[LCN] PvP Balance Change v2 - October 4th 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Moshe

    Moshe New Member

    I think that since the algorithm has become more complex, we need to be able to see our "bottom line strength" somehow. this way we can see how the numbers change with respect to our actions in the game (buying weapons and increasing skill points).
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    it is fair play, and it does not stop anyone from playing or going further in the game, but yeah never give away anything in Chat, or even to a friend or clan, cause one day they may no longer be a friend, I have seen it happened , and they go after you, keep your strength to your self. As far as facebook, lol I gotta say that is the first time and I have played there since longer than Kano games, and sure one or two former friends might do that to someone, but it is very very rare ,lol, so then ya just block them on facebook, how hard is that to do lol
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    if you hit someone off the whacked mobsters, it will give you some info as to where you are compared to them , it will show you all their defensive items, and where you or they are weaker or stronger in.
  4. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    I'm barely level 2,550 so I'm not racing anywhere. I take a slow and steady approach to the game. (corrected, not up to level 2,600 yet)

    I changed the build of my account based on how the game changed 1.5 years ago. I was pretty even in skill point allocation before. Then with the change, I put more into H at the expense of A & D and contiuned contributing to E & S. I didn't neglect A & D, I just put more into H as I thought that would help out in SW, Raids, and boss fights (and punches). And it did. Now the game is changing again, so I will allocate my skill points accordingly. I never said it was a big deal, or that it was difficult to comprehend or adjust.

    My point with the new/renewed focus on A & D, is that those who put points elsewhere originally, it will take a long time to "catch up" to the new PvP formula *because* SPs come from leveling and achievements and other players are also leveling and achieving at a similar rate in your level range. This is a disadvantage.

    Consider the opposite. Remove the focus on A & D and put it on inventory and/or loadout. Can players who put all their SPs into A & D compete? Yes. They can build their inventory up if they haven't already. SPs are not dependent on inventory and, as you know, aren't used to buy inventory. They can more quickly adjust or "catch up" as inventory is plentiful and easy to get. SPs aren't.

    That's my point :)
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  5. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    I feel ya. I've got more than double that in A and I still lose to people outfitted with wine trucks and weaker stuff! And I'm fighting with Smoke Bongs, Ice Commando Gears, and Glacial Carriers as my weakest items.
  6. Simple solution for those that don't like the change. Don't spend! :p
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  7. Well, I have enough FP's to get through syn wars and then I'll be out of them and looks like for a while. :)
  8. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Personally, I'm not a big spender. I usually pop for the new $25 fp deal each month and then a trio of crates if it's significantly better than what I have. That's about it. I haven't bought a full mob or tons of limiteds either. I don't do hundreds (or even dozens) of raids. I rely on the coop bosses for strength.
  9. Yeah, but i'm sure there are a couple hundred or so that do the same thing and it adds up. :)
  10. Reefer, I am one of the ones that DOES not spend ... I USE the drops from bosses, jobs, and challenges as well as the workshop, PLUS I use my SKILL POINTS, so would you PLEASE stop trying to make it look like I'm spending money instead of playing the game?
  11. DumbDumb

    DumbDumb Member

    Lady greywolf is the epitome of those arguing for these changes. They dont spend and want to kano to screw those of us that do for their benefit. Im glad kano saw through it and wised up. No spenders means kano either shrinks to next to no employees or goes out of business. But the freebie ppl dont care, they have no skin in the game. But will say they do, because like she said she had to pay for electricity and internet to play it.

    Beyond that she seems to think we literally have no skill points. At any given level we have as much as anyone else. We merely also added strength with weapons, which kano sold us to be ome stronger. Stripping them of value to make freebies happy is silliness.

    I get some ppl bought stuff 5 years ago and it's weak compared to new stuff. That is the nature of these games. Keep up or get passed. Dont buy all your stuff at once. In reality we are talking about a small percentage of players that are super strong. The changes made seemed to target them but in reality screwed way more ppl than intended. Im glad for everyone that has weapons, purchased whenever, that their money wasn't obliterated. Im also happy for ppl that built via doing bosses that their efforts werent in vain now. Skills have always played an importance, for those building balanced (strong on skills and weapons) we arent screwed now :). Until they make further changes anyways.
  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    there is always someone/s who spends, LCN is not the only game , there are 3 others and there are 4 platforms, money will be spent
  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    4 games 4 platforms, all the games have spenders, I spend in all 4 , myself
  14. LCN is the only game I play ... and I'm not saying I have NOT spent ... I just won't spend a monthly check on items ... once in a while is one thing, but DAILY? NOT happening in my world
  15. Angel or Not

    Angel or Not Member

    Skill points and Limited are all part of the game, and imo skilled should have more emphasis... it takes time, effort and coins to lvl to get the skills and its not for everyone.... I been lvlin since around lvl 600, because I enjoy it..others think its boring...I feel the lack of New Cities and the amounts put on adv, boss drops and crafting when a new city comes out is where the problem lies they are usually almost useless to the ones who have put in the effort to get there, since the limited are weighted so heavy... also the timing of the release of New Cities makes the higher lvls at a disadvantage for all their hard work, you hurry to get there and big let down...as nothing is there :(

    Kano is a business so no revenue no game, old and new players all have the same opportunity to change how there sp's are added....so if you dont like your build change it..not rocket science....but in fighting game common sense tells me att/def would b most important ( att=win=xp , def = win, so no chaining) ...its all a matter of preference...everyone is getting a chance to evaluate their decisions made on allocation, I for one am doing just that!
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  16. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith New Member

    Reading through the comments, and it seems the standard response from Kano is, "get over it...change the way you play". Basically, if you don't like it, tough shit. My message to Kano...It is very frustration to play this game as a newbie for going on two years. Newbies started way behind and spent money and learned the game to try and build a strong character. Seeing that attack and defense did not have the same value as building health, stamina and energy, many newbies opted to not invest a ton of skill points toward attack and defense, instead focusing on the better loot of boss fights and buying stronger items. Now you change the rules, basically destroying many players characters and say...tough shit. Change the way you play. That's easy to say, but the real effect is to fix your character will take a year or more, and maybe even longer as you loose your ability to level up. Also, it would be better if players knew exactly, or even generally, how attack and defense are weighted in your fighting abilities. You profile shows the skills count exactly the same as loot, which obviously isn't the case. You need to provide some insight as to the effect of attack and defense in the game. The way I look at it is, why should I spend my hard earned money on a game that is basically a moving target that no amount of money can remedy. If you say tough shit and get over it, I say...why bother.
  17. Angel or Not

    Angel or Not Member

    the effects...Green ya win...brown ya lose, and you can always ck the persons worth by clickin "Show Details " ie Your Attack Strength was 15.18% greater than your Enemy's Defense Strength, and shows you all weapons, armor and vehicles in his inventory..with that information you can allocate your att/def skills according depending on a win or a loss...and sum play just for the lvl which would b high energy and stam with that you would give up strength and def...sum are health driven, for bosses, high punches...its a give and take formula... its up to the player to decide there specific game play.

    You can make sum of the people happy some of the time but ya cant make all of the people happy all of the time... its a game... change is good, things have to evolve or they die, but I understand this change isnt like the BA or SW changes as they are elective, the 1st try at the pvp change was so drastic I went from getting good xp to practically nothing, u cant lvl without xp...rolling the change out slowly is giving everyone a chance to decide how they wanna play...Good call Kano!!

    btw have invested alot in the game >>> Joined 1712 days, 13 hours ago
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  18. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith New Member

    And to all you long time players who hate the newbies...remember this...the newbies that are now your equals didn't get there because Kano treated you unfairly. They got to your level with a ton of $$$$$. LCN, like all online RPGs is a play for free, pay to win game. Mafia Wars (yeah...I know you long timers hate MW players) had players that spent tens of thousands of dollars. I don't understand why, but they did. Now they are here, and they are still spending tens of thousands of $$$$$. That's why they progressed so fast. Not because of anything Kano did special for them. I have spent a little money on this game. Not enough to "win", but not none. And I probably won't spend more because...what's the point? If I put my skills in stamina and energy, I am made weak by Kano for not using skills for attack and defense. If I used all my skills on attack and defense I stay weak because I can't level to gain skill points OR get better loot though boss fights. Either way, I stay weak unless I spend major $$$$$. And if I do, Kano with change the rules so I have to spend more major $$$$$ to fix whatever it is they want me to fix today.
  19. Angel or Not

    Angel or Not Member

    I hate no one...as I said earlier I have been lvlin since lvl 600... thats my enjoyment, I dont care about being 1st or 2nd etc...I rarely even fight, (but not afraid to) to me what fuels my game is lvlin, hunting and achievements.... and New Cities are exciting (which have achievements ) but when ya get to the New Cities they are useless for your lvl..very disappointing to say the least, but even at my lvl (12k) I must change my skill allocation to accommodate the change...a much better solution rolling it out slowly to give everyone a chance to evaluate their game, including me!

    BTW, newbie's (and veterans are both) essential to the success of the game, all are always welcome!!
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  20. Angel or Not

    Angel or Not Member

    regardless of the change, if you put all yer sp's in energy and stam you'll b weak...that hasn't changed with the pvp change, that's just a fact, but in the long term of that kind of allocation of skills means lvling faster...whether with a partner or on Raids, will you have to take lumps along the way, absolutely! thats what u have to decide if thats worth it to you....but Limited has increased and Skills havent... there has to b a balance to both, not just 1 or the other.

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