[PC] Raid Boss Updates for September 13, 2018

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    Thank you for this, it`s certain that it won`t please everybody but for myself i thank you!
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    Robert Belrose, there isn't a way to completely stop the those who camp and those who just take up space. The cap just slowed them down. Hampered those of us who play the raids and help kill.
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    Debra Otter- I was not referring to the 'campers' ( I call them 'farmers'..the plant a seed by joining and only contribute if it looks like it will be finished) I am referring to the people that have the ability to join every raid posted in jobs.. I've even watched will some have hit and healed 2 raids at a time and were still able to join the new ones posted as soon as they hit the job board... and this goes on non-stop for most of the raid event. At least with the cap it has given others a chance to get in more. In VC I was able to join just as many raids as before the cap ( did 139) without having to sit and hatch the job board. The whole event was much more pleasant to participate in.
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    LOL at this point I don't care if they use the auto joins I hated being limited for my private invites and having to ignore public raids
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    Yes Robert you are right, but those players might be watched now, since Kano can see the difference in their past raids compared to this raid, but I am glad it is off .
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    Thank you Mitch, took me almost month of moaning and bitching but My game is saved from the dreaded Cap :)
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  7. The pirates had to prove an obvious point. I am proud of my mateys. And KANO team should trust our analyses, because what we do is continuous statistics for many years and we know the community and what happens best in our land. Yes. Better by far than a one time professional metric.

    Am not bragging, and I am not even against the new implementation, but again, I notice a mistake that KANO does and I mentioned this before in another post. Listening to crybabies rather than serious players won't make a better experience even if you have to listen to everyone from the community. Crybabies make a lot of background noise I know, but is rarely something that sends the product and even the business in a good direction, but rather than doing what they keep crying about give them more opportunities to learn how to play the game better and use not only few things they seem to know but to dive deeper into learning the game.
    Suggestion is to create events with notification dots whenever someone from the community makes a "tutorial" or a "tips presentation" that includes the goal and steps and a section for all players to comment and reward the presentation if they get positive feedback (a certain specified number of likes (let's say > 30) ) and the best comment/remark/point of view based on like/dislike and for the most popular comment and also chosen by the presentation owner, and maybe 1-3 chosen by Kano team and motivated by them. It doesn't even matter that much if people will cry about who gets rewarded because they had different opinion or because others get likes easier because they have more friends. The point is that players will read more tips get more ideas, and get rewarded for it and keep them challenged and engaged and best thing they LEARN.
    No. That doesn't mean KANO doesn't have to come with new features. They have to, but better focusing on new rather than improving something that already was proven successful. That would please the community more and attract more new eyes.

    Best regards,
    King of Comebacks
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  8. Again I see some interesting ideas like
    1. People can't join bosses that's why we have to ban this group of players or that group of players. I am able join at least 150 raids every event that are posted publicly. If I can, you can also. Just pay more attention and put more effort into it (as in stay longer in the game, pay more attention to the chat), don't expect everything to be given to you. I put effort into waiting and sometimes stay many hours in the night. It's not easy. It's not necessary either, but if I want something, I will put effort into it to gain it, not crying that I don't. Raids are more than enough for everyone to join. Also there is the rule of the private boss. People should like you a lot during raids and share with you privately their bosses, because you are doing a lot and you make a difference. Oh! Nobody does that? Means you aren't actually as good and legit and awesome as you think you are. There aren't enough doing so? This is a social game. Make people respect you/ like you/ trust you. Make friends. This is a very important part of this game. Trust me, there will be enough players sharing with you if you'd be so helpful and do that. (you are still not convinced on this? see bellow)
    Note: The game was created on a social platform for a reason, and also there are everywhere pointers that it is social based. You have tones of chats, every feature almost has a place to post public comments, or private, and it also extends externally through facebook groups, etc. therefore never neglect the social side of the game, because it really is a big and important part. Even you are new, you can be remarkable and liked!
    2. The goal of the event is to kill the raid bosses. I personally haven't seen expired bosses lately and i joined enough to be able to make out a trend out of it. The goal of the event is not to ban others, because you think he/she should do as you do or that he/she does better cause they do something else than what you do. You think what they do is better? You always have the option to approach that way or an even better way that pleases you further more if you are wise. If you think what they do is bad or worse than what you do, than it means you should be proud that you found and applied a better solution.
    3. There may be some auto joiners (a hand of them, who knows), i still didn't have any problem to join even more bosses than i would have resources to satisfy all of them. And again if the issue is with those autojoiners or whatever, than the problem should be addressed locally by Kano, through bans or development improvements to stop the auto join.
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    Very well said, I was just telling someone all this earlier, so Keep the jobs tab open, make friends, share your raids, privately so they share back, networking is very useful and easy.
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    Thank you.
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  11. The top %'s.... Is this calculated by overall kills participated in, finishing the top of either 3 category, or...?

    & thanks for bringing a member's raid to the top separately. I was sick of hunting my own raid down.
  12. Personally, I have no issue with caps being removed. Where I do have issue is with the players who thrive off of being in just about every raid. Robert expressed this in his post. When I try to join through the job board, I see the same players in just about every raid, making it unlikely for others to be able to join. I also see that the majority of these players are there just to level with attacks and do very little in the way of heals. Maybe some sort of cap to the number of raids a player can be in at any particular time would be in order, as well as a cap to the number of attacks without heals a player can do. Seems to me that would add some parity to the raids. JMO
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    We just had the cap removed , keep the jobs tab open, that is how the same people get on, they are proactive, anyone can be proactive, open your own raid and send it privately and people will share back, public raids are always a gamble, do not heal for those that don't , heal for yourself, and Yes I know exactly who the players that attack off others energy , it has been that way for the whole time we have had raids, If someone wants to be on every raid, that is their choice.
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  14. Your comment assumes that I am not pro-active and that would be an incorrect assumption.
    Tier caps have been removed, but there is still a limit to how many can participate in each raid. When the majority of those spots are taken by the same players, raid after raid, it greatly limits or even eliminates the possibility for other (pro-active) players wanting to join.
    Defending poor play ethics by saying it has been that way for the whole time we have had raids is really a lame excuse. Players that attack off others energy generally leave the raid health so low that any other player has no choice but to heal before attacking.
    Many things on PC have changed since I started playing 3332 days ago, and most of those changes were made to give parity to the game. From the defense you posted, one might assume you would be one of the players that I was speaking of.
  15. Kirsten

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    Not sure where I said 'you' were not pro active, but carry on, BTW I have no problem getting on public raids in PC and also no longer in VC with the no tiers, cause in both games I am or was when we had them tiers, in the top tiers, so I was limited if I wanted to join public raids because of tiers, now I no longer am , I am only limited by how much i may spend for Favor points, some people are quicker than others, some can use their phone on the road or at work, there are many reasons why raids get filled fast. If you are limited, then there are ways to offset it to certain degree but to say others should not take advantage and are quicker than someone else, could be construed as not fair lol is silly and Yes I did more raids this event than most events but I worked my ass off doing it, I put the time and energy into it as well as my game resources energy and stamina. I gave you perfectly good ways to join as many as you want, the same way I and most of my friends do and I also opened I believe it WAS 6 of my own raids which are kept private, and received many more invites than even the large number of public ones I got on. Maybe you need better friends lol
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  16. I never said you spoke to me directly, but your statement insinuates anyone unable to get into the raids is not "pro-active". As for the rest of your gobbledygook, good for you.
  17. After perusing posts regarding the raids, it was clear 4 years ago when the raids were introduced what your intentions in raids was going to be:
    "Ok to clarify ,once more ,if someone attacks and does not heal but does the required 2,000 actions( attacking,only) , do they qualify for a reward".
  18. Old Salt

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    Her "gobbledygook" makes sense to me. I have no problem getting on raids. People just have to put the effort in. Not just occasionally click on jobs and try to get on raids that have been posted for a few minutes already. Far too many people just want KANO to make it easier for them so they don't have to put any effort in.
  19. Kirsten

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    The only limit is on you , no one else.
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