[LCN] Raid loot?

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Crazy Inuit, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    How come common item loot is better than superior item loot this time?
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    This has been fixed, was a data entry error.
  3. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    good, thanks
  4. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Thanks. So within this raid boss, FBI Director, the stats make more sense.

    Why though, is the stats on superior items for this raid boss WORSE than the last raid boss? Usually the A & D values go up.

  5. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    By comparison, RAID loot used to IMPROVE by 10 points combined versus the prior raid.

    Here is the Eco Terrorist items versus the raid before it, The Clausfather. See -- it goes up 10 points combined.

    UNTIL we got to the Godfather Raid, then you all started to cheap out and increase the stats by 1 combined. The Godfather came right after Eco Terrorist, see only 1 point increase combined:


    Now, you've taken it to a new low. The superior stats in the new raid is 9 points WORSE than the prior. Guessing it was a typo on the low # and it was supposed to be 336 instead of 326. What say you Kano??


    Do we need an intervention??

    In all seriousness:

    1) FIX the raid loot in FBI Director. It shouldn't be worse than the prior raid.

    2) Stop the Stinginess. Go back to a 10 point increase raid over raid. We spend a lot in FPs to do these raids, reward us with more than just a 1 point improvement.

    Thanks. Don't make me call Dr. Drew.
  6. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator


    Looks like you've recorded your numbers wrong, the Defense values of the Attack items is 336, not 326 (and vice versa for the Defense items). Point value increases between Raids will be adjusted over time to match the power creep of the overall game.
  7. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Oh snap.

    Since I copied and pasted it into my spreadsheet, it's more likely that when you fixed the other error, the values on the lower # of Superiors was updated as well. But quibble quabble.

    As for the your second snap, or was it a slap?, "Point value increases between Raids will be adjusted over time to match the power creep of the overall game." The point values of limited item and crate loot go up by 10 or more, it's just Raid loot that you are being extra stingy on. I shouldn't point that out I suppose in case you decide to 1 point other loot going forward.

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