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  1. Angel

    Angel Member

    please can someone tell me, what this two things in my profil are about?

    Victory Streak: 36
    Survival Streak: 34


  2. victory streak=how many consecutive battles youve won in a row so far
    survival streak=how many battles youve survived in a row so far

    once you lose a battle,your victory streak goes back to 0
    once your killed,survival goes back to 0
  3. Angel

    Angel Member

    ah okay, thanks for your answer :)

    edit: is this also if I was attacked?
  4. regardless if your killed attacking someone or lose attacking someone,or if your attacked and killed or lose,same result
  5. Angel

    Angel Member

    okay thanks again ^^

    another question concerning battle against lower oder higher level, it says that there s a level limit, but at what level does it begin how many levels difference?
  6. DaisyMoon

    DaisyMoon New Member

    Not enough when you want to attack, and too much when you get repeatedly attacked. :D
  7. Angel

    Angel Member

    to get that right, I cant attack someone 200 below me until he attacked me?

    I cant even attack others 10 or more level below, but was attacked by a captain 200 level above me oO
  8. did you pistol whip them or go after their bounty?if so,that opened you up.and if you try to set a counter on them,thats even worse for you as it will keep you in their range longer
  9. Angel

    Angel Member

    yes, that was after a bounty attack...
    what a wicked trap :rolleyes:
  10. Barral

    Barral New Member

    Arm Ships

    How the holy living hell do you arm a friggin ship!? I have bought several and when I click "Arm Ship" It says I don't own any! WTF?! This is confusing and very frustrating. I sent an email to the developers 2 days ago about this and have not heard jack crap from them. I appologize if I sound a little crass, but I'm kinda teed off about this.
  11. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    Per the Help section: Arm Yerself!
    Arm yourself with up to 3 weapons from your special loot for an increase in attack and defense strength!

    You can only arm yourself with ships from doing adventures (drops), Boss Drops or bought from Davey Jones. They will be listed under Special Loot. You can't arm yourself with ships purchased with coin.
  12. Barral

    Barral New Member

    Okay, That answers my question, but the line, "You can't arm yourself with ships purchased with coin." was NOT in the help section I read. And yes, I am playing this on MySpace, and yes, I DID read the help section. Thats why I came to the forum to ask.
  13. yes that should be added that you can only arm yourself with special loot(including ships since that was neglected)
  14. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    It does say "from special loot" which is already specific. Special loot is a completely different tab as well as differently acquired weapons so I'm not sure why they would need to add additional verbiage when the statement is already there. :)
  15. BlackBeardTony

    BlackBeardTony New Member

    I need to make pass with that "Survived 500 Consecutive Battles" medal,
    to unlock Voodoo Mermaid Boss to open.. :(
    but I need to know how much I have in Consecutive Battles right now.
    I dont find anything, not sure which one, in my profile's stats tab to tell how much I had... :confused:
    neither in Achievements, battle tab "Me Survived"

    I did pass "Survived 100 Consecutive Battles" medal, long while ago.
    but I dont remembe how do I that? :confused:
  16. wow.
    well you just have to survive 500 consecutive battles then.
    just try not to irritate someone too much cause once your killed you start from 0 again.
  17. nafed

    nafed New Member


    What is critical hit bonus attack?
  18. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    Hello nafed - please see the quote from Kendall regarding this below:


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