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    Okay I have a mob size of 1223 and my attack strength is almost 1000.

    When I hit someone with a mob size of 1999. My attack is stronger than their defense.

    Here is the question. Now if I build up my personal attack will it ever be strong enough to beat a person with a mob size of 1999 with the mob size of 1223? I am 33% weaker it says when I attack them.

    So can someone that works on the game let me know the answer to this question I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!!!

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    I don't work for the game but the answer is simple.

    While your personal attack is better,

    Your Stockpile attack is weaker as you have 776 less weapons, armour and vehicles.

    Your personal attack and defense only come into play when you are fighting mobs of similar size and strength.

    Don't stop adding them there though. They DO tip the balance in fights.
    I have 2200+ defense and only 2 people in my fight range can beat 100% of the time. And after speaking to them, I know they have higher attack than my defense.

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    thank you..

    This is what I have found out running test's on hire mob sizes.

    This nub has 1501 vs my 1223 he was winning at a 15% I put in 60skill points to my attack. I started winning now at a 7% every time.

    Now this Nub with a 1999 mob size vs my 1223 was winning at a 53% since i added the 60 skill points to my attack. He is only winning at a 32%

    The only thing I did was add 60 skill points to run the test against 2 nubs. The test dose show me that with enough skill points to your attack you can beat them.

    Thank you for your time.

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