[ZS] Raid Tier Adjustments for Aug 23, 2018

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    For tomorrow’s Raid Boss we’re going to be removing the tiers much like we did for Viking Clan and Pirate Clan earlier this month.

    If you missed that news, normally in a Raid Party there are three tiers of 10 players each, ranging from low to high levels. For tomorrow’s Raid Boss, there will be 29 spots open to all levels (30 if you include the Boss summoner). So no worries about your specific tier filling up, if there’s a space open on a Raid you can join it.

    We’ve also increased the Superior drop rate to ensure that the same percentage of those items are dropped in an open group of 30 as they did for previous events.

    Another thing we're adding to this Raid event is total number of how many Raids you can be in at the same time. The number of Raids you are able to join at once is set at 30 for this event.

    While there was a lot of good activity in Viking Clan and Pirate Clan during the Raids as well as positive feedback, there were also some downsides. Our data showed us that players were having difficulties finding a public Raid that was not already full in the first 24 hours.

    We want to try a different option to help offset this as while the open tiers were a net positive there are still some wrinkles we want to iron out, so we are giving the concurrent cap a try.

    Once you kill and collect a Raid, you will free up a slot in your total of 30. Note that you can join as many Raids as you want over the whole event, but you can only be in 30 Raids at one time.

    We will be monitoring this change closely and if we plan to change anything about it we will let you know.

    Look out for these changes when Raids go live tomorrow morning at 9 am Pacific!
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  2. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    Will the raid cap be extended to LCN next week?

    It wont affect me as I'm not in more than a handful at any time but I know several players who maximize number of raids and they will not be pleased
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  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Glad ya didn't do that in PC or VC, I normally can be in 50 to 60 raids at any given time, this would piss alot of people off, for sure. as a side note about public raids filling quick in the first 24 hours , they have always filled completely in seconds regardless of tiers or no tiers, when posted to jobs, so that argument makes no sense at all, so your data is wrong.
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  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Indeed , ZS or LCN would not affect me I join a few.
  5. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    The problem with this is you're going to get yourself trapped with a batch of abandoned raids that may not finish (unless of course you kill them off yourself which is maybe the point of this?) clogging up your cap limit.
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  6. Red Goddess

    Red Goddess Member

    Since kano seems to have decided how many raids we are limited in helping in future PC raids I see zero reason to put up my own raids to invite others to. I'll keep than one for myself. Looks like I wont need to spend as much money now, because a dragon is not a slave. I have a very very large number of raids I get on and I spend my own money to help out far more than min on each one! I did enjoy that the levels were eliminated last event. That fixed the problem and very few raids expired with that elimanation of levels. I helped save quite a few. This newest change of limiting the amount of raids a player can help on, also hampers and distorts the raid event leaderboard in the categories of attack/heals/wins. It appears that kano is going to kill interest in raiding now, much like they tinkered so much and killed the interest in battle wars for so many of us.
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  7. Red Goddess

    Red Goddess Member

    Perhaps kano thinks that peeps will spend more money to heal up a raid that is full of players only doing min. if they are trapped in a raid like that and are stuck there until it dies by forced spending to be free of the limit, my thinking it that peeps will just keep min in and let certain player remain traped in that raid until it expires . I dont heal for certain players. I refuse to be trapped and force to heal fir them. I'm not going to be held hostage, I'm no longer an going to be willing to help on those raids I'm trapedvin.. I can see myself now refusing to join raids that certain player jump on, only doing min on those raids that I joined before that person and refusing to do anymore and hope it traps thtrapped in. Until it expires. Kano apparently thinks this will make them more money , if peeps are forced to spend money in order to be free of a limited number of raids I think this is going to defeat that raid instead. I already spend enough money each raid event , and I tend not to spend if I'm being made a slave to a game makers manipulations. I walked away from other games that got so greedy in making more and more changes so as to force peeps to spend more and more and more in order to play. I dont like being manipulated so blatantly. I quit playing all of Kano other games because of the various tinkering and restrictive changes with those games. Was in 5 or 6 kano games. Now im only in pirate clan. I no longer play in the battle wars or the armada wars.
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  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Yes the issue I see if this is implemented in PC or even VC, there will be fewer raids in general , I can still open my usual and prob more since I will just invite the people I know, (and they are all levels and in all ranges ) that would want to give it their all, but that sounds a bit of extra work and stress, which would turn me off, there are already so many limits in the games from people who do not put the time and energy into it so they feel left behind, left out what have you, because there are more players that can and do more of every aspect of the games, so catering again to the few who won't change the way they play and have kano decide that they need to be catered to, turns me off too, why can't they just keep the jobs tab open if they want to join public raids, why cant they network or open their own raids and ask the right people to join, and by the right people , never assume a high level is going always do a lot, many low and mid levels can out do high levels as far as actions on a raid, rather than kano limit the game more, those players who complain about how many raids others get on sound jealous, they are the ones who prob do a handful of raids anyway. Why can't they take responsibility for their own actions or in actions rather than Kano mother them.
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  9. Jon Norman

    Jon Norman New Member

    Good, since IMO raids ruined this game in the first place.

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