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  1. I am a daily player, and am on for quite some time! I enjoy Mob Wars, but recently want has really got to me is that Im not able to sell any of my properties! I want to buy some properties in San Francisco, but don't have enough money because I shoveled it into other Cities for properties! Can Someone please help me with this! Thanks!
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  2. The Protector

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    Join the club.Kano don't care about their customers.It's almost as if they want to lose their customers.I've yet to see a game where you can't sell your income off.
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  3. Kendall

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    We plan to bring back selling this week (as soon as tomorrow) so that you can meet your objectives that you have stated above, please see our last TGIF post:!
  4. Thank you! I hope its back soon! I would hate to see Mob Wars lose players over selling properties!
  5. Relentless

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    If you had of followed the link I posted in the other thread you started on this subject, you would have been able to see what is happening on this matter and not have to start another thread.
  6. I didn't, but I will now!

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