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    Hello i ame new to this game and started a merchant and i had but load of money soo i bought about 1.000 powder monkeys.. but dos evry matey i buy have benefit or dos only one do the job? cuz i realy wonder and i wanna save futhure money :eek:
  2. Well it depends on how many capts you have to bring the mateys to battle
  3. 1 capt will bring 10 use all of the 1000 you need 100 capts
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    thank you man.
  5. yes 1 captain is 10 mateys.

    1 captain is also 10 weapons and 1 ship.

    just some advice,overbuying the non upkeep items is okay.

    overbuying upkeep items is usually not a good idea as your wasting income.
  6. Your welcome:D

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