[LCN] Raid Boss 3 Walkthrough and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    i agree i noticed a flaw in xp reward compare to lvl xp needed and there is a major flaw, also i sent a ticket to support beginning of the week, the biggest issue is i have to use more than 1200 energy to heal enough to lvl 1 time off the raid boss's and that 2500 stamina for 1 level where is this worth anything. I gave up and I used to love these things xp was great at first but they was too big now they dropped health and lowered everything you gain off these lower and lower each time.
  2. WendelinR

    WendelinR Active Member

    If you read forum comments you could think everyone hates Kano Apps.
    But who writes in a forum? It's either people who LOVE something or HATE something.
    All the guys who just play and have fun don't write in a forum and that is clearly the majority of players.

    p.s. the vigilante league was fun
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  3. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    attack 1000 is ok, but I feel like 1000 healing a bit too much, considering if you're in more than 3 dying raids. technically 1000 stam and 1000 energy per boss, that will limit the numbers of raids we can play unless we buy energy from GF. but I don't want to buy energy as it's the dumbest feature.
    I must say raid is getting better. keys were fast in first 3 locations but not in the last location buffed energy drop is cool Mi7ch. overall good boss, if it's possible consider dropping down the energy requirement may be around 500?
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  4. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    I write positive and negative i write as i see and openly voice my opinion i play for fun and also like to play where the playing field is fair on all spectrum of the players not catered around certain ones
  5. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    It would also be nice to have the percentage completion displayed when you click on "Bosses" and are scrolling through the list of Bosses you're currently in - Kill Reward Dmg Progress: Complete. That would be another great feature to add that "regular" Bosses already currently have! I have also had SO many people asking me where to find out how many times they "Healed", and that they had NO idea they were required to "Heal" at least 1,000 times to receive a loot Item Drop - information like this is what the Forums should be used for, but it seems SO many people are just trying to Post as many comments as possible (my guess would be because they are simply attempting to "win" the Forum Posting Incentive??)..
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  6. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    Another suggestion came into my mind is, if Devs cannot drop down minimum heal requirement to 500 or so. I know it's hard to stop the piggy backing by reducing. I'd like to suggest that loots can categorized into two. as already it is, Superior and Common. I suggest common item required less than a superior. this might hard to understand. let's take a look at examples.
    1) attack based loots
    Common Loots: Attack 750 heals 750 or 500
    Superior Loots: attack 1500 heals 1000 or 750

    2) randomly awarded loots (current method)
    Attack 750-1000 heals 500 to earn a loot
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  7. It seems like lower players who open their bosses got high expectations of what the high-levels will bring to the table (judging by the number on invites sent to me and others in my range), which is perfectly fine considering there's a lot of big spenders over level 5k and it's also in this range you will find the mobsters with the biggest energy and stam base. Problem is, they're really not worth it for us unless you're prepared to spend tons of GF points. To do one level off a raid boss for me it cost me a minimum of 20 GF (refills for both energy and stam) which is quite ridiculous and unfair. Also, for the first time in years, people over level 6500 can actually use the job drops which makes wasting energy + refills on keys and healing even less attractive.

    Why not try to balance it a bit more? It's easier for lower levels to regenerate energy but not stam and vice versa for high levels. How about changing the minimum requirements based on level tiers? Or even better, and it can't be stated enough, GIVE US BETTER XP PER 20 STAM ATTACK. It's really about time you start to listen to the feedback from people that actually play the game.
  8. Xipe Totec

    Xipe Totec Active Member

    Captain, I had made the suggestion at the end of the last Raid Boss to base raid boss rewards etc on level tiers. Overall I think there has been an improvement but the xp per stam and energy is still too low and the xp kill reward % wise is lower than the world bosses.

    I have said this before and say it again, i believe these Raids will unbalance the game, given the frequency in which they are coming. the lower your level the more you will have the ability to change your mob set up to energy and stam based mob to do Raid bosses, there will be no need to add as much to def and attack because of the drops (even the common drops are "good") and the game will become just like the old Mob Wars. One would think the developers learnt from the mistakes in that game.

    I think the raid bosses are great but still need some work. just dont make them this frequent. they must be a rare occurrence.

    KEYS:- Getting keys was easy enough again... used 3400 plus minus on getting full set; that being said I agree with Captain of Industry that, that amount of energy would be better used on jobs where i would get more cash[​IMG] and drop items to use.

    TIERS:- It was nice to see my suggested tier breakdown being adopted. i think it has worked well.

    ENERGY DROPS:- This appears to have been reduced ALOT. Much less frequent and lower than previous raid bosses. it should be upped again.

    SHARING LINKS:- There still appears to be on going issues with sharing links, especially those on the World Job share. This needs to be worked on to make it easier.

    KILL REWARD:- I noticed on Relentless's kill that I was the highest contributor in my Tier other than Relentless himself (who is in the same tier). I was 3rd on the contributions list but the player above me was on a different Tier. I only got a Common drop. I assume its because Relentless and I are in the same Tier. I think this should be looked at. The Boss owner should not be considered as being in "same tier" but should get some sort of special placement. So that each mob that is highest in its tier gets UNCOMMON reward. I hope this makes sense.

    Overall the Raids keep improving but i honestly think they must either become less common or be done away with, and this is from a player that LIKES raids but long term for the game they will be its ruin.
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  9. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    well heres my 2 cents...long time vc player and low level in pc and here and i noticed that the exp rewards overall here are scaled down a bit compared to what i could get in vc and pc which makes no sense since it takes more exp to level here....i also heard in a diff thread that the energy drop frequency would be raised but i saw no difference between the frequency i experienced during the vc raid boss and this one on lcn....things need to be fixed, thats for sure....and im only level 130something, i couldnt even begin to imagine how much worse it is for the mids and higher levels
  10. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Before 1500 attacks and 1000 heals. Level: 1037 32185/70107 xp
    After 1500 attacks and 1000 heals. Level: 1039 37652/70311 xp
    Damage Dealt: 2,239,493.

    Before 1500 attacks and 1000 heals. Level: 6287 16465/1075117 xp
    After 1500 attacks and 1000 heals. Level: 6287 518619/1075117 xp
    Damage Dealt: 6,333,294.

    This is where I'm failing to see things straight. It is quite clear I did the same amount of attacks and heals, the lower level did only a 1/3 of the damage I did and i get half a level and the lower level gets 2 levels.
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  11. ExtremeRules

    ExtremeRules Member

    Still people are complaining about the stamina, energy situation, to be fair it does come down to how you place your skill points, you should as a player adapt to how KANO presents things and not KANO adapting to how you have decided to play your game, i.e RAID boss for instance you know you will need energy so you should adapt for that, or at least join 1 when your boosts for the days are ready, then you will not need to buy GF'S, it is common sense that it saves you a full refill on both. If for instance you decided you wanting to be a LP then it is on you as a player that has set his skills up for health and stamina. For 1 i still use more stamina on a RAID boss then i do energy, meaning that my stamina runs out before my energy. Nobody is forcing anybody to join these RAID bosses, so if you have your set up wrong for these bosses due to how you wish to play the game then don't do them, work on the other things you have set your mobster up for then you can't complain about KANO being unfair due to the way you have set about to play your mobster.
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  12. Xipe Totec

    Xipe Totec Active Member

    thats speaks volumes Foxy.... couldnt agree with you more
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  13. ExtremeRules

    ExtremeRules Member

    XP should be fair all the way through, it seems to me alot of these higher levels just want the divide to be bigger from lower levels to higher making it near on impossible for the lower levels to get up the level where these people are to challenge them and make it more fun. I have seen people turn against people that level quickly due to them being able to challenge and if not beat higher levels due to jealousy or whatever. But why should the game just be situated to higher level players when everybody knows how hard it is to level when you are a low level player with low stamina low energy and low health.
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  14. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Hang on if the lower levels are leveling easier than the higher levels as i cleary stated why should I spend my money on gfs to keep the game running? Cause it would be someone like me who would spend and not the level 1k.
  15. ExtremeRules

    ExtremeRules Member

    But then if they get to your level why do you assume they wouldn't spend, I do understand where your coming from but as i stated in my other comment previous, if you do not feel your getting value for money on RAID bosses due to the way you have set your mobster up then go back to what you feel you was getting value from i.e LPing or normal bosses, that way you can level at the at your normal rate instead of being disappointed that KANO hasn't adapted the game to suit certain styles of play then others. The game should and is suppose to be challenging when you go higher, it is a way to keep you hooked and intrigued to see how far you can push yourself as a player. imagine if it was a cakewalk having 1000+ players just strolling easily to level 20k plus where would the fun be. But also going back to spending money, why do you feel you should be rewarded more then others because you spend real money, it stats very clearly a free to play game so it should be suited for all players and not those that just spend.
  16. Xipe Totec

    Xipe Totec Active Member

    @ extreme rules...what you are forgetting is that raid bosses are a NEW feature. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a mob to change their set up. this is the point I was trying to make earlier. So whilst a lower level can adapt their mob to meet the needs of a new feature the higher levels can not. this ties in with Foxy's point. If a higher level got the same levels as a lower one then cool, because they would have access to the same skill points to adjust but that isnt what happens. So the raid bosses unbalance the game, not only with the quick leveling but also weapons drop etc.

    look at things another way ... a common drop on a raid only actually benefits a higher level marginally because the increase in their current weapons and job drop items is negligible. But for a lower level without the same job drops gets a huge increase from a raid boss drop and so can afford to use less on def and attack and use more on stam and energy thus allowing for even more raid bosses and so on and so forth so by the time they reach a higher level their weapons have alot of weapons etc without having to have gone through the same trial as a current higher level. to make the point you only need to attack a whacked mob that stopped playing for awhile. they have become extremely weak by comparison to you because they dont have the right drops. You normally find their def etc is high compared to your attack but their weapons are terrible. so the changes in the game have caused the imbalance.

    I appreciate that change needs to happen but it should not be at the expense of the structure of the game play.
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  17. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    It's nothing to do with how my mobsters set up lol. It's the fact I get 1/2 a level and a level 1k gets 2 levels...Is my stamina and energy not worth as much as the level 1k?
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  18. Reefer

    Reefer Active Member

    You can track it, it;s under "Your Contribution". I don't like the common rewards being up there. You can do well above min and still get a common. I got a common and did over 300m damage. ZS was the same I killed a raid did 100m damage and 12m heal and got nothing.
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  19. ExtremeRules

    ExtremeRules Member

    Ok i see your position on the weapon idea from lower to higher levels, but maybe KANO can change that to instead of being random,making about how much contribution you put into a RAID, I know people get angry when they see somebody do the lowest amount of attacks and heals but enough to get the reward drop, then they pick up a superior weapon compared to say doing a lot of attacks and healing and getting just the common weapon, that does get frustrating, so maybe KANO can can adapt to a % of more contribution the more likely you will get a better weapon. If you do not reach the % it takes to have a chance of a superior weapon you will only get a common a weapon. And Foxysiren your stamina is as good as a lower levels but it is the difference between the XP needed between levels that make it harder for higher levels to achieve there goals compared to somebody lower who might only need 200k XP to advance compared to your 1.5mil XP. But i can be assured that somebody low level with only 500 stamina will be and is still getting much less XP then a higher level player due to the fact that the higher level has 2500 stamina compared to the lower levels, and while you state they level quicker they still only get a bump of 50 stamina the same as a higher level.
  20. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    im glad someone else is seeing this ive been complaining for a week about this

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