[LCN] Raid Boss Walkthrough and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Feb 19, 2015.

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    !0 am on the west coast
  2. The Godfather is not pleased with you.
    I have a suggestion to improve raid events.
    Problem: Many raid bosses are not defeated in time due to players joining a raid doing the minimum 2000 actions and then slacking hoping other players would do the hard work of taking it down.
    Let me elaborate a little.
    Raid Boss health is 505 million. 30 players can work together to take it down.
    Ideally each one should do 505/30=16.8 million damage(around 8000 actions).
    Doing the minimum 2000 actions usually result in around 4 million damage dealt. That is 4 times less than the required amount.

    A raid boss with 30 players when defeated will drop 30 items, one for each participant. Let's disregard the difference between common and superior items. Why? Just because even the common raid item drops are useful to MOST players.

    Based on the numbers above, we clearly see that each item's true cost is 16.8 million damage or around 8000 actions.
    But to qualify for a drop you only need 2000 actions(one quarter of the actual value!).

    This opens the door for a very shrewd strategy. Join the maximum number of raids you can, do 2000 actions and as long as at least 25% of them go down you'll be breaking even. Anything above 25% and you are beating the system.
    I don't blame these clever selfish players. According to game theory their strategy is perfect if they are after an item drop. They get the best yield of item drops to actual work done.

    Example: A player joins 100 raids with the minimum action strategy and only 30 of them go down. That's 30 drops. He would have only gotten 25 drops if he played fairly. He made a profit of 5 drops while also causing 70 raid bosses to not going down.
    There is currently no backlash for such strategy.

    Solution: The bottom 10 players who dealt the least damage to a raid boss that is not defeated get hitlisted by The Godfather.
    On the surface this does not look like much but it will definitely balance the game a bit.
    Based on the above example, the player would still get 5 extra drops but at the cost of getting hitlisted 70 times. Is it still worth it?

    Even players not applying the above strategy will be motivated to do more to take a raid boss down.
    No one will want to be in the
    hitlist zone.
    This will create a positive feedback mechanism that will result in a lot more raid bosses going down.

    Benefits:No more complaints about slackers/option to remove a player from a raid, no need to constantly adjust tiers regularly, the godfather rewarding/punishing mobsters is already an integral part of the game, more stamina will be spent during raid events, more favor points bought ;)
    Win-Win situation for everyone.
  3. Kirsten

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    No , no thanks, not sure how long you have been playing the games, but no thanks, I decide what and how much or how little I do, not you :)
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  4. Sir Opinion Alot

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    tier the rewards items compared to actions, award fps for those who do 25% or more if not fps free stamina refill and or energy, better xp for those who do more damage after the 2000 actions maybe giver 5% bonus xp 3000 actions 10% 4000 15% something like that, things that make people wanna do more damage, right now its set up pretty shady really. You should not force people to do more but yet give rewards for them doing more.
  5. Your solution is better but will never be considered by the developers. It is such a massive overhaul.
    I've read through a lot of this thread and have seen many ideas better than mine that have been proposed for many years but have fallen on deaf ears.

    The change i am proposing is a lot simpler to implement. Raid events basically stays the same.
    The hitlist penalty only kicks in if the raid boss is not defeated.
    Everything else will remain the same. Every strategy has its merits and everyone can play the way they want.
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  6. guys since yesterday there is a new problem. Player opens raid and screen blocks. Takes a bit, refreshes and without anyone hitting it the raids shows perished stats. Had 4 players reporting this situation yesterday and been advising them to do the ticket.
  7. FancyPants

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    One drop isn't enough imo for completing a raid, especially if you get the common one. Even if I do just the minimum, the amount of energy and stamina exerted to get one common one is far greater than what I'd get in a top tier boss (and I'd get 2 of them).

    Since people want to encourage more participation, how about an extra drop for the top 10 or for people who do 5000 actions or more.
  8. JADES

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    If it's not enough, don't do them, simple solution :confused:
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  9. Kirsten

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    You get levels, also, don't forget that. Raids have been around for years now, and it has been this way since the beginning. :)
  10. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    the thing is in lcn they are really starting to suck i can find regular boss giving out 6500 xp max for 20 stamina and doing a raid for 20 stamina is only 10,000 and also joining a boss is 11,000 xp, helping with a job is 12,000 to 16,000 xp, help with challenge 22,000 xp the thing is they are not keeping a good ratio to xp for certain apps. And with raids xp may be alittle better but you have to heal also. They need to be examined again since they really didnt have these high levels figured into certain apps each one is different but the game has changed major since the 2 yrs ago when they introduced the raids, its like any other addition to the game after awhile a re-amp needs to be done
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  11. Deblovscats1

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    The Higher Level Tier gets filled in seconds in VC, it would be nice to see 4 tiers so that Higher levels have more of a chance of getting in the public ones.
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  12. Jared

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    Good luck with any further changes. Of course, we have no idea what is being worked on, and changes aren't announced before they take effect. So I guess we'll see.
  13. RafeDavid

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    What are the tier breakdowns for the upcoming raid boss? Any changes or still the same?
  14. mi7ch

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    The new system didn't get built out in time, so I went with your suggestions from February.
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  15. RafeDavid

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    Thanks Mitch.
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  16. kessie570

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    I think there should be a new level of "Guaranteed" for anyone who performs (say) 10,000-15,000 actions on a Raid... At the moment there is a huge gap between Great and Amazing - so there's very little incentive for anyone to want to improve on Great, they'd rather join another 3 or 4 raids. Obviously, unless adjusted, this would mean a larger number of the Superior drops might be awarded - the odds for "Amazing" shouldn't change but maybe the chances at "Great" and below could be reduced?
    This wouldn't put people off from choosing how much they wanted to do but removing the uncertainty should encourage a few people to go the extra mile.
  17. Luis Ferreira

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    Why not limit the number of raids that a player can be at same time ?
    3 Raids would be the maximum.
    Its a simple solution and i think will solve some of the problems of the Raids.
    Just for the simple fact a player cannot join another raid until one have finish or perish it will make him more active in the raid.
  18. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    NO ,we have enough limits in these games, besides many do them just for the drops and not for levels, if someone opens a raid, they need to be able to take it down themselves and not count on others. People need to invite people they Know will do more than the min, and besides that is all that is required you can get A Superior drop from min actions just like you can from doing a lot of damage, and since people have different reasons for doing raids, Min is sufficient, Owner is in charge of taking down their own, if they cannot , then they should not open one.
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  19. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    tier a reward system and start rewarding 50% energy for 25% dmg and heals 100% stamina and energy for anyone does 100 million with heals along with a super item. Higher xp for the top lvl players to make it worth there wild doing more, make heals xp higher.
  20. Felix S

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    A nice way to motivate campers is to set a limit of damage that needs to be inflicted, with a timer. You get x hours to hit whatever the owner sets as the minimum. Don't get the min, you get kicked from the Raid. I set 5m, you have x hours to hit the 5m. I set 10m, you have x hours to hit it. When you open up the Raid to join, you see the limits the owner set. Easy
    When I join a Raid, I do 10m min for an unknown Raid, and 20m plus to friends.

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