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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We are getting ready to release more achievements for killing higher level bosses but are planning to make a change that will reduce the # of attacks required to kill a boss, the proposed change is outlined below:

    Level 1-4 Bosses: Attack 1 Stamina, Power Attack 5 Stamina
    Level 5-9 Bosses: Attack 2 Stamina, Power Attack 10 Stamina
    Level 10-14 Bosses: Attack 3 Stamina, Power Attack 15 Stamina
    Level 15-19 Bosses: Attack 4 Stamina, Power Attack 20 Stamina
    Level 20-24 Bosses: Attack 5 Stamina, Power Attack 25 Stamina

    The damage done and rewards dropped will scale with the amount of stamina required, so there could be scenarios where with 1 power attack or regular attack could drop multiple drops.

    This should reduce the number of attacks required to kill a boss, as some of the higher level bosses currently take a lot of actions to kill.

    I wanted to introduce the proposed change here on the boards first for discussion but we are looking to get it into the game with some scheduled boss changes/improvements.
  2. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I very much strongly disagree! We, the people who use attacks to level, sit here for HOURS leveling up slowly. Meanwhile Kano seems to only want to speed up boss kills so people would use up GD points faster, so they would buy more GDs points in a shorter time. How about removing all the limits on attacking clan members? It seems we are advancing bosses but not changing the fundamental idea of attacking.

    In this game everything gets more challenging the further you go, but bosses(that fill Kano's pockets) are kept at a steady pace. I did not hear a single suggestion about this. Kano is getting to caught up in making easy money....
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  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The additional achievements will be a welcome addition that the players have been asking and waiting for.....for a long time. Ty.

    As for the additional proposed changes....I for one STRONGLY DISAGREE with them, and quite frankly will consider retiring from this game and finding another if the proposed changes are implemented.

    Players "in game" and on this forum have suggested and asked for many changes, updates and fixes....and not once have I heard anyone mention the need for what you r proposing. "If it aint broke...dont fix it".

    Of all the glitches that need to be fixed....of all the updates that we have thirsted and painfully drudged through the painfully boring routine for.....This is what u came up with????

    Who cares how many attacks it takes to kill a boss? The higher level bosses should be harder and take longer to kill...thats in part is what makes an achievement so worthwhile to get. Why make it easier and reward laziness?

    "The damage done and rewards dropped will scale with the amount of stamina required, so there could be scenarios where with 1 power attack or regular attack could drop multiple drops". This sounds extremely or why would 1 regular attack yield multiple drops? Even the current system of drops for a power attack is seriously flawed and is yet to have been corrected and u want to complicate it even more?

    So how will all the players that have played under the current system since its onset be compensated for the glaring advantage that new players will receive for playing under nothing but this new system? I've personally spent countless hours clicking away at high level bosses to achieve what new players will achieve in a fraction of the time. If leveling by bosses is a players strategy...they will accomplish what I and others have done in no time....Personally it would be a slap in the face from the company I have been nothing but supportive of.

    In closing...I would just like to reiterate my previous statements ...".If it aint broke....dont fix it"! Give us...the players ....what we want....not what u want! I've got many more reasons why I think this is a absolute horrible change to the game....but quite frankly...Im to upset at present to go any further, rest assured I will chime in on this thread again, until then ...Im very interested in what others think and will have to say on the subject. Thats my 2 cents, I appreciate being allowed to voice my opinion.
  4. I to am extremely angry at the proposed changes - Yes I wrote a suggestion a while back about making Bosses more interesting - but this proposal is once again aimed at newr players & lower levels and penalising in a sense the long standing players who use the bosses to progress. I to would consider leaving the game if such senseless changes take place.
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    KILL FASTER....USE STAMINA FASTER...EMPTY POCKETS FASTER!!!!!!! I appreciate the fact that ya gotta make a buck, but this is just blatant! How about keeping the game new and exciting first...then be rewarded!! nothing like getting led along by the proverbial carrot (new updates) and then getting r teeth kicked out. Kinda hard to eat a carrot with no teeth!!!!!
  6. much as the idea would support my own little agenda,i have to agree that its penalizing the long playing players and giving new players a i would have to disagree with this proposal

    EDIT:the achievements for higher boss kills are excellent but the using more stam per attack is what i disagree with even though a part of me wants it for my own little agenda but im not letting it cloud my thinking here
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  7. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    There needs to be a good balance between the benefits of donating and dedicated playing. The scales are already more tipped to benefits of donating but this would just offset everything. To increase donations, maybe create new interesting features, but dont speed up the use of GD points.
  8. agree.

    kano this is getting negative feedback so far.speeding up use of GD points will not help you as much as you think unless you plan on losing your players aka your income.
  9. Well, you finally got my attention and I am compelled to post for the first time.

    I have to agree with my friend, polishpimpn, that your proposed change to the boss fights is outrageous. We who have worked so hard, using bosses, to achieve our levels should not now be penalized by Kano making it easier for others to emulate us. Keep the status quo and proceed with new worlds, new adventures and new interest in the game.

    I, too, would lose interst in playing under these proposed changes, especially if those whom I have befriended in this game choose to no longer play.
  10. DMD_SS_Player

    DMD_SS_Player New Member

    I believe this change would be pretty bad myself as well over time.Many may speed through the bosses though they'll be out of stamina in no time and may not have the ability to buy points.I've yet to see anyone complain about the pace of bosses as far as stamina use goes that would require this change and should be left alone as a result.
  11. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    DMD_SS_Player they must of confused people complaining about slow battle advancement with bosses ;)
  12. so many players invest skill points in items that helps you be strong and level normally by partner and now this change is changing all game strategy and some players cant change to this game strategy if they have all skill points add to some were else and not stamina lol

    this is so easy to level so any kid can get mums paypal acct and past everyone in levels from level 1000 to 3000 just adding stamina and refill .. how about other players ?
  13. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I will try to address some of the points made so far:

    1. This is not about making easy money, this was about revisiting one of the newest features to our games and revising it to support the way that players are using the feature, we never imagined people would be killing their bosses past level 10, and are shocked to see where people have taken them hence another round of achievements to reward that along with a revision to the cost of stamina to allow bosses to continue to be scalable beyond the levels that people have taken them.

    2. Not exactly sure why everyone is getting upset, it could be that I am not explaining myself so let me try again. The bosses will continue to get more challenging, dmg and drop calculations will remain the same, the amount of dmg done per stamina will remain the same, all that will change is the number of times a user has to attack a boss (click) but the total cost of stamina will remain the same. So in very simple terms for a level 5 boss under the stamina costs outlined above compared to the current method a regular attack would cost 2x stamina, cause 2x damage and have 2x chance of drop than what it was before.

    3. If anything limits on attacking the same individual over and over again will be lowered in the future and not raised. For someone that seems against these changes because it makes the game easier, it is sort of contradictory to raise the limit of attacking 1 individual in the game when it is already set in the 1000's.

    4. We appreciate players feedback and act on it as appropriate. Game data and player feedback through our support channels indicate that this will overall be a positive change and is why we are bringing it to discussion on the forum. What players do not see is the number of actions that boss attacks contribute and the overall negative impact that it has on the game increasing server load and slowing down the overall performance of the game, this is something that we did not anticipate.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with increasing the speed at which people will spend points, people still have that option regardless if they can kill a boss in 25 attacks (25*10=250 stamina) or 50 attacks (50*5=250 Stamina), it is still 250 stamina. What this has everything to do with is making the boss feature one that is scalable and enjoyable, with the current implementation it is not. If we are to reward the higher level boss kills and drive/encourage more users to kill there bosses above level 10 then this change will need to happen, if not I do not think we will be able to support the system load that would be driven by more users taking their bosses beyond level 10.

    If Kano was all about quick $$, we would be offering Skill Points for Favor Points / UN Credits and I would not be putting a change up for discussion that was just to increase $$.

    So the major concern it sounds like is people who have already killed bosses are concerned with changing the stamina costs as it will reduce the number of clicks required to kill a boss even though the cost of stamina will remain the same, this is what everyone is getting upset about right?
  14. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    Be very careful, there is a fine line between profit and failure. I think you are about to push that line. There is already a war driving that line, a few implemented changes could crash the system. The economy isn't good enough to push too hard, push too hard and you push your own demise. Just a word to the wise. The newer players are already coming up hard and fast due to your already implemented changes. Some of the longer, time tested players are stirring, growing unsure. This seems very unwise.
  15. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well if there are no limits on bosses, then there should not be any on attacks also. Either limit both or remove all limts.

    How about make attacks on clan members use more stamina per hit, and give out the equivalent amount of EXP for them also?

    Lets speed the whole game up then, not just 1 aspect of it.
  16. agree with this totally.if theres no limit on bosses then there should be no limit on how many times you can hit another player while gaining exp off them.

    so basically to requote Eddie again either limit both or remove all limits.
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Bosses are limited that is why there are regeneration times on them also varied XP payouts.
  18. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    That would not work, existing formulas would not change. For example, currently Level 5 Boss Power Attack is 5 Stamina what we want to do is make the Power Attack for a Level 5 boss 10 Stamina for the proposed change rewards and xp would be the same as clicking a Power Attack button twice, same deal for a regular attack.
  19. ok ill rephrase it.there should be a limit to how many times a player can hit bosses in a 24hr of now if someone is clan with every single player then that player can be in every single boss there is.this is what should be limited
  20. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Yes that is a limit, but there is a lot of bosses out there, each person has access to at least 1 boss, and we know that the active players have at least 5. There are not as many people to battle, the EXP barriers separate people out.

    If thats the case, that seals the deal for me. At levels 3000+, 5000 hits only gets me 14 levels. How many levels can bosses get you up in a day?
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