[LCN] PvP Balance Change v2 - October 4th 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Ya gonna blame kano for selling stuff, maybe people should take responsibility for spending their money, I know I do, no one forced me. No one twisted anyone's arm and anyone who bought so much stuff in a short period of time in any of their games, to shoot to the top over players that have played for 6 years or more, I have to LMAO, at them, there is no accomplishment there, it is just a shortcut cause of deep pockets, as if no one ever has not been burnt by some game, that closes down or changes, I mean come on.
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    of course they do, but they need to stop crying about it, and just own it ;) I know what I have spent, and I own my choice, may not have been the wisest choice, but still mine :) the bottom line is no one forces anyone to spend or not spend,......
  3. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I am not sure exactly what was communicated to you by our Player Success (ie: Support) team but your statement isn't accurate. I'll directly quote from the TGIF from Friday the 13th on this matter and I'll PM you to follow up on the response you got on your ticket.

    So while we aren't shutting the door on possible changes (anything is possible) we do not have concrete nor immediate plans to continue to push the importance of A&D beyond what was adjusted a few weeks ago.

    I also want to acknowledge that I promised you a response to your post from around Friday Oct 6th. We ran into a holiday weekend and then I ran into some illness that kept me out another day so I apologize for not directly responding. However if you have not read the TGIF from last Friday I would encourage you to do so as this encompasses what I wanted to say to you.
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  4. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    HUH???? No plans to continue to push the importance of A&D beyond the change from a few weeks ago. This contradicts the original post.

    "We still believe that Attack and Defence are underpowered versus inventory strength, and so we plan to scale up the change over time to gradually improve the power of players with high Attack and Defence. However, a slower rollout should give those of you with strong inventories a chance to level up and put SP into those stats. The way the algorithm is designed, items will continue to become more powerful and effective the more SP go into Attack and Defence, making players with inventories formidable opponents whatever their level range."

    That clearly states there are plans to implement a gradual changes over time. Now we are being told there are no concrete plans. I'm not here to debate one over the other. I am here to request please make sure the message you send is consistent.
  5. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Considering SMACK is a developer over someone that answers tickets, I'd believe SMACK 1st over a miss-communication of info from someone that works for support.. Just saying...............
  6. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    That is understandable but still doesn't diminish my original point. How can the playing community know what is reality when the information provided by Kano representatives is contradictory? Regardless of their role. Are we to simply disregard every post from Kano reps unless it is a developer? if that is the case then only developers should post and respond to posts.

    My goal isn't to be contrary or flippant. I simply expect the message provided to players to be consistent.
  7. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Sorry about the confusion, what Smack posted from the TGIF from last Friday is the current Kano stance.

    A support representative is an employee of Kano and their responses carry just as much weight as a developer's. We'll ensure that any future communications won't have any ambiguity on this or any other subject.
  8. geckomaster

    geckomaster Member

    It is quite amusing how you (KANO) decide to make changes, which in the past were incremental and scheduled, but because of the rapid influx of former Mob War members and the sheer numbers they brought, albeit players and pocketbooks, sent the entire game into a state of flux.

    Thus, you went back to see where the issue lied, made changes, and then were bombarded with negative reactions from those very same 'NEW' players that highlighted the need for change in the first place.

    Now you have backtracked and heeded to their demands, without standing your ground and keeping the game as you first set it up. This is a PVP game which requires time and strategy to build a character with the attributes that over time will be stronger than those who just focus on one area...lets say items.

    Obviously, both old and new players have concerns, but when you get down to the crux of the situation...the game YOU created had purpose and a vision. You made adjustments to bring it back in line, for which I commend you. However, now, you are going back on your word, re-adjusting for reasons only you can justify monetarily!

    For months you neglected to fully appreciate the effect on the game when you invited Mob War players over to LCN and offered them bonuses that long time players complained about. You neglected to appreciate the impact the sheer number of dollars spent by these players had on the balance of play on the game.

    It is time that you realise that although the changes you made regarded attack/defence were not so well received by the 'newbies', you once again failed to take into account and appreciate that THEY were well received by those of us who have been here since the beginning.
  9. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    The thing is how ever much attack and defense you add - realistically you cant beat the huge weapons that some have purchased - personally I cant ever catch up - the margins are huge :(
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  10. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I have changed my focus a few times in the 6 years I have been playing, never hurt me to do that, in fact always helped :)
  11. Randy Jenkins

    Randy Jenkins Active Member

    their is away if Kano would offer reallocate for a certain amount of Favor point players would be able to purchase a reallocate and move so many of their skill points from a skill where they have invested heavily in and move them to the attack or defense. let say for 10 favor points you could purchase a reallocate that would allow you to move 5 skill from one stat to the other 20 favor point purchase would allow you to move 10 skill point ETC.
  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    But again you chose to build a certain way, just like the people who only want to play 'in peace' ( in a PVP game) lol and do coop bosses so they are all energy and stamina, no one forces anyone to build a lopsided account.
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  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I am not complaining for myself, I am just stating a fact. cagematching is lame, and is only good for a total unbalanced account, Kano some years ago at least limited how many times they can cage, and the fact that they are hit/hiders, and if ya catch them with health which is rare the XP you get is such crap, again you have not played the games that long, so you were not here before cagematches
  14. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Kano will never lose revenue, if they ever decided to close the games that won't be the reason, you are talking to just talk, and nonsense for the most part lol
  15. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    This is the furthest thing from the truth. I cannot state emphatically enough that we have zero intention of shutting down Mob Wars: LCN and we remain committed to making improvements to the game and growing our player base.
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  16. chuckie the scar

    chuckie the scar New Member

    kano has shown some good faith with communications with me regarding present and possible future changes. they seem truly concerned how they can make the least negative impact and still be loyal to all. i have made a gambit of suggestion in may areas that could be difficult to develop but would add relief in a multitude of ways to virtually all area and types of players. these are long term projections that would need quite some time to consider. i for one hate this skill point change and any possible change to the core math of the game. changing such things throws the game off balance. i look forward to working with kano in any way they allow to voice concerns and offer workable solutions.
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  17. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I am deleting your comments because:
    1. I've addressed your concern that we are shutting down which isn't true. I've been here for over 7 years and I would put money on me still working on LCN in 5+ months time.
    2. Continuing to propagate these rumours is not adding to this discussion re PvP and I would appreciate it if you stopped doing so.
    Ultimately Kano is a business and it would not make business sense to only serve "friends and personal accounts." We accept and listen to feedback from anyone in our community and we are dedicated to making the product the best it can be for everyone. By no means are we perfect, and I certainly understand how the recent PvP changes have put a lot of players off, but that doesn't mean that we don't care or that we are planning on abandoning the product.

    If you choose not to believe this that is your own prerogative but mark my words that I will see you here on this forum come next March 2018.
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  18. Tomas Trevant

    Tomas Trevant New Member

    I have seen the posts he made and I think it raises a legitimate question. You do seem to hold favor towards certain players on kongregate and facebook. I personally wonder if I "follow" you and brown nose every comment if I can get you to make adjusments to benefit only me. I also don't recall you working at kano for 7+ years, from my understanding you came in when mi7ch left. I personally would like to know how you plan to stay open with stats that are posted on the website he referenced, or are you denying the accuracy of the site? I think there should be a supervisor to approve your actions and behaviors, as a business we customers have the right to voice concerns and complaints. Picking on someone for personal issues is unnacceptable and poor business strategy. I wouldn't suggest these games to anyone seeing how moderators behave here. I will also be leaving reviews on my Vlog and with editors of GI and E3.
  19. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    In the spirit of trying to return this thread back to PvP I'll address these off topic question in hopes of bringing closure to this matter.

    We make a point to engage with the players of our games because without our community of players who have stuck with us all of these years Kano is not the company it is today. That doesn't mean we play favourites or bend to needs of special interests within the game(s) but we do listen to feedback, suggestions and issues and take that into consideration whenever we make changes and updates. But at the end of the day the decisions we make are our own and based on what we feel is right for the game and right for Kano as a whole.

    I've been a full time employee of Kano since May 2010. I've certainly been more active on this forum in recent months but here is my oldest post that I could find from exactly 5 years ago, Oct 26 2012. Remember when we had chat speaker tokens? Crazy!?


    The stats posted were from Alexa and it was a ranking of our corporate website kanoapps.com based on web searches and traffic. The metrics estimated that kanoapps.com earns $14 a day and was worth about $5000. I have no idea how Alexa estimates this but we actually earn $0 from kanoapps.com. Our games are not playable on our corporate website but rather exist on various social platforms, kanoplay.com and iOS/Android. Further, Alexa has no insight into the purchases made within our apps so yes I deny the accuracy of Alexa as it relates to the financial health of Kano.

    I can tell you that I have the full support of Kano management to have a presence on the forums but if you take issue with the actions of myself or our moderators I encourage you to let us know at support.kanoapps.com. We also encourage players to voice their concerns and complaints be it publicly here on the forums or privately via our support channels. We'll address them head on but we won't allow falsehoods to be propagated.

    As for ReeferC's messages that were deleted, they were completely off topic and persisted after I tried to address his concerns. It's not about picking on anyone. ReeferC has been vocal about his displeasure with these PvP changes in previous pages and those posts remain completely intact.

    And with that I will ask that we put an end to any discussion in this thread that is not related to the recent PvP change in Mob Wars: LCN. If we can't get this thread back on track we'll have to shut it down.
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  20. Tomas Trevant

    Tomas Trevant New Member

    Great well thank you for addressing all those topics. You did however not address the google play app store statistics. I would also like to get back on topic and apologize for the derail. Is the change final or can we voice our disdain for it somewhere more appropriate? I actually don't like the change even though it benefits me greatly, now I gain an estimate of +20xp-32xp per use of 1 stamina attack, I enjoyed it more when I was able to 75-250xp and was in-turn able to level much more.
    I personally don't have the stamina or energy to play a raid (stamina 100 energy 100) nor do I intend to add to those attributes. Also in a previous post I believe it was stated there would be more transparency, can you explain what the overall effect of the stat points are? For example 1 skill point to attack would = ??? or if it is similar to the Arena in which it unlocks a multiplier?

    Thanks in advanced.

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