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    it's really disappointing that Level Ranges for Raids were maintained for this season as well when it was made clear that middle tier gets filled fast now. Wonder if Kano can see the number of players in each level range in the game or not? Talking about Server 1 here
  2. Steven Jordan

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    It depends on the makeup of your mob.

    I have no trouble filling tier 1and tier 3 but I have trouble filling tier 2. I know other people who cant fill tier 1.

    Agree that Kano should be reviewing the levels for the tiers regularly but they have to look at the global active user base as opposed to anecdotal posts from individual players.
  3. Jess Langlozetti

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    4 tiers of 10 players... 0-2500, 2501-5000,7500-10000, 10k +... more raids opened, thus more refills, more money. whats hard in that lol.. Just a suggestion though!
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    SOHAIB Member

    Agreed very much like to see 4 Tiers
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  5. Siria

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    Wtf i never got my reward for the fbi Raid.. I had 15 mins left n it disappear GrrrRrrrrrrr!!
  6. Rick B

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    It's not anecdotal that tier 2 fills faster. It's a plain and simple fact. There was a baby boom when Mafia Wars shut down and all those players (myself included) are now 2ish years old and the reason tier 2 is stuffed. Back a year and it was tier 1 that was difficult to get a raid. Now tier 1s are hard to get cause there aren't a lot that are mature enough to actually do the reqs most groups require (10M min damage). Yeah, we just got an influx from MobW reg, but key term there is mature enough. Way the tiers are cut, once a tier 1 is mature enough to do what the groups require, they're not a tier 1 for much longer.
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  7. susan c

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    Okay I have to say raids really sucked this time around and a LOT did not finish. It seems a lot of us have gotten sick and tired of doing all the work to get the same loot as those who just do a minimum of 2000 actions. Kano this has got to change. If everyone only did 2k actions the raid would never finish. It is really unfair that someone doing 2k actions gets the same loot as someone who did 20k actions. If this is not fixed, more and more people will stop doing raids. Why the hell should I spend $400 to raid my ass off to get the same crap as those who just do 2k actions in 200 raids and they get a shit load of loot. Raids have been your money maker but I gotta tell you I will no longer be spending to raid while so many can do so little and the rest of us do all the work!
  8. Lots of raids did not finish, and it's not strange considering less people are willing to step up and put in tens of thousands of actions in them. You could say that not every raid have to succeed, and I do not disagree - however, the ones who did time out in the end were almost invariably public ones pushed out by newbies who don't know who to send to, and don't know how to get those in to do their part. When push comes to shove in the difficult mid-time period of raids, people will make sure to put in actions in synd mates and buddies raids first, and let the public ones languish.

    Since retaining new players should be high on the agenda for Kano - why not give them a bit of an extra hand? Raids are supposed to be one of your attractions, but it kinda sucks for the newbies if they start something like that and it just fails miserably. Probably a lot of options to consider, but here is one idea: give new players (up to level...I dunno, 750?) 1 - one - "raid bomb" to spend during the course of a raid round, only usable on their own opened raids. If the raid falls behind, the owner of the raid can set off the bomb and take out a fraction of the total raid health (a fourth?) and give em a chance to bounce back. Just an idea, I am sure other ideas can be had to.
  9. From what I hear, it seems you are aiming to put the last nail in the coffin of public raids, rather than help out. Abolishing tiers? Really??

    Public raids already got a bad rep, what do you think's gonna happen when you now get twice as many noobs and leeches desperate for more raids jump into them the second they get posted, now without any tiers to limit them?
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  10. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Have not seen any of those concerns happening in VC or PC, and yes I was concerned about it when i first heard, but having experienced two raids in two of the games now with no tiers, those concerns were put to rest.
  11. Steven Jordan

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    I've participated in both VC and PC raid sessions with no tiers and have encountered no problems.

    I do a mix of invite and public raids. I post mine in public to fill the last 7-10 positions after I give my invited time to join.

    The public raids do fill quickly but i find they finish quickly too.
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  12. I see a few personal anecdotes on people's own raids, but not much in the way of actual numbers.

    This raid round I saved 76 public-made raid links to see what the dealio was. From this I gathered the following:

    1) 28 out of those 76 raids failed
    2) Public raids that failed were inevitably newbie raids
    3) Of the successes, at least a third of these belong to household names and/or high level people who either just filled up a few remaining spots by going public, or knew they had the resources to smash the raid themselves if need be
    4) Out of the failures, a handful of these can be attributed to newbies being stupid or alternatively consciously electing to fail, by not distributing the links early enough (or at all) - but this is a tiny minority among the failures

    While it may not spell the end of the public raid per se, I still think this is an evident step in the wrong direction for them, in particular what concerns new players raids. Almost half of public newbie raids failed; that is a pretty brutal rate if you ask me, especially considering that perishing raids is no longer an issue of concern.

    I can only conclude that newbies are caught up in a downward spiral here; newbie public raids get a bad reputation, which means people join them less willingly and with less effort, which means they fail more, which means they get a worse reputation and so on. Add to that the 30 raid limit, making people extra wary of joining a raid if there is merely a whiff of suspicion that it will take up a spot for the full 4 days. I know I personally avoided public raids all the way up till the last day where you got room for more raids and every remaining raid will get smashed anyway.

    The old timers will get their raids done with or without the public option, it's only a matter of convenience for us. But for the newbies it may be vital in getting their raid finished.

    If you are going to keep the 30 raid limit plus open tiers, how about giving the newbies a bit of help?
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  13. Big Vinny

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    I agree with Kay-Arne Hansen. I am not new nor a veteran of this game. However I really think that there must be some sort of incentive for new players to open / join raids.
    Also there needs to be more incentive to those who do a lot of damage. Personally I did an average of about 8,000 actions on 101 raids this recent session. I received LESS superior drops on average than ALL the previous raids I have been in. (I was lucky in only having 2 raids fail. Incidentally they were both public postings)
    As Kay-Arne said "If you are going to keep the 30 raid limit plus open tiers, how about giving the newbies a bit of help?"
    I would add, the top 3-5 ppl in raid should get a superior drop or at least a 75% drop rate or something like that.
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  14. AXXO

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    For me, raids went ok. may be just a little better. ;)
  15. I heard you reinstated tiers and dropped the cap on PC...will the same happen here?
  16. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    No tiers were reinstated but the Cap was removed
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    How do/would you know how many people get a superior or a common, in any one raid, in the first place??
  18. the Doomlord

    the Doomlord New Member

    A question on raid drops if you if are the highest ranked player in your level range after a raid boss is killed do you get a superior or a common drop?
  19. Alfredo Scarface

    Alfredo Scarface Active Member

    They have gotten rid of the level ranges. You can't be top of tier because there aren't tiers. They've said they want to make it so there'll be the same amount of drops now as there had been.
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  20. Jared

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    I glad we have raids, because otherwise there wouldn't be anything to talk about in the forums. 77 pages of posts, and that's just for 1 topic on 1 game.
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