[LCN] Raid Tier Adjustment for Aug 30, 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. playa$$

    playa$$ New Member

    try well over 100k damage level 3000 end up #2 and a 20k level of course does more damage at #1 and gets superior, I like purple also but not only reason I do the raids but these are way broke
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  2. Max Don Corleone

    Max Don Corleone New Member

    How did you this mi7ch? 58 dead Raids ? 44 are commons? and 14 Super? I don't see the even drops here do you? Here the screen shoot for you : Best Regards

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  3. playa$$

    playa$$ New Member

    IDK I have heard they did but didn't see them in normal places or email?
  4. playa$$

    playa$$ New Member

    I will just say this changes are good and bad ( this is way bad ) thru God fathers absolution I used to have only a few people that I could invite, now the list is very very long and none are coming back. as far as the raids just have 5 to 10 large hitters do a raid in a hour and go to next , doing anything near 150 raids a season is literally impossible with out prep
  5. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    the raid cap is beyond ridiculous , but oh well i spent less .....good for me ...maybe not for kano ....and as for the superior drop rate being improved ...yes for campers it appears so .......well done everyone ...keep up the good work ...!!!!
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  6. Cheri Runyon

    Cheri Runyon New Member

    How does anyone even think these changes are fair. No way for the tier 1's or 2 even to try for a sup award.About impossible for even the lower Tier 3's Outrageous is maybe a better word Susan. I agree about not spending as much $$ NOW
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  7. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    I've been playing LCN for quite some time, I'm just not super active in the forums. I'm well aware of the time before raids, much like the previous version of BA where it was who died at what time rather than score & no round before sudden death. Also, this whole post isn't just a dig at you. More a comment on the meta. So, with that in mind.....

    Just because their weren't raids before doesn't change the fact that they're here now and, due in no small part to their popularity, they're here to stay. To that end I think people should be entitled to call out Kano and their "we've increased drop rates" thing. Yes bosses, loot cases, crates, calendars, BA, challenges etc. help build a loadout/account but still the biggest factor is raids.

    In the space of a week you can grab yourself a tonne of levels. items and skill points faster and more consistently than in any other facet of the game. I have a pretty darn good grasp on how to utilise raids and build around that so that I don't end up with a weak account for my level. However, this new change has put a lot of players the wrong side of a cliff. Either:

    1) You build solely around raids so you can compete for good items - which scuppers anyone who wants to compete in raids and help build syndicate war skills at the same time.

    2) You buy refills/crates to make up for the power gap - this throws a lot of the low spending/free to play people under the bus. I can "compete" as a long standing free to play player but I imagine this doesn't hold on FB where there are more players with more money

    3) You sod off trying to compete in raids - this sucks for those of us that enjoyed being top 10 in their tier and beefing up during raid seasons. The more long term impact of this is people see you not investing in raids and stop inviting you, hell I think you'd see that after one or two seasons.

    I'm not saying shower everyone with superior drops because, much like with economics and printing more money, it devalues the worth of those drops. More importantly though, for those among us that are invested in these games, it devalues your hard earned money and accelerates the ever present problem of power creep.

    However, I've seen my superior drops halve over the past season and not for a lack of trying. I've joined fewer raids to keep my action count about the same but still I've been hit. I also must agree with Rafe's statement, I've been getting far more superior drops off "Pretty Good" or "Decent" when I've been midway on the leaderboard than when I've pushed for a top 5 finish.

    Setting a pool of superior action spots at the top of a no-tier raid system would make competition better, as the lower levels now have a chance of "sneaking" (competing for is probably more apt though) a superior AND would vastly reduce the number of players feeling cheated or let down by a random system giving them a common after 20k+ actions.

    It's a pretty simple change and would see a lot of people returning close to sup:com rates they were seeing before without flooding the market with easy to obtain drops. Of course I'd like to add that commons aren't awful, particularly if we hark back to the days of yore before raids. However, after time, everyone will have a common item base. It's an inevitability.

    This makes it all the more important to sort this issue now rather than letting it sit until a couple of years down the line when someone like me who will have caught up with the mid-tier spenders (you know as I'll be levelling faster - again such is power creep) only to be met with a wall of purple and unable to win fights.
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  8. The story of a "CAMPER"...

    I AM A CAMPER. Yes, that kind that hits many bosses and and joins fast and hinders others to joins and does only minimum of 2K actions and make others struggle killing their bosses more even though there wasn't anyone i was in expiring, also known as "waste of space", "raid blood sucker", "the worst" or the "even worse than...", "bad intended opportunist" and yes I guess "camper".
    Let me give you my thoughts on this:
    - I never cared if raids existed or not. For me it's all same. I'll just take opportunity and use it to change and improve my tactic as i see it fit to make it most effective.
    - The limit will be set. Nothing changes from my side. I'll still just join do minimum, or how much i need.
    -> positive aspects: less headache to join more, more FP left at the end of the raids, big hitters won't put more gap between me and them item wise, spenders won't need to spend anymore so KANO does a good thing here making the game as a lot of players want it (those that complain about spenders spending too much and ruining the game, and me included), so a lot less spending here by the avg spender, and one of the thing i like the most is this: Being part of the old players and "campers" I managed to hoard lots more items over time than all these new players that will come. They won't have any chance of reaching my power only if they spend a lifetime worth of savings.
    -> negative aspects: a lot more complaining on this, only few big spenders will push up the raids and enjoy putting more gap between themselves level wise, which will bring more discrepancy into the game making it pointless for some to even play the game, there will be a decent number of players that will quit, welcome back the expired raids, the plan of helping lowers will be a failure, the plan on solving the camping issues will be same, long time raids, a lot of frustration among the serious players, a lot of frustration seeing the pansies/crybabies/lazypricks smiles and their happy comments about how great this update is, and the most interesting thing about the negative aspects will be this KANO revenue and business will go down significantly - so way to go KANO for being humble!!!!

    I want to talk about another aspect. There is an initiative it seems to maybe free space if you do 5 times the minimum number of actions. A fair deal, but it won't change anything, or much. (Introspective: I personally won't care about this nor will motivate me to do more, as i guess won't motivate other "campers" to do more). But i sense around 20-40 players might see it more appealing. Draw back is whatever the case will be there will still be a lot less raids posted, raids will take longer time to be dealt with after the first 1,2 days, expiring bosses will still be hitting.

    Based on experience: there are always raiders that want to get as much experience as possible out of raids so they beat them to a pulp... always same hand of players (big spender big players), they will always want to do more, that's why currently there aren't any expired raid bosses and all raid bosses are finished in time, only that there are crybabies crying about "campers". There isn't any raid that doesn't get finish under 10-15 million health that would be what a "camper" should have done in their opinion. There are many ways of sharing privately currently if you really hate "space takers" and nobody forces you to post it on the job chat. This also encourages people joining forces with each other, making relations so they have friends or people that they can count on.
    !!!!! If you get frustrated about campers SHARE THE RAID ONLY WITH YOUR MATES/TRUSTWORTHY CLANIES or DON'T OPEN RAIDS POINTLESSLY IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT. You didn't think of this, crybabies, right?

    with DISCLAIMER: I don't encourage this because I am a camper and I really don't like to handle these situations, but still am sharing it so you don't think I am just an asshole, but I am actually sharing some improving ideas.
    Here I go! (please fellow campers don't curse me it they actually implement this)

    How a camper thinks?
    I am joining as many bosses as possible so I can do minimum to as many bosses whenever I want and whenever I can and whenever is more effective resources wise so overall I can get the most loots out of every event and experience wise will get same as others that drain more on less raids with the same amount of resources as I have.
    No! Campers don't camp just because they are jerks. I know that's what you all crybabies were thinking. And they actually spend a lot more time and efforts to be there and join the game, while you crybabies wait for everything to fall effortlessly into your arms (perhaps not playing at all and just expecting in game power to come to you). But let's go back to the proposed idea:

    What will a camper do if you make the exit of the of the limitation just let's say twice the minimum damage?
    - the camper will have to think? Hmmm... what should I do should I use double of my resources to exit the limit? That means overall I will get half the items I usually get in an event? But if I camp I'll be bound to the limitation. -> And that is where might actually mobilize some of the campers to play otherwise and not making it that hard even for small levels.

    I personally still don't think this will change the fact some players won't pay anymore and that others will quit the game, also there will still be a lot of more serious players displeased. I don't see any positive impact on the business for KANO either, just stagnant or negative, even if in time players will get used to it.

    PS: Nobody will read all this long message, but in hopes anyone gets to this point I wish you
    The King of Comebacks
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  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I have called kano out on this cap numerous times, I don't want to see it this week in VC or next week in PC, cause if I do I will either just join a few or none at all and will no buy FP's, Unfortunately Kano won't care about little ole me.
  10. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I invite so called campers , but for me they are just players that don't have resources and I know that but I privately invite those people, I have no problem cause I invite an array of players on my raids, heaving hitters like myself, and all the way down to those that just do the min, I don't tell anyone on my raids to do more, but if they missed getting the min I will message them cause I know it was just overlooked. But they also better not do more than me as the raid owner. and that was true with tiers and now without. As far as public raids they are always a gamble , use to be ya had to hope they did not perish it, but what I do have a problem with is those that leave it low , wait for someone else to heal and they do more damage, and NOT because they have no resources but rather than they say they don't have to heal it is not in the rules, those people for me are the vampires, blood suckers, and there was a time, when in PC a few players took spots for spite so some enemy would not get on and then they would do nothing more than join, many of them have left the game, thank goodness, they were partner levelers who got pissed everyone
    else was catching up to them lol after years of leveling with someone. But all that may not be something I even think about if the cap stays.
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  11. I see two negative impacts on this even though I like the idea. Things will go like this:
    - won't encourage new players
    - low level players will be unable to open bosses too which will be a decrease in the number of overall raid bosses opened, which I guess you know it's not what KANO is actually looking for, nor a considerable number of players, especially big levels, and those that spend. The more raids opened, the more profit for them.
  12. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

    I played LCN for 5 months before I ever tried a raid and didn't launch my own until I had been playing for 7 months. When I started doing them I was only in 7 for that first run. The reason I waited was there was a whole lot of negativity directed at that wave of players (The Mafia Wars Refugees). So, I waited and got strong enough to do some and didn't overload myself. Sometimes waiting, learning, and developing a bit is the best strategy.
  13. Most serious players play from long before raids were even released, some waited for years for the feature to even be brought to life, so I guess it is a valid option. I was thinking same too, not to join rb in the beginning if you are new. It's a bit hard though I guess to decide on which way is most effective for a new player. I guess it's more based on what they desire to achieve in the game. As for casual players it doesn't matter much what path they take into their journey, it won't make any difference, they'll still be feed.
  14. Annita Flannery

    Annita Flannery New Member

    Well that is quite an obvious reply about getting levels. The point is if you are doing x amount of damage you should be rewarded for it as the drops are a big part of the raids.
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  15. geckomaster

    geckomaster Member

    Well your adjustments suck as does the DROPS! 33 common to 3 superior and one of those was from my raid....time to leave the game for GOOD! Ratio even worse now...played the same attack/heal ration on all...

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  16. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    One drop per raid, random % whether it will be a common or a superior, it is a gamble, I get superiors for the most damage for the min damage and everything in between. I also for me personally do not get mad if I get a common instead of a superior, I was only pointing out all the levels we get is nothing to not appreciate for hard work. and the common stats are not bad for the most part. But what does concern me is this Cap
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  17. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    I agree Kirsten. The Common drop should be considered as the standard reward. For most of those under level 8,000-10,000, the common item i still useful. Need to consider the Superior as a nice bonus upgrade instead of demand requirement.

    The cap has affected the LCN raid play by many. As the last raid in Viking Clan and Pirate Clan had no tiers and no cap and was successful, Kano revise the cap (perhaps 50 joins per day as opposed to 30 at one time) or drop it completely.
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  18. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    50 will not cut it, for me, it needs to be dropped completely, and as far as LCN 3 to 4 of the 10 or so public raids I joined went unfinished.
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  19. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Y'all back in the office yet? Waiting for all raids to complete before replying or acknowledging anyone's comments on this?

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  20. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    Raid is a epic failed....... kano need to rewrite a spanking raid version. I am tired of kano's tiny bit band aid fix to address the issues... here an idea...... there are 2 sandboxes... main and secondary.... the main are the 30 players whose met the min requirement.... the secondary are the camper and freeloader or free hitters and are counted toward to raid boss but will not received any reward if min requirement was not met...... secondary sandbox has 30 spot as well .... what you think?
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