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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tiny Vile Lyn, May 9, 2018.

  1. Tiny Vile Lyn

    Tiny Vile Lyn Member

    Hi :)

    Can you tell me if there is any rhyme or reason to the Bounty Blitz times? It appears when there are no other events going on, we get a blitz every other day, but if synd wars or battle arena are starting on the day there would be a blitz, there is no blitz. Just wondering why that is? Also, I have noticed there don't seem to be many, if any, blitz's during raids.

    On LCN server 1 we enjoy the blitz's very very much and it is the only time the majority comes together and makes a real gaming party out of it, so if we could have the blitz's regardless of other events, we would greatly appreciate it. They are only an hour, so it wouldn't detract from the other events going on.

    Thank you for your consideration :)
    ~Tiny Snarky Gnat
  2. EJ Prowl

    EJ Prowl New Member

    well said and i would also like to know how it's calculated

    SWIFTV New Member

    I agree we can do the other activities and a blitz. They are bringing a lot of excitement to the game.
  4. KUDOS

    KUDOS New Member

    Daily Blitz would be Awesome .. Who has Votes for a Boring Game ?? Not me ..
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  5. Monkey Poo

    Monkey Poo New Member

    So is this so the lounge lizards can keep the game paying it forward running up the lizards bounty's so they can get more fake cash
  6. Bogbrush007

    Bogbrush007 Member

    Yup more blitz’s would be great and maybe throw in the odd few during the morning European time as any of us this side of the pond and further East suffer with late hours. Would also be nice to see this with BA too as it’s on so late unless I’m on for an all nighter I don’t stand a chance for sudden death.
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  7. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    Actually, according to KK, it's illegal fake cash and we are laundering it.
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  8. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    You've pretty much got it; Bounty Blitzes are designed to be randomly dropped every other day unless it falls on the start/end day of a Syndicate War/Battle Arena or during a Raid. The reason for that is, first, we don't want anyone to not have the opportunity to participate in a Blitz if they're tied up in another event.

    And two, while we try our best to make sure our game is always up and stable, running a Blitz on a high-activity day like the start/end of a War or during a Raid can lead to lower response times. We'd like to avoid that if we can.
  9. Monkey Poo

    Monkey Poo New Member

    Ya all may fool some but not all pay it forward only benefits 3 syns and if by chance anyone else gets your bounty those 3 syns list the heck out of you if you dont re list you its all a game to transfer money!
  10. Tiny Vile Lyn

    Tiny Vile Lyn Member

    Thanks Mitch, for the response, but as a follow up....if it should be a blitz day and another event is going to start, why can't the blitz be done earlier, so we can still have both?
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  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    So ??? no rules broken, then no problem :p
  12. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Let's not get off-topic, here folks.

    But yeah, if a Blitz would fall on a start/end date it doesn't necessarily have to avoid it entirely, that's true. We can give it a shot next month and see how it goes as May's schedule is already set. Thanks for the suggestion!
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  13. al littley

    al littley New Member

    I hate blitzes lmao
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  14. Farqu

    Farqu Member

    I very rarely see a blitz seems they are always held while I am watching the back of my eyelids. A few extra as Bogbrush07 suggested would be very welcome
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  15. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    I agree with blitz being loads of fun and we could have it more often. Also agree with the schedule suggestions, BA sudden death is 3 am for some us, which is impossible when you have to work the next day, so please consider starting a few of them at another time and making the Europeans happy.
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  16. Christel Lejon

    Christel Lejon New Member

    the question for BA being started earlier has been raised before....to no avail. It was also promised that BA would be fun for everyone...as low level it is fun, until you are on the radar of high levels...then you can't even stay alive long enough to attack. I do no even start BA...cause of the time.
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  17. Tiny Vile Lyn

    Tiny Vile Lyn Member

    today would be a perfect test day, our last blitz was on Monday, without one today we will not get another until Tuesday because raids start tomorrow. Battle Arena starts this afternoon, so a blitz this morning would be a perfect test.
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  18. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    If my memory is any good, I think VC had blitz during raids, so it can be done.
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