[LCN] Proposed PvP Balance Changes - Sept. 20 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Sep 21, 2017.

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  1. Reg Hahn

    Reg Hahn Member

    I think the people complaining because they've bought items that now don't make as much difference need to remember there are people who've played LCN a lot longer and were buying items while you were busy playing Mafia Wars.. Except the items they were buying back then weren't even as good as many of the boss drops you're getting now.
    I also don't seem to remember as many "sales" and special offers and certainly no "Click this for 5 free FP" in the news feeds either. We actually used to have to rely on Workshop items for our first 1000 levels or so! While the idea of giving 5 free FP to everyone may sound reasonable, 5 free FP to a level 500 is worth a lot more than it is to a level 3000, especially one who never had the benefit of them when he was level 500.
    Most rewards in LCN used to be related to a percentage of your total (like Calendar, Job and Challenge helps are) and it was really hard to work your way up. Raids and the new bosses have changed that landscape, using the credit card only magnifies that issue.
    Personally I still think Kano needs to do some forensic accounting on the relationship between the number of items/fp "bought" and the amount of money they've received. I still don't believe we have that many millionaires with nothing better to do than play LCN.
    What Kano are doing here is trying to compensate for an individual's time spent playing LCN and building their stats before the recent changes and it's long overdue.
    I'm not even sure this goes far enough tbh, but at least it's they are recognising there is a problem. It's a pity they took so long about it because a lot of really good people have already left the game, never to return.
  2. BLU 1SE

    BLU 1SE New Member

  3. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    Allthough I have spent money on weapons I think it is more fair that skills are acknowledge much more than they are now. When is this going happen?
  4. DumbDumb

    DumbDumb Member

    Yes, we all know weapons get weaker over time. The funny thing here is the older players warned us kano would screw us, so we shouldnt spend. I always thought it was sour grapes over weapons progression - and lack of foresight on how to develop their accounts. Clearly, they were right about the screwing us part. They just figured out a different way. I think Im squarely in the camp with the old players that Im done spending now.

    Anyone that spends now is just paying a stupid tax and weakening their position for any legal challenges.
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  5. Jenna Rator

    Jenna Rator New Member

    A very good point :) its a never ending arms race at the moment and skills should factor in not just the industrial buying of weapons which has caused lots of long term players to leave or just play very occasionally
  6. And the first test for those saying they will no longer buy FP's is today. :) 50% off on 50, 105 and 275 FP's or at least that's what I see on my screen. :cool:
  7. Bogbrush007

    Bogbrush007 Member

    I don't see how this is really going to make much of a difference. Unless you have next to no skills in A & D this is hardly going to change your strength, you will probably be in the same bracket with win's and losses on those that you won or lost on before. I don't see it as devaluing a weapon, how? they are not dropping the totals on the weapons all they are doing is increasing what your Skills allocations are worth in A & D. I have spent on the game that is no secret and I have also allocated my skills where I want them to be. Will be interesting to see if it makes any difference to my overall fight strength. As others have said we all have the option of buying weapons if we want them, we all have the option of levelling at the speed we want to and we all have the option of allocating skills as we want to. Everyone builds their own account as per how they wish to play the game, we are all individuals and therefore build accordingly. Surely it's worth giving Kano a chance to see what they have come up with and if it doesn't seem to work then at least they are open to suggestions.
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  8. DumbDumb

    DumbDumb Member

    Of course it's going to change strength. If you balance the shift towards skills (not purchasable), away from weapons (purchasable) then people who won via weapons can now lose. Clearly shown in their graphs. So the money spent in good faith is devalued. Yes, we all know weapons "devalue" over time, but that is only if both parties in this example are purchasing. If losing side isn't then the weapons don't devalue. Both sides had the same opportunity. So to devalue real money purchases is a massive issue.

    Kano wins either way here, people will start leveling to get skills, spending money for refills. Primarily on raids.
  9. Kimbella

    Kimbella Member

    Well said - not only did we spend as well - we spent more as the cost of those Limited Items were much more then than they are now and no where near the power they have today. So our dollars were almost wasted. ;)
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  10. flattop

    flattop New Member

    to make it fair Kano can do a few free raid sessions
  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    LOL, sure raids being the BIG 'unbalancer' in itself, sure that makes sense, NOT
  12. Anyone that spends now is just paying a stupid tax and weakening their position for any legal challenges.

    Right. Legal challenges, lol.
    Buying items in this game is consumption, not an investment. You get some fun out of it for a time, and then it fizzles out, game over. Call the lawyers on 'em, haha!
  13. flattop

    flattop New Member

  14. flattop

    flattop New Member

    You wrote folks leveled and added stamina / energy - Free raids give folks opportunity to level quicker and put new acquired points in other places , I think you should focus on bots and auto healers . That being said it is unfair advantage of higher level players with more skill points, with access to higher level bosses and loot drops for starting them as well as better drops for doing the higher level cities - Perhaps a better solution is to better the stats on crafted items or make gifts useful for building - as most are useless it sounds like for every every player
  15. Yes, I spent money. No free lunch here. The games are designed to have you spend. Raids cost money. You have to buy stamina and energy. I am waiting to see what the change will be like. My hope is we are not shafted too much.
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  16. pop

    pop New Member

    in Other words what Kano is saying to continue buying further to progress , every 6 months the attack/defence will change on weapons and so you will have to buy the new stuff , just like buying a car as soon as that car leaves the showroom ..so is the value of the car :) THe ferrari became a Fiat :confused:? or like a Iphone..1..2..3..from 8 jumps to 10?..now you will buy the $1000 dollar one ...the updates on other versions are limited..to push you to buy the new model...veterans players saw it .. each time the weapons from the past becomes just that..is only temporary as other purchases are available ..if is not crates it will be something else instead ..and then the crates may lose its value when other gets released ..very interesting points given by fellow players and yes we will continue to talk about it .
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  17. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    I have been playing since almost the beginning and am a high level. I remember a time when skill points counted more that bought items. I really believe we must go back to that. The people that were originals keep leaving. I level everyday, buy a few items but not much. I spend for on sale favor points when I need them. I am over level 13,000 should a level 500 be able to beat me? really? The game is out of balance like never before. Mafia war spenders that are bullies are ruining the game.
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  18. Dennis Foster

    Dennis Foster New Member

    [VGF] Chuckie the scar Level 773 Warlord - I'm DENREED Level 8193 Tycoon and I just lost to him on the hit-list, This "out of tilt shiz" is just plain stupid! Personal Attack 16001, this guy has not even accumulated 1/2 that for his entire time he has played; wow. 69% to Alexandrite Tier, no reason to spend more til that crazy shiz is fixed. Good luck KANO.
  19. i use to play the game all the time but now i cant even get any where in the game cant get hitlist kills,dont join thr ba whats the use everyone already know who the winners are going to be we worked our butts off 8 years ago to get where we are today and im really disappointed in kano because LCN use to be a fun game i thought i would play it forever but im actually ready to leave it!
  20. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    all games change and this one has many times , players built their mobs around how the game was working at the time , but this change is needed and well over due. at the end of the day it is a fighting game and shouldnt be all about leveling with raids and energy .
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