[LCN] Raid Boss 3 Walkthrough and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Kirsten

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    There is look in Your contributions
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    Ah, so there is... Thanks Kirsten! :D
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  3. mi7ch

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    Beat me to it! You can also track it via this UI element, which shows up when you attack the boss:


    Once "Num Attacks" and "Num Heals" both read 1,000 (or 1,500 Heals and 500 Attacks, you get the idea) then you have met the minimum for a reward. :)
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  4. Kirsten

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    Yes on phone and was easier to mention one way
  5. Guardian Angel

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    I think should be 1000 attacks and 500 actions healing to be ok but maybe for the next raid ;)
  6. foxysiren

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    For over 1000 actions i had 2 drops of energy...1 for 45 and 1 for 30.
    This seems less than last time?
  7. mi7ch

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    The Energy drops have been buffed since last time, so you should be getting more than previously.
  8. The Vigilante League was defeated in 1:49:40, you dealt 231258991 damage and healed the raid for 6955479 life. Based on these results you have been rewarded with the following:
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  9. thanks to those who helped :D

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    All DOA helpers, thank goodness your in a good syndicate that doesn't mind spending money :)
  11. ExtremeRules

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    Why have you removed my comment on regards to the exchange rates you are charging people KANO, MI7CH?
  12. mi7ch

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  13. ExtremeRules

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    ooo ok sorry about that i thought you removed it due to it's content
  14. Mi7ch, I don't understand the justification in the increase in the boss' attack being so dramatic. The Hacker Ring was 6000~ attack, the Interpol Task Force was 7,148 attack.

    Yet the Vigilante League, which requires keys from earlier jobs than the Interpol Force, has a whopping 11,000 attack. You say you've buffed the amount of healing that we do, and that damage towards the raid was buffed from Raid 1 to Raid 2. But you've basically set it back again with how much damage they do, since the damage formula is obviously somewhat based on the enemy's attack to your personal attack.

    Doing 100,000 damage as a level 1630 for 20 stamina is a ridiculous idea, I do more than that to a normal boss with over 27,000 attack and no power attack. If you want to make sure people participate, add the Barrage system and the power attacks together like a normal boss.
  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The Vigilante League does not legitimately have 11,000+ Attack strength, that is there to make it look formidable. ;)

    The actual Attack of the Raid Boss is hidden and is calculated to be an optimal Boss for each player when they hit it.
  16. The point remains that I've gone from hitting 120k on the Interpol Raid to 103k max on this one. If it was 'optimal' then people would be able to be dealing upwards of 400k per 20 stam, when even a level 4900 on Kong is hitting for the same as myself as a level 1600.

    That damage is ridiculous.
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  17. actually it was a member of FKIT and SIKU who did most help but there were other DOA who helped
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  18. Sir Opinion Alot

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    worst thing ever I tried and tired to give these things a chance but when i have to spend 1200 or more in energy to lvl while attacking a raid and I get only 500 energy off leveling to me is crazy when low level's never have to buy energy they stock it up I know cause ive done it on other platforms, and when small levels place alot in stamina they can gain so many levels at very little cost, and in my eyes the higher level players have to spend a fortune so in turn I see this as a over priced way for upper levels to play. I for one want these things gone, they have done nothing but cause many people to fight, the community is getting disrupted by these thing's, other aspects of the game is neglected. Way to go kano these things need to be trashed all in all. It aint fair a level 1000 can make 14 fps per refill when attacking these raids and not have to buy a refill out of pocket and dont have to buy any energy. Ask me how I know cause on server 2 i level 1200 times in a 24 hrs period and spent 0 on fps and had over 750 fps but when i reached level 1850 it all went to the crapper then to make it worse i was gaining almost the same I sent a ticket into kano at beginning of week and they was to look into this but the xp ratio to the xp. Thanks for really turning me off on these events.
  19. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    Now with these examples each one has total different set up half arent full mob others are, others are way stronger but in these examples those mean nothing and as you level the ratio of xp gained compared to what you need to level quickly dwindles down to where upper levels have to do 2 to 3 or even more times that to gain same benefit as a lower level
    level 1660 xp to lvl 143387 2,696 XP
    level 4625 xp to lvl 674889 5200 xp
    level 5708 xp to lvl 928557 6000 xp
    level 6400 xp to lvl 1105875 6400 xp
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  20. Angela Brown

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    there is! in the raid there is a small box that shows you how many of each action you have done

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