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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by antzmulboy, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. antzmulboy

    antzmulboy Banned

    hi KANO, can you please explain why is it that my fights list is always jammed with mobs with 100s more mob then mine, it's bloody frustrating :mad:
  2. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Probably to encourage you to add more mobsters and use your Godfather points to get Hired Guns.
  3. is there a way to find a persons user id in the game from the forum?

    Or can someone fix my bookmarks so that I don't feel the need to keep adding to them?
  4. antzmulboy

    antzmulboy Banned

    thanx Kat, i figured that was the motive although i think that 2 members for 10gf points is a rip.... esp if when u buy them and kano keeps pitting u against mobs with higher and higher numbers, the only way to stop it is to max your mob which very costly approx $950 for 1000 hg... is this really worth it??

    whilst the game can be a lot of fun and a great time passer it quickly becomes boring, reasons for that are that kano's method forces players into leveling off with a partner, there is clearly a lack mobs to fight that are par in terms of mob sizes, to get that sort of money from me kano has not demonstrated that this is a premium app just a repeat of the original

  5. You can just use the GF points you get from leveling, I haven't added any hired guns.:mad:
  6. Fred

    Fred Member

    Whilst I think its a good idea to encourage members to grow their mobs to become stronger and essentially grow the game, its frustrating and actually on a daily basis encouraging me to give up on the game.

    I mean lets face it - I am level 135, with a mob of 179, I have invested my GF points in mob members and even bought some points, but going to fight the minimum I am seeing is those with 500-600 mob size, and near enough as soon as I heal I am getting beat up regularly by those I cannot fight back against.

    It is very dis-heartening. At least in the original mob wars when you go to fight you are given a list of those you can beat, and those that can beat you, and generally you had to use your judgement on who to fight.

    Kano - its a good game, but I feel this is spoiling the experience.
  7. you need to add friends, not hired guns! I have 1001 mobsters, no hired guns, go to the discussion boards and post on the add me thread. Don't start a new one, use the one that is there.
  8. Fred

    Fred Member

    Somehow I knew that would be the reason, but its not very fair when you consider, you can only invite so many per day. Also if you add to many friends in one day facebook disable your account (happened in mobwars regularly). Quite honestly loosing the will to keep playing.

    The game was way more fun and much better than mobwars at the start, but now its a joke, go to the fight list and each mob is 600+, I am 195, growing every day, but each time I heal, I am in hospital or dead in a very short time.

    I think the developers have gotten greed and are forcing people to grow their mob quickly by buying mob members, or stick with it and live with it. The more I add to my mob, the bigger the mobs get on the fight list. It has been many levels since I have seen anyone with the same or similar number.
  9. money makes the world go round!
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Mobs on the fight list are just pulled at random, all that is looked at is that they are in your XP range, size of mob is not taken into account.

    We do not do any filtering whatsoever on mob size.
  11. Fred

    Fred Member

    From a players perspective it does not appear that way, as an experiment a few of my friends stayed at the same level for a few days, and each time they added to their mob, the fight list was consistently showing those with more in their mob.

    Today same for me, added 20, now the mobs available to fight are way out of my league. I have 325, but fight list is showing 700+ to 1179, and consistently getting my a*** kicked.

    General chat off line is we may go back to mob wars, or give up and see what else is out there.

    You need to at least level the playing field, if there is no hope of fighting until your mob is maxed, getting there is just long, hard and not enjoyable.
  12. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    This just means that you are leveling too fast and need to mob up before leveling or you're going to get chained to death. You want to focus more on mobbing up than leveling until you hit the max mobs for you level. It's stupid that the game works like that but that's the way it is.

    The old Mob Wars is the same way when it comes to this, it's just there are many many more abandoned accounts with low mobs at the lower levels so you don't really notice it as much.
  13. waste skill points ??

    put all skill on att/deff -is attack and defence is works or winner is who have more mob in gang? or its the same like on Viking Clan more clan more stronger !!! do i waste my skill points ?? :confused:
  14. bungy

    bungy New Member

    Its a shame that people are leaving this game because I am sure the developers can make it fairer for all players, they just have to make the fights FAIR!!!!!

    I have found out the following:

    If you want more have to level up to get favor points
    If you want to level have fights....this seems to be the quickest way!!!
    If you want to cant win fighting players with HUGE mobs when you have only a small amount of mobsters
    If you want more have to level up to get favor points
    and the circle goes on........
  15. fery the black kid

    fery the black kid New Member

    @ Bungy,
    u have alternative..when a HUGE MOB attack u..ambush them
    make your lack of mob an advantage,make it look like an easy target
    some of the mob use this tactic,they appearred to be a nice target,but when u attack,u get AMBUSHED
    for example DON CORLEONE 1980 first he use this tactic,but now not :)
    be smart,dont just whining
    happy mobbing then

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