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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. I love it, I am so glad that KANO is finally doing this. My hats off to KANO and much success to to them. I think this is the right direction for KANO.
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    @ Blackdeth HI5 the social platform no longer supports Kano apps, so in order to try and help their players from that network they came up with a plan, something no ones seems to have done before, to let these HI5 players come over to FB or myspace, since their game accounts on HI 5 were now defunct.
  3. As most people that follow these forums know I rarely if ever see eye-to-eye with pimp. I do strongly agree with pimp in that stopping the bots and scripts will greatly reduce the "alt" accounts. I however believe that if we get rid of the "alt" accounts as well it even level the playing field more.
    As far as, the logging in and out of other accounts to catch bounties etc. it is not necessarily impossible. I could show someone how to be logged into three accounts at once on the same computer and with a couple of key strokes toggle between all of them several times in a matter of seconds. So yes I agree with pimp that skill level, hand eye coordination, speed of internet etc is important. Playing style makes another difference. Some people believe that have to have massive attack or defense levels, or any other combination to win. Just because say I believe that building a character equal on all fields as you level and another person believes you need to have the attack above all other attributes of their character does not make either of us 100% correct. There are many ways to level or build a characters ability. You could invest thousands of dollars in buying points and just keep battling over an extended period of time. Transversely you could just simply build slowly any one part of your character and rapidly build another part. This gives you advantage simply by attacking players that are weak to your strength.
    I will agree with you pimp in that some use "alt" accounts to try and figure out which way works best when building their character. The sad part about that is that I think that is a very small percentage and thus cause great harm to the game. I personally have never used an "alt" account simply because I see it as cheating. I have however used another player/friend in leveling myself or get achievements. The difference is that we do it to help each other. Yes I have even been a bully and attacked lower levels to move up. That became useless to me when they based the xp points you earned on attacks was based off of how equal matched you were to attack, defense and level. I do agree that the negatives far out weigh the positives when it comes to "alt" accounts.
    Getting rid of the bots and scripts first is like taking down the buyers/users of drugs to then weaken the supplier and get to them and take them down. Now some will argue that just makes another one stronger. Yes it will temporarily but like building a house or empire one piece at a time makes bigger and stronger, all it it takes is one bad nail or employee will eventually affect the rest of house or empire a little at a time.
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    Well put FOA
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    this was already brought up.. but my question is still, what about family computers? people who live in the same household, use the same internet and computer.. will they fall under the umbrella of the banishment?
  6. I truly believe that Kano is far more intelligent and fairer than that. All you have to be able to do is provide proof of your legitimacy. It is easy to do because I can in my house.
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    totally agree with you there.. Kano has always proven themselves both intelligent and fair with these kinds of situations. sometimes i just worry about my friends needlessly, is all! :)
  8. Yes you would banned because it is a violation of both FB and KANO TOU that a 2 YO cannot play these games. Also FB requires to you to fill out a form for a child under the age of 13. So you either said that your child is older than they are when you created the account or you trying to say it is but in reality it is an "alt"/cheat account. Hmmm I wonder what it is.
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    ROFLMAO I was thinking the same thing.

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    I am aware of that. That's my point. Some of these accounts that have been transferred over now mean that people who were playing in both Hi5 and Facebook now have two accounts. They seem to think because KANO has assisted in the transfer that they are clear and free of any policy violation. In the instance I am talking about the player now has two accounts, his original facebook account which is approximately a year old, and his Hi5 transfer.
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    No that is not entirely true, if they have an old fb account then one of them will be banned, Kano has not done anything in the other games yet they only banned in LCN so far, one game at a time one platform at a time, ya gotta give them some time. they just started the bannings, if you have knowledge of this happening you can write support with the link of any player you know this to be true, it will help them greatly, they banned 30 players on Thursday, i believe it was Thursday
  12. Just so I have this straight....

    Kano is now taking a "firm" stance on alt use after 3+ years of giving their tacit approval to use alts -- I'm sure, many of which have been reported to them by numerous people with the appropriate screenshots, etc. Also, Kano has given preferential treatment to certain players over others when they HAVE been caught breaking the TOU (Freeze the alt, give them a verbal reprimand, etc, while leaving the primary account, and all the advantages it gained through these methods unscathed). In addition to that, a few people have come on this very forum and have surprisingly admitted to having an alt account. And to top it all off, as Jeff pointed out, there are an undetermined number of Hi5 players that have been, in essence, unknowingly given an alt account by Kano.

    Meanwhile, players on FB VC (sorry, I don't really play any other Kano games) are leaving or are poised to leave by the truckload as they decide whether or not Kano games are worth giving their entertainment dollar to. In my opinion, Kano is at a crossroad here. The Kano brand can and will suffer a serious hit to their marketability if certain known cheats AREN'T dealt with severely as the long-time player decides that Kano just doesn't care, as they've historically shown (I haven't named any names so don't get your panties in a bind but, yes, we know who you are). :)

    Am I close?
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    well this is what was said at the beginning of this post,

    Process Improvement at KANO/APPS and YOU
    Hello Players,
    As we ramp up our new support department, we're taking the time to get processes and policies set more firmly in place. This is part of an overall internal strategy to position KANO to grow. We need to delegate duties that previously fell in the hands of the developers to the right people hired to handle these jobs. One such area that has previously been handled without a dedicated focus has been around game abuse and specifically the policing of alt accounts.

    Alt accounts are by far the most commonly reported form of game abuse. We are going to take a firmer stance against the use of alts across the board. We are developing the tools to give us greater visibility into the activities of our players and enabling our support staff to take firm action with greater swiftness.

    What does this mean for players? We know a number of players use alts and share accounts with friends. We know who you are, stop doing it, now. For some of you however, it's too late, the decision has been made. Starting tomorrow, we will be banning a number of players for egregious use of alts in one of the games. An announcement will go up for each game when we've performed this action.

    As time goes on, we'll be doing the same in other games and clamping down strongly on other forms of cheating. Our goal is to improve the game experience for everyone, to level the playing field and make it a great place to play. This is not something that is going to happen over night. We are ramping people up, developing the tools we need, and because of that it's quite an involved process. We want to share with you all our plans and keep everyone informed of our progress in this matter.

    Please continue to report people you suspect of using alts to

    We hope this news is supported by everyone. I for one am thrilled to see this direction and firm stance taken.
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    copied and pasted from the first post by Deltan, btw Deltan joined Kano in January of this year

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    There some accounts being created to just list some people they hate so that the main account can escape of dying from a booby trap ;)

    I did reported some of them.. Good luck.. :)
  15. Deltan

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    We had hoped to roll out another batch of bans this coming week, unfortunately Kano is short some resources this week. I'll update when we do another group of bans next! :)
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    if you don't understand how someone using multiple accounts or sharing accounts has an unfair advantage after all that's been written here i won't be able to convince you . but the bottom line is that it's against the rules . people have broken the rules and have higher standing in the game because of it . a lot of people have left the games because of all the cheating . maybe they'll be more people to battle with when the cheaters are deleted and players feel they can play on a level playing field .

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    Well, Angry birds is now on FB so KANO can forget about any future success...pmsl. Oh and its baseball season too...
  18. WHELER

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    I do agree ALT accounts is a problem... there are syns made up entirely of ATL's to cheat in syn wars. Some people don't even use them for war, but to generate extra money for hitlisting...

    It is more than resonable to see more than 1 account per household IP adress, as more than 1 person may live in a house & play apps using the same internet connection/IP#..... But when you have 5+?, well i have seen & heard of ppl having as many as 10+ baby accouts (ATL's) & that is total abuse!.

    It's a shame though, some people are going to be wrongfully banned!... if you think you have all the angles covered in detecting ppl with atlernat accounts, you don't!.
    detecting ppl with 10 + accounts is easy, but the ones with 2,3,4 accounts?,well good luck!. you can't tell people there family members/room mates can't play if someone in the house hold already does,lol

    able to detect down to a computer?
    I for one admit 2 accounts log in & run from 1 computer at the same time in mobwars, My desktop. I'm curently using "Userful Multiplier". Was a cheaper solution when my GF's laptop broke.
    1 computer, up to 10 users at the same time requires 2-10 monitors/keyboards/mice. Me at my desktop & my GF 2 feet away on the couch using the TV & a wireless keyboard/mouse.

    The "REAL" problem with the apps is the AUTO HEAL glitch!, but since it only occures in firefox/IE & doesn't occure in google chrome, Kanno choses ignorant bliss. makes me wonder if Kanno apps is sponsored by google chrome.

    BOTs & scripts are whats ruining the game... & how do you catch people using a heal bots, when you can autoheal without one in firefox/IE?. using the autoheal glitch doesn't violate the terms of service!.
    diference is autoheal glitch, leaves you unable to perform any actions on your computer other than heal. But a bot allows you to attack ect..
  19. Relentless

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    Deltan said this in another thread:
  20. WHELER

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    heal is a supllied button... & holding the "enter button after clicking it, does not violate the terms of service! if it did, people would have there accounts froz all the time.... explotation of this glitch is when a person sighns there account into 2 computers.. 1 to auto heal & the other to attack.. thats exploitation!

    trust me i want that glitch fixed,lol.. that should be # 1 in my books for kanno to fix. once fixed it will be much easier to catch people who are actualy using bots!
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