taxing getting just getting minimums in on more than just a few in 1 day. And i'm not going to sacrifice fighting skills and make myself weak just so i can hit more raids. It is unbalanced for zombies when comparing to pirates.
  4. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I love raids. But I am beginning to really hate them on ZS. As Tony said. It's just enormously easier on pc and vc than it is on ZS and lcn.

    Be it that they have so much more health so each click does more damage. Or it be that it's more resources.

    I suppose we could up the xp if it's resources. But it really just feels we have to really work on the zs ones.

    I'll have to maybe show numbers of what I mean.

    I don't raid on FB enough to know. Other than the ones I've been on have struggled. Our faction has a good crew and we struggle.

    Sure I could join and get minimums easy and leave the work to the owner. Or I could start my own and make sure it dies.

    But by and large everyone I have talked to and myself would love if we could drop that health just a little to compensate for the lack of strength/resources in comparison to pc and vc.

    Wouldn't even have to be a lot. Skogsra Health: 511,140,000 even dropping it to 475,000,000 would really make it a smoother experience by the larger percentage of players.
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