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    Spread this concept everyone: If you dont like the raids the way they are, Do not play them until changes are made that more favor what you expect. This isnt exact, however it paints the right picture: I entered approx 30 raids, at least 20 died and paid out, i got 4 superior weapons and 16 or more low grade weapons. I did no less than 30 mill, mostly averaged 40-50 million in damage on each raid boss. My exp payout per 20 stam attack is 4300-5300 average. I have a level 2k friend that gets the same exp payout, im near 5k in level......I will play one raid for the achievement, and thats probably going to be it. If Kano wants some of our money, i highly suggest they guarantee a superior drop for anyone doing 5% of the damage, or more, to a boss; along with increase the exp payout per attack so as higher levels actually get a percentage higher than someone half their level. We are a community, that enjoys a Kano product. If we stand ground together and they want our money they will make the changes we request accordingly.
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    I'm level 2k and I get about 2.5k exp per 20. Your friend is lucky.

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