Proposed Change to Syndicate Wars - Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I like the sentiment behind the idea but Im not sure penalizing an alt syndicate/guild/armada/faction would do much to deter it from continuing
  2. JDcompy

    JDcompy Member

    1) I'm very against the idea of it. Mostly because I don't think it makes sense. A person suicides on you (oops) and you get credit for doing nothing. But, also I feel like the people who have noted that alt synds may be able to use it to an unfair advantage are spot on.

    2) The change I'd like to see is in regard to my previous suggestion re the confusion between war and synd war. WP, war, etc, - we need a better distinction between the two different types of wars. A bit tired of talking about war and War Points and having people wondering which type of war we're talking about.

    Thanks for asking for feedback!
  3. blairwitchseal

    blairwitchseal New Member

    How out of touch are you to suggest such a ludicrous idea?
    I think almost everyone shares the same sentiment on this.
  4. Mark Tomlinson

    Mark Tomlinson New Member

    Of course there are criticisms to be made about the format of SW as you continue to develop it, but my point is about the drops.

    Who are they meant to benefit? What value do they have? Can you not tie them into the workshop, and in some way make the built items commensurate with the level of the player that receives them? This would in part give added value to the time, effort and FPs that's spent by those seriously taking part...
  5. Pranav Sood

    Pranav Sood New Member

    not a good idea as said by most above alt syn committing suicide and rewarding main syn without effort
    bad bad bad idea altogether .
    yes u could increase the max tokens from 300 to 500 and a refill for 100 tokens rather than the usual 50
  6. Delek

    Delek New Member

    no here again altscould put a sync in red to stop them from attacking its another bad idea . get rid of cheatters is the most popular vote ive seen and i totally agree it should be your priority . and i still think dual armor/kong account is just a simple way to cheat . If you want an ideas change the way to see the syndicate in wm and sw ... in wm it would be nice to see them by name order and to see players lv instead to have to click on all of them .. and for sw why cant we just select the class to see the list all at once instead of a random pick from system sometimes i get about the exact same list twice in a row thats a 1 minute waste waitting on the next possible list. For the social feed world boss is useless. But when i check the boss page why cant i only see the bosses not already dead it's sick to go threw a list of dead and pending dead boss when all i wanna see is those i havnt hit yet . maybe a delete post option could fix that idk. job help max at 30 per day is way not ennought it should be a bit more like job help. Sometimes i wanna send message to other players not in my friendlist but all i can send is make up message that doesnt match what i need to tell them. if you want more ideas to get the game better i always thought that the players is the best ressource of information for that since they are the one's actually playing the game so they knows whats goin on in the game play wich develloppers cant really knows. thats only few ways you can make that game better and im sure there alot more things you could do to make this game more enjoyable to play. and btw i hate beein chain by a player 700 times because i tried to hit them in hit list i means when the guy is 5 times your size couldnt there be a better max possible attack. those guys got like 2K stam they dont care about wasting 1k on a lower player just for the heck of it esp. when they use multi accounts like khan. once again i come back to that priority get rid of those cheatters lol
  7. faii

    faii New Member

    The Future of War Mode - Your Thoughts?

    Mich, I'm not sure if u guys are taking in players' opnions to make improvment to the games or not, here was something that i wrote in another tread regarding WM.

    As for this tread, the suggestion that suicide killing add points to the other synd is definately not a good idea as some user might abuse the game by creating tons of 1 man alt synd to add in their own WP. It's not a hard thing to do and definately not what most players would be happy to see this happens.

    Since i joined the game bout 3 months ago, there were bout 50 synds which joined in sw and adding up to over 100 now. And scanning thru all synds does really waste up a lot of tokens instead of focusing on 1 synd to get a kill. However, there are way to "Cheat" and saving up your own tokens is by using another alt account to do the "Scanning" of other synd's health and get the kill with ur own main account. I'm not sure if there are any players who r doing this cos no one would ever knwo bout this except for himself, but this is something which is DO-ABLE.

    As reasons above, there should really be limitation for the numbers of synd to participate in SW as well just as WM. There should be more pre-requirements for any synd to join in SW.
    1) The Syndicate has to be 15 days old (The only rule as for now.)
    2) Over 15 syndicate members has joined SW and at least 15 of them has 100% Gamer Points for the last 7 days.
    (This might be a good way to encourage players to join other bigger synd instead of having tons of 1 man synd as what's happening now. Fewer but better syndicates would be a good thing to see in future for long run.)
    3) Syndicates which has fulfilled the 2 rules above, among them only Top 20 syndicates with the highest STATS would only be able to participate.
    (Having over 100 synds participating SW isn't making the game itself better at all. 300-500 active players participating the war is good enough.)

    To helps in improving the game play of SW, there's another 2 suggestions here:
    1) Increase the limit of 300 tokens to 450 would helps, as not all players lives in the same time zone cos the current setting, any player would needed to be online within 5 hrs which is a very limited time not to waste any tokens.
    2) List out all syndicate in 1 interface/page instead of the current setting which has to keep refreshing and some syndicate might not even show up after 5-10 refreshes. It would make players to do atks or scanning much easier, a better game play.
    (Would be even nicer if all syndicates arrange in a lit form by Band, eg. Tabs of Band A-E each contains all respective synds)

  8. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    @Faii Thanks for the thoughts on War Mode. We've actually got another thread going right now about War Mode, so I'll move your feedback over there.

    Thanks for the feedback folks! I'm closing this thread off for now so the developers can go through and read it. We might open it back up at a future point to allow for more discussion. Thanks again! :)
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