Proposed Change- Boss Attacks (All Games)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    I am against changing the power attack. I like where it is at it is fun. I am also against it because many people help me and my bosses, and I do the same, and even though I hate it sometimes when everyone wants unlocks, I dont want to waste all my stamina on a high level boss that I am just power hitting once. Sometimes the only boss available is a High level Boss, and I am not helping for the reward, I'm helping to get it closed
  2. ive never seen so much negative feedback in a thread before.theres not even 1 player for this proposed change so far.time will tell but from looks of it if this goes through its gonna anger alot and just might cause some to leave.
  3. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well if you think about it, why make it so 1 hit counts like 5? If its that innocent, lets do the same to battles?

    I spend 5 hours leveling, I dont see Kano rolling out updates to speed that up
    5 hours for 14 levels, and people who level on bosses, that takes only a maximum of 1 hours. With the new changes, it will take 20 minutes. How wonderful.
  4. lets ignore the fight list completely and just bum rush everyones bosses.i mean why not.the fight list is becoming a thing of the past.soon no one is going to attack anyone and everyone will just be attacking every boss they can find.

    my boss no mine no its mine :D
  5. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Like Polish said "Don't fix what ain't broken"

    How about improving the battle system so its easier when you get to level 1850, 2500, 3000??
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Is it the levels/cost of stamina that people in this thread are most upset about?

    Would raising the level at which the increase starts as shown below make people less upset?

    Level 1-10 Bosses: Attack 1 Stamina, Power Attack 5 Stamina
    Level 10-14 Bosses: Attack 2 Stamina, Power Attack 10 Stamina
    Level 15-19 Bosses: Attack 3 Stamina, Power Attack 15 Stamina
  7. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The fact is that it is kind of broke for supporting the level of bosses people have killed theirs too and that is why we are going to have to make a change, please see point 4.

    "4. We appreciate players feedback and act on it as appropriate. Game data and player feedback through our support channels indicate that this will overall be a positive change and is why we are bringing it to discussion on the forum. What players do not see is the number of actions that boss attacks contribute and the overall negative impact that it has on the game increasing server load and slowing down the overall performance of the game, this is something that we did not anticipate."
  8. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    No Kendall its no the levels. The rate is what everybody is concerned about. It is just making things EASIER the further you get.

    When leveling using fighting, the leveling gets harder the further you go, but there is nothing that increases the rate of leveling.
    So increasing the rate of attacks on bosses should also match the rate of attacks on clan members. I know that will be very sophisticated to come up with, but it needs to be matched equally. Not everybody has tons of money to level of bosses. There are many who level simply off battles and there is nothing to help them combat the higher EXP requirements.
  9. the reason its gone this far is for two reasons i can think of

    1 is that the drops are fairly good
    2 is that when theres no fight list of course the boss is going to be opened as theres no other choice but to wait.for those that dont want to wait of course the bosses will be opening.and for some the bosses are how some are climbing in level so quickly.hate saying it but the bosses themselves is what broke the game.
  10. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    Eddies point is that people are already leveling at rapid rates using boss fights. Those of us still using battles to level are quickly falling behind. If it becomes less work to level with boss attacks, because you simply have to hit one attack to generate what use to be three attacks, then you will level at a much faster rate. Those of us who are still battling on the field, are still taking hours and hours to level. There should be some sort of compensation at the higher levels as well. It will become unfair very quickly. Not everyone is using bosses to level.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im not going to go into some lengthy rebuttal at this time as there is much to much new information to digest at this late hour. I will however take the time to dissect and ingest the information u have so graciously provided us with and get back to u tomorrow. Your reply is greatly appreciated.

    But I would like to ask about your comment referring to "game data and player feedback".....U somewhat explained away the data feedback portion, which I will have to ask a trusted source who knows much more about that subject than I...but Im curious as to the "player feedback" portion. I personally....nor does it seem as any in this thread seem to have known anything about this or thought that it was a problem, The players I see posting in this thread seem to make up a fairly good sized chunck of the upper echelon of players in this particular game....funny that we were not involved nor appear to be part of any of that "feedback".

    And major concern of mine is "the number of clicks it takes to kill a boss". If this new "proposed update" is implemented across the board and applied to all existing will give all new and lower level players a distinct advantage in how long it takes to kill a boss. They will be killing the same bosses that we have already killed in a fraction of the time....yet gaining the same XP, the result will be that they will level much quicker and sooner than we were ever able to. A possible solution to this might be That u only implement this change to any new bosses u may roll out, then the changes will affect all players the same whether they're a rookie or a veteran.

    Another concern is this, Are we wasting are breathe here? Have u invested so much time and money in this....that your going to roll out this update regardless of what we think? Is the thread u have started here just an attempt to warm us to the inevitable? If so ...I would ask that u please be straightforward with us and show us the respect we deserve so that we...The players that have made this game happen for Kano can make our decision and not just waste our breathe and time. TY

    see ya tomorrow
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  12. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    "Viking Clan is an epic game of warfare in a time when honor was gained on the battlefield!"

    Read more:

    Remember your roots Kano, its about the battlefield, not the bossfield.
    Wont be a need for a 2k clan when all you do is hit bosses.
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  13. as i posted,the bosses ruined the game.bosses is why the game is was good to start with but after the level 10 achievement the bosses should of just disappeared.instead they were allowed to keep going and this is what happened.
  14. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    May I suggest a cap on the bosses? If they are becoming problematic, perhaps find a cap...and cap them. Just a suggestion.
  15. a suggestion i agree 100% with.
  16. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Been suggested.

  17. well more feedback yet to come im sure but at this rate i can only imagine what the feedback is
  18. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    It's late, will check back tomorrow. Have a great night all...You too Kendall.
  19. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Yes it is late, I am now signing off of the late shift and will be back on tomorrow morning.

    But to respond to a couple things as quickly as possible:

    -no the change is not final but feel that once we start rewarding kills for bosses above level 10 then we will need to do something to make the system more scalable and not be so hard on the system

    -feedback on the forums is only part of the feedback that comes through to us, we receive quite a bit through direct messages as not everyone likes to be vocal and put themselves out there on a public forum. We also have to make decisions based on players actions in the game and adjust features around that for the best of the game to keep people interested and playing beyond where they may just drop off because actions begin to lose their appeal and become too tedious

    -regular battles have always rewarded the highest payout per stamina potential, I hear what some are saying and will think on it a bit
  20. ·Pinwina·

    ·Pinwina· New Member

    I am TOTALLY DISAGREE with changing the boss attacks! I think is ok the way it is. I've hardly been scaling to my level at Pirate Clan myspace app, and it won't be fair if bosses will make it easier to all the new players!
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