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  1. mi7ch

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    Ahoy Mateys! New type of limited-time cooperative event, the Raid Boss is being prepped for another run in Pirate Clan!

    Raid Bosses are among the toughest challenges in the game, and require the dedicated efforts of a large team of players to defeat. However in addition to being much harder, they are also more rewarding: Actions in a Raid Boss battle give great XP, and should you win the Battle your items are better than what you would get from regular boss.

    Look for the Harpy Raid Boss in Pirate Clan on Wednesday, Dec. 17th!

    The Event

    This limited-time event lasts 4 days. During this period, players can unlock a massive Raid Boss and assemble and team to battle it.

    The Raid Boss is unlocked with Keys, which are dropped from Adventures in specific locations during the event. Adventures that take more energy drop Keys more often. If you find yourself with extra Keys after the event is over, they can be turned in for rewards.

    Raid Bosses are tough. They have a lot of health and hit back hard! In order to have a chance at defeating them, Pirates will need to band together in a Raid Party and coordinate their actions.

    Even with a large, dedicated team, many Raid Bosses will take several days to take down.

    Assembling a Raid Boss Party

    Don’t try to take on a Raid Boss all by yourself! We recommend aiming for an Party size of at least 20 dedicated players. Anyone in a Party of less than 15 are likely in for a difficult time.

    Not sure you’ve got enough close, reliable allies around to fill your team? That’s okay! Pirates don’t have to be in your Clan to join your Raid Party. Many will be on the lookout for stout Pirate crews to team up with for the event. Watch the Chat and Forums for Pirates looking for a Party or who have open positions in their Raid and shoot them a message.

    In previous events, players have found Chat Groups handy for meeting potential party members and assembling teams.

    Don’t count out an potential ally just because they are a lower level than you! Lower leveled players have their attack damage scaled-up when battling Raid Bosses and often make excellent Party Members. Plus, you’ll need some players from the lower level ranges if you are going to build a full-sized team.

    Raid Party positions are divided into 3 level tiers. You can have up to 10 Party members from each tier for a max party size of 30 Pirates. Keep an eye out for players you feel would make good team members and invite them using the invite links provided on your Raid Boss page.

    If you want, you can also make your Raid Boss Public. This allows anyone who run across your Raid Boss link to fill available Party positions. However, once someone has joined you are stuck with them for the rest of the battle, so use this option with caution.

    Battling the Raid Boss

    During the Battle, Players can Attack, Barrage (power attack) and Heal.

    The Raid Boss Party shares a common pool of health which participants can replenish using Energy.

    As your Party’s health declines, Attacks and Barrages will be less effective. Not only that, Boss hit back hard and can easily wipe out a Party if attackers are not paying attention. The Boss will regain health whenever a party wipes, and XP rewards for actions will decline, so work as a team and keep your Party’s health up!


    Actions made during the battle, both healing and attacking, give great XP. However there is no advantage to dragging out a battle longer than necessary. If you defeat your own boss, you can join another Pirate’s Raid Boss Party or unlock another of your own as many times as you wish until the 4-day event is over.

    Loot is collected by the participants once the boss has been defeated. Item drops are divided into 2 tiers, Common drops and the rarer and more valuable Superior drops.

    Don’t join too many Bosses at once! If you stretch yourself too thin you won’t be able to contribute effectively to the Battles. You’ll need to do a minimum number of actions to qualify for Loot, and nobody will get any Loot unless the boss is defeated within 3 days, which is pretty hard to do if Party members aren’t working together.
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    For this Raid Boss we are upping the minimum actions required for a reward when the Boss is killed. We're currently adjusting that, but the last I heard it was in the 2,000 range.

    Also for those on Kongregate and Armor and Kano Play server 2 (and Facebook), we'd like to get your input on the level tiers for this Raid Boss. What ranges do you feel would be sufficient for your network (please also let us know which network you're on when you leave your comment). Thanks! :)
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    2,000 min actions?? not a problem for me but for the lower levels who can barely do the 250 sometimes, hmmmmm


    I see this as a potential problem for the players who only attack, what is gonna be done to address that,so they are forced to heal and not expect the rest of us to heal so they(he) can just attack,like the last time?? We talked about it the whole time, I thought I remembered that something would be done to address this, did I miss the memo ? Also it is still no fair if someone wipes it on purpose out of ignorance or malice on a boss of a person who may be going Public with their boss. Another thing, we just had one,why so soon??
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  4. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    I see this as a good idea. One to many players joining so many raid bosses that they shouldn't be on if they are just joining for a reward and move on. They will have to decide now even more so which ones to add the work to. So hopefully it will solve some issues. Good start hopefully more improvements will be made to raid bosses. But i like the idea of 2000 actions now.
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  5. what would help is if you'd make the top friends list on the left side of the page all inclusive...hard to find the low levels when it starts at 2600 or so for me...i know you can look them up in captains if you sort by level, but it's hard to tell who's active and it's a lot of back and forth trial and error
  6. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Mi7ch did you guys ever look at adding it's own boss tab for raid bosses. When you do have many raids being on it topples over your whole screen. And also on that note can you also put a green feature to the right as you have done with regular bosses showing that it has been completed to the percentage of actions you have to do. Something that should be simple for you guys to do.
  7. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    the number of actions im not sure might need it a tad higher or just make it so that instead of actions you have to reach a minimum amount of damage and heals that way people will have to do both if they want to get rewards for the boss

    the lvls on kanoplay s2 was real harsh trying to get people below lvl 1k because a new player is a rare site it seems unless it is an alt wich i dont doubt some people did just for the boss

    on kong i think lvl brakets would do good at these ranges-
    2501 +

    i think these would be good because at lvl 2400 the first xp jump hits so there are alot of players within that range the 1501 and above have 60 players as of now so seems fair 1 out of 6 not a small amount but not a huge amount of players people will just have to be smart about the higher lvls that join in.
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  8. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    You're bringing this thing back already???
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  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I am not gonna go crazy this time AROUND, 2 weeks later for an "Event" that takes over the game,and I wind up with empty leveling, I have not even caught up with the 4 adventures that the 200 levels I gained and flew buy, I have to finish one of them and go back to all 4 and do them the normal amount of times, I usually did, I also cannot spend like I did the last round, I can imagine how much some spent, and I cannot keep up with most, so I will join a few and be done with it, My regular game has to be first for me.

    But what I would like to see is if ya gonna raise the min actions, to halve it so say it is 2,000 actions 1,000 is for attacking and 1,000 is for healing,and ya cannot attack anymore till you heal to the min that is just an example, I will not heal the raid health for anyone else except myself, as too many refuse to heal when they are done attacking. Of course that does not guarantee the vampires will just jump into even more bosses and do their attacks and move on to the next leaving some poor sap to heal it out of the red before attacking themselves, who will then heal it for the vampire to come back and do his thing.
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  10. TheLoved1

    TheLoved1 New Member

    Wow back already, anything to keep the whales spending, raid bosses take over the game completely during 4 days skewing the game in favour for the big spenders.. gratz on more money Kano , won't get a cent from me.
  11. Sean Lewis

    Sean Lewis Member

    WAAAAYYY too early to be bringing these back folks. Also, was any consideration made to ensure people are healing as well as attacking? There were quite a few pirates that caused a LOT of trouble the first time around.
  12. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    Yeah I am just stunned that this thing is coming back so soon. Like Kirsten said I'm still behind in adventures from the last one because I had to suspend the other game activities while concentrating on the Raid Boss. Guys, I know you're here to make money and this was probably a boon for you the last time but it won't continue to be if you keep bringing it back once a month. This should really be an event that takes place maybe once every three months because then we would have plenty of time to prepare for it. It just takes the game over too much when it's going to the detriment of everything else.
    I will not be spending on stamina like I did last time and I really will be forced to just do the minimum attacks on any boss I get on and I fear that a lot of others will be doing that also and that will leave the poor sap who owns the boss to sink most of the stamina into defeating it. This will be the trend I predict if you keep going back to this well as often as possible.
    And the Vampire issue needs to be addressed. People draining the Raid Party's health and then moving on to another boss and leaving it to the next player who shows up (or the boss's owner) to heal the raiding party. There were many doing this and there will be many more if this isn't taken care of, either by adding a healing requirement after doing a certain amount of damage or the player won't be able to attack anymore of some other fix that addresses this problem. As a lot of us have stated there was one player in particular in PC the last time who jumped on as many as 50 Raid Bosses and didn't heal ANY of them. Why would he when he had others to spend their energy doing it? This freed him up to join as many as he could and not use any of his energy. That is unacceptable. Please address this issue as soon as possible. And PLEASE consider not bringing this Raid Boss back every month.
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  13. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    it's just like anything else. just because they are released monthly doesn't mean that you HAVE to participate in them. do them when you feel like it, and if you don't, then you don't.
  14. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Well it was said it would be monthly and this is two weeks later and I won't be participating like I was ,just a few and when it is time to refill stam or energy, I doubt I will :)
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  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    This is quite a bit sooner than we would normally bring the Raid Boss back, however because of the upcoming holidays this is really the last chance to get one in before the end of 2014. LCN and VC both had two runs at the Raid Boss, so it makes sense that PC would as well.

    For the healing, I did discuss solutions with the developers, however because of the short time frame between releases and a few other projects there isn't a direct gameplay change solution this time.

    However, what we'd like to do for actions to be considered eligible for Boss rewards is do a combination of overall actions and healing actions. Right now we're thinking 1,000 overall actions and 1,000 healing actions. This should prompt users to heal on the Raid Bosses they've joined lest they want to lose out on rewards.

    This is something we're still looking into, it requires some change to the existing user interface so it might take some time, but this is something we want to get in for the Raid Bosses sooner rather than later.
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  16. bighoof

    bighoof Member

    WAY to soon for this again....another avenue for the BIG wallets.
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    so this would be for the one on the 18th ,which could have actually been the week after if ya wanted to do it before the year is up, who cares if it crosses Xmass ,we had it on Thanksgiving anyway :cool:
  18. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    We bumped it back to the 17th because otherwise it would potentially run over Christmas day.
  19. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    why not just do it today :eek:

    but will the 1,000 attacks and 1,000 heals min be part of this to force vampires to actually heal, not sure if that is enough but for this one it could help.
  20. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    How about not running one till after the holidays? Seriously guys. All this appears to be is that you want another run of one of these things to help pad holiday bonuses. I hate to go in that direction but perceptions are everything. And in your haste to give this thing another run you are tabling an issue that many feel should have been addressed first.
    As for the solutions that you may implement in the future, it would have to be a big enough figure relative to the size of the boss to have any impact on these non-healers. If that is just going to be a hard figure you have to reach in order to attack the boss all you want 1000 heals isn't going to cut it. They can get that out of the way quick and then just go back to not healing. I still think it should be a sliding scale, if you attack the boss X amount of times then you have to heal it X amount of times. Not saying though the healing count has to be as high as the attack count.
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