[LCN] Raid Health Nonsense

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Frogmane, May 14, 2019.

  1. Frogmane

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    Well i cannot publish my post, due to the message presented below, so i took a screenshot of my text instead.

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    Fail message:
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  2. Steven Jordan

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    The raid health is most definitely not too high unless you have 30 level 500 trying to work it.

    You do need a spread of people who are different levels. But I have no trouble finishing a raid with everyone under level 6,000

    Dont join any raid unless you are prepared to do at least 60,000,000 damage and expect others to do likewise. That's right..at least 10% yourself

    invite only good people who will commit to doing their share as quickly as possible. Share bosses privately with active players.

    Avoid publicly posted raids unless you know the owner is reliable. Avoid raids posted by noobies unless you are prepared to turn it into a DIY project

    And dont start a raid if you aren't prepared to suck it up and finish it yourself if time is running short.

    And certainly dont spread yourself too thin. 20+ raids at one time doing only bare minimums is recipe for failure.
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  3. Frogmane

    Frogmane New Member

    Yea i know, that's how we used to do the highest level private raids on clone clicky games way back, the big difference here is that these are clearly supposed to be global team events, and not high level private events.

    The main point and problem i tried to describe was, that you either need to deliberately keep low-mid levels out, or as a lower level expect, and count on high levels doing the job for you, when it could easily be avoided, or atleast massively improved for everyone, by either lowering the health, counting healing towards damage, adding 2-4x damage boosters, or allowing more people to take part in each.

    There's no way i can do 17,6 million, let alone 60 million damage, but i do constantly heal it for the higher levels to hit, and that's why i'm always on atleast top5 on healing, yet it's no help unless it actually has several high levels willing, and able to take the burden of hitting.

    There's really no point in pushing global team events for everyone, if you can't really take part, and be of use, until a year or even several years later.
    That's a recipe for losing players.

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