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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    It's a holiday here, Kano office is closed. I'll be popping in and out throughout today though.
  2. Mystique

    Mystique New Member

    well,for us isn't holiday and i would appreciate someone giving the right answeares,someone that's actually there and knows exactly the issue..
  3. KANO isn't going to ban multiple people for playing on the same computer. They're going to ban players who use more than one account, who share accounts, and who made fraudulent claims towards points when the Hi5 transfer started.

    If your account is frozen for whatever reason, and you feel that it was frozen wrongly.. then just e-mail support. If you honestly had nothing to worry about, then e-mailing support shouldn't be a big deal.

    All this fuss over something the entire community asked for. Why does KANO even bother having a forum for players?

    KANO is a business and is made up of humans just as you are. They'll be taking a break, and if you think they shouldn't, then tell your boss at whatever job you work at to stop giving you Christmas and Thanksgiving off. No more Easter Egg hunting with your loved ones.

    Seriously, are you grown adults or children?
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Well put. I lik your style.
  5. 1000

    1000 Member

    desist or be deceived, this is the question....balance and confuse is what the ex hi5 player feel... some true about you guys, (responsible people) we already know... what you are, what you are trying to do, and what you do not admit or say... WE ALL KNOW. for what i can see, you transfer the HI5 player over here.=money etc.... but now that we are here and some grow to fast and start to kick some a.. you don't accept and cry for your friends here... the HI5 is killing, destroing us etc.... so, there is not CAPTS/NO GUNS/ TAKE THE DJ/ ETC.... excuses for protect the FB babies.... now you say that some HI5 player cheated.... cheap words. so, what about the capts and guns and SP????? i knew you could go lower.... and this not going to STOP here right???? i don't need any one of you to answer me. i don't want your lie... keep it for you....thanks.
  6. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Quite the contrary Linda

    Do you even know what that means???...
    its exactly what I'm trying to tell you!!!
    SEE THE BIG PICTURE HERE, in the scheme of things its a non-issue, you're fixated on the tree, step outside and see the forest. You did this to me with the button also and all i was trying to do was help you...but you attacked me every post I made, literally every post.
    Just like today, from my 1st post you are all over me, then, when you cant win a debate or an opinion differs from yours BAM you call in the reinforcements, from the group.
    Well the Calvary came and still didn't make their (your) point

    Look where the big picture takes this, I always try to look 5 moves ahead, this is not a pretty and innocent players will be affected in order to find a few bad apple players. Mistakes will be made b/c a certain pct will be flagged as false positives. They have to look for irregular game activity, which means, Battle or level buddies will trigger a possible suspension for review, we all know the upper level do this, the bounty hunting packs will trigger it, as well certain guilds/armadas do this. Most players don't even know what a battle buddy is and don't know why bounties seem to fly off in certain patterns then just stop. They cry when they're attacked even thought they win when they fight back. The average player hasn't learned how to play yet.
    So the anomaly will be the upper levels behavior patterns, according to all the "SERIOUS ADVANTAGES" you get, the first place they will now look is on the leaderboards, I know that's where I would start if I read all these posts, b/c that's where you should be if you have an Alt. Account according to you and your attorney Dylan who used a hypothetical of 5,000. 5k of anything in this game is a stretch for any player below lvl 2k. So why not look at irregular point allocation next. This starts with one thing and can snowball out of control, be careful of what you wish for you just might get it
  7. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    Dylan? I didn't see your message but will check in my messages. I just wanted you to know I wasn't ignoring you and I do appreciate that you deleted the posts.
  8. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    report me, heck i reported myself once i said anything against it, i know that my account was going up for review anyway. But what will they find, it should be superman listening to you guys describe this SERIOUS unfair advantage, but they wont, Im not even level 2k yet, but this tells me anyone in the upper ranks should be reviewed. I could give a rats behind if someone lost an alt. account, if you read between the lines its not the Alt. account that concerns me, its the witch hunt that ensues, the players that start accusing anyone they don't like of having one, anyone that out performs them, is cheating trust me this is exactly what runs through these pikers heads, if i cant do it then it cant be done, so they must be cheating, the piker motto. I like the game just as much as you guys, if not done properly this can turn into a shite show, so report that
  9. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    alt accounts are against the rules of the game, it is that simple ,why you want to make it more complicated , well be my guest, I do not have the authority to ban anyone , I am just a player who happens to be a mod and try to steer people who need help,in the right direction, and Kano is on vacation, so you have a good day now,
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  10. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    Well, I appreciate your responding :). Truth is I have reached the same level of frustration I was at when I quit this game the first time. Like I said earlier, it appears that a few people in VC have decided that I cheat, that I used auto heal and they just aren't going to let me play the game. I know you all monitored my account like crazy and I would assume still do since "so and so" keeps making the same false accusation. Since I know I have never, ever used a "bot", a "script" or a "anything" to advance my pirate or viking, I know you can not have ever found evidence of it. Therefore, I wish you all would please make a statement about my account.

  11. Mystique

    Mystique New Member

    well,i don't remember asking u something,but how can they tell the difference between shared accounts and people using the same pc? i know i havemno reason to worry about,bu still..some actions might involve innocent people as well
  12. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Kano has the tools , to do what it needs to do, that info is not for the general public :) if someone gets banned they can write to support and see if there is a mistake, Kano is on holiday today and prob for the weekend so relax, if you still have your game , then all is well :)
  13. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    I'll tell you what ... the witch hunt has been going on for a long time. I have one obsessed player that has accused me of trying to bribe him with a $10K payment to play in my armada, of spending money on my account (lol .. because it is illegal to spend money on game..), of using auto heal, of living on the computer (because I leveled my pirate quickly I guess -- no credit given to fact I know how to play the game and AM willing, in fact welcome battling), now of playing another players account and geez I am not even sure what else I have been accused of by this one player. Who incidentally(??) has had his account frozen multiple times. The fact that there is anyone out there that is foolish enough to believe this guy should make me laugh. But, it doesn't. It bothers me tremendously.

    Alt. accounts suck. However, I stopped caring about them a long time ago. Why? I stopped caring the day I got an email from a KANO employee telling me they had frozen 7 accounts connected to the player who is obsessed with me. Yet he was still playing the game. That is the day I said, okay if KANO doesn't care about it, why should I?

    I took the time at the request of a friend to read through this entire thread. I have to laugh at one person (gonna call that person JJ DOE) in particular that cited reasons why alternate accounts are bad. LOL. This one is quick to anger at another player JJ DOE is positive has an alternate account while almost all seasoned PC players KNOW someone in the same armada as JJ DOE has several alternates and has never made a secret of it. I mean .. come on? Outrage when it suits you, ignorance when it suits you? Give me a break, please.

    Alt. accounts are prohibited by the TOU. End of story. When you sign up to play the game there are TOU that you agree to abide by, and so if you don't, well you are breaking the KANO law.

    Playing other peoples accounts sucks. I didn't always see what the big deal was but have come to learn exactly what the problem with it is.

    Several weeks ago I asked a question of KANO. How is that 4 accounts can be logged on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How is it that no matter what time of the day I log on, if I attack these accounts they don't attack back at same time. One goes in hospital while another attacks. Or, since 2 of the accounts couldn't win against me, magically (sometimes at 3 AM in the morning) another account would wake up and attack me if it had an open window on me. Sometimes I deliberately opened the window to see if it would happen and surprise surprise it did. Or, one of the 4 accounts would bounty me, but only one or 2 of the remaining 3 would go after my bounty.

    I also asked how could a player be on the bounty board with 3 high level players attacking its bounty (and those are 3 WE KNOW were attacking because we were in chat and decided to attack the bounty to keep him from attacking the other bountyed player -- that there were likely a few other players attacking the bounty of this player is besides the point) manage to get in 264 bounty attacks in less then 4 mins on another player on the bounty board and not get taken down. Sure wish I knew how to film something because I would have been filming that one.

    I truly hope that innocent people don't lose their accounts. I believe that the staff of KANO will bend over backward to be reasonable and fair. I am certain that all of this in many ways is a complete waste of their time and resources, and ultimately has probably slowed down improvements in the game for all of us. But ViPCEO, the witch hunt has already gone on, some have already been drowned in water or burned at the stake. And I can tell you it sucks.
  14. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    I will take some salt with my pepper please

    1st off Diva, i respect you as a player, you paid your dues to get to your level of play, but according to this feed all upper level players must have alt accounts b/c it gives such a great advantage. Linda stand on her own, she always ignores the posts that destroy her opinion with common sense and out of convenience picks a catch phrase and takes it out of text. Now my rebuttal, fresh ground pepper...lets see b/c it would require a lil intellectualism placed into a receptive response to win the debate. I think you missed your mark here.

    1. whip kills really, there are zero achievements for it so lets move on. or do you consider a whip kill SERIOUS UNFAIR ADVANTAGE...didnt think so

    2. reaping bounties, players are luck if a bounty goes past the click launching the bounty itself, even Armadas bounty hunting in packs cant pull down a bounty when the whole clan is sitting in wait for it to go live, so that's a stretch unless its an upper level player with 40k health, which means you need another upper level player as an alt. to even take a shot at it. so this doesn't qualify as a SERIOUS ADVANTAGE, if that's the case all bounty leaderboards are subject to review.

    3. Feeding bosses, i have over 1k mates and have an unlimited amount of bosses from all levels to choose from is the one drop really that SERIOUS in the scheme of things..its still something that can be achieved from hitting a buddy's boss no difference, and they cant be gifted which would create a superman character so no secret weapon here

    4. no difference than a battle buddy, so your point. that would mean all higher levels should be scrutinized. wheres the serious advantages.
    Diva do you see where something like this has the potential to go? Do you have a thought of you own on this? will Linda allow you to have an opinion other than hers lol j/k but for you my dear I will take the ground pepper and eat my hats along with my shorts anyway, just for you :)
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The problem Im having with your reasoning in this particular post is that most of it seems to be based on whether YOU could or would want to do some of the things mentioned. People draw on their own experiences and information/knowledge drawn from other people experiences to put forth their own presumptions, assumptions , theories and ideas, exactly they way it should be.....but it doesnt Guarantee they're correct. Well intended possibly...but not necessarily correct

    No disrespect ....but players do all of the things mentioned, for example....players swap bountys all the time via alternate accounts, the fact that you find this to be "nearly impossible" does not mean that it is. There are many variables that can come into play here such as hand eye coordination, internet and or PC speed, patience, timing, willingness, multiple computers and partners in crime..... to mention a few.

    I agree that logging into multiple accounts would be a complete drag, hell....I dread logging into just one, but for some its a walk in the park. We should remember that there are all types of people out there that have diff mind sets, skill sets and motivations. The fact that we wouldnt want to or couldnt.....does not mean there are others who wont.

    When you say.."we all know what goes into getting an account to 5k attacks".....I respectfully disagree.....this is subjective, I personally think getting to 5k attack is easy, but then again i also got well over 2500 levels in 30 days. You go on to say..."having that in 1 account does not benefit the leveling of a weaker 2nd account", Once again I respectfully disagree because indeed it can help in leveling a lesser or as u say weaker(once again subjective) account, it depends on the second account and how it is built. Its important to note that having multiple alt accounts offers a huge variety of builds and can/are found at varying levels which offers up a multitude of options for the offending player.

    We both agree that multiple accounts are against the rules and policy but where you lost me was when you stated it wasnt cheating, by the very definition it is cheating..."to violate rules dishonestly". Previously you mentioned an example of another gaming company that you felt actually gave players an unfair advantage/edge, I would argue thats like comparing apples to oranges. Kano games are completely different than the company you mentioned, here in Kano games the only real incentive and measure of success is in its achievements which reward skill points, coin, and XP which is vital to a player advancing in the game. These achievement are obtained by amassing stats in different categories, this is why multiple accounts are a scourge, players are using them for the purpose of advancing another of their accounts while no one else has the same access to do so, this is an advantage/ edge that no other player has and is exactly why its against the rules.

    At some point you compared alt accounts to leveling partners or players that use chat rooms to aide in a successful bounty hunt. These are social networking games and teamwork and clan is suppose to and does play a vital role. One of the big diffs is that while relying on another real player/account for leveling or listing it allows for a lot more "crap happens" while an alt account is as dependable as the player using them and a customized account is available to them when ever they want ....where as honest players who dont use alts are at the mercy of whoever is online at the time. Once again...a huge advantage/edge.

    Ive said it before....although against the rules I do see a big diff in how some alts r utilized and I agree with you when you said that they could actually help the games in some ways....its just a matter of whether the positives outweigh the negatives, in my opinion they dont at this time. Many players simply use alts as a way to try out another build or to just have something to do when their other account runs out of stamina or there is no one left on their rival page, but unfortunately there are the others which weve already discussed that ruin it for everyone thus why the rules are there.

    Another thing is that some of those who r the biggest offenders with multiple accounts are also big fans of bot/script use....the combination of the 2 can simply wreak havoc. I personally believe that if Kano could eliminate the bot/script usage....the alt problem woulnt be nearly as signifigant
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  16. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Hurray someone finally gets it : )

    Hi Tracy TYVM,
    I knew where this was going from the 1st post and tried my hardest to have people see it on their own, but you read the thread, even after I spelled it out, Some people still couldn't see past the nose on their face. I get a line item debate, They want you to drink the Kool Aid and jump on the bandwagon, but they don't even know where the wagon's heading, God forbid you ask what's in the Kool Aid :p once it picks up speed, its impossible to stop it. I could care less about alt. accounts from Hi5 players or the small few that don't know how to play to begin with having one, they don't know how to play anyway so they will have floundering accounts. But those players that cant play will never be thrown into the spotlight, its always the better players that wind up having to defend their honor. Apparently I was right before this started, I believe some things should be left alone. I've made alot of great friends here and the chat feature is why I stayed when I came back after a few months away. I also found a handful of people play these games b/c its all they have, some players are really sick, not crazy but ill,(well some are crazy :p ) that are on here to vent, whether illness, divorce, loss or don't have anybody. (hardship stories) This is all they have, So, if someone like that has an alt. account, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Its the real deviants and abusers that i could care less if they stay or go. We are our brothers keepers, so what I'm saying is I can turn the other cheek, before a witch hunt starts, but apparently its already started.
  17. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Reply to Grandmaster, Now I can eat my hat...

    Well I will now eat my Hat,
    great job touche` Polishpimp,
    I did go off message in that post, I think i was more arguing for the sake of arguing and sunk my ship lol. I was wrong with some of the quotes and I agree with your critique 100%, one of my clan has 5k in attack, that comes down to allocation of points, and the bounty, I can see it having an increase to the odds, especially after reading Tracy's post. You're correct, Im looking at this through the eyes of someone under level 2k and now I seem to have missed the big picture myself with that, I now see that this can be used for evil at the upper levels. Im glad we can agree that some are harmless, in the wrong hands it can be used as a force of evil. With your closing argument, that was an eye opener, never realized the correlation between the bots and the alt. accounts. I don't mind losing this debate, the literary architectural structure has a profound foundation and was extremely well thought out, therefore making it impossible to knock down. The messages I was trying to stay on today was, where this goes nobody knows lol and most of this can be accomplished with another player anyway. I'm extremely impressed and the Supreme Grandmaster title is one fitting of you. TYVM for your reply. PS thanks for the compliment in the earlier thread, i was going to reply to that as well, again, well done! Thanks :D
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the kind words but cool it with the compliments as I do have a rep to Its obvious you are very intelligent and your posts are a great read. With a subject such as the one debated here its difficult as there are some very strong legitimate pros and cons to both sides of the argument. The only definite is that its against the rules because Kano says its against the rules. I look forward to reading your thoughts and having more healthy debates in the future . Take care.

    After reading through your reply again I realized that I missed the opportunity to reply to a very valid point you were conveying....."The messages I was trying to stay on today was, where this goes nobody knows lol and most of this can be accomplished with another player anyway". Indeed ....nobody knows where this will lead, Kano once again has the daunting task of walking that fine line of whats right for their players and whats right for their bottom line, which we both know goes hand in hand to the degree of whether they're in this for a quick buck or the long haul. At the risk of sounding arrogant.....nobody knows as well as I do that you are 100% correct with your statement of.... "most of this can be accomplished with another player anyway". There is no way I could have accomplished what I have if not for the help of my girl and best friend JJ and the rest of my clan....together we proved that playing within rules can both match and exceed anything a cheater can do in these games. But with that said...I have to give props to Kano, because if not for the rules/policies and security measures they do have in place it simply wouldn't have been possible.
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    BLACKDETH Member

    The solution seems simple enough. One method of quickly removing alt accounts would be to ask all questionable accounts for valid identification. No identification = no account.

    In terms of sharing accounts, would it not be possible to simply check IP addresses? If "Bob" in Ohio is using "Pete" in California's account, would it not show that both accounts are originating or being used from time to time, by a single IP address? same IP address but account registered to a different province/state, country = no account

    Another issue is not that people are using autoclickers, but that they are using technology that INCLUDES autoclickers. There are some gaming mice that allow you to program a macro. My understanding is that they then click a button when they want to autoclick on the bounty as opposed to always autoclicking all the time. Someone else has said this doesnt work for facebook games but I wonder.

    I work at a military installation where a lot of high tech IT folks live and work. I have spoken to them about things in vc and told them how sometimes a player half a world away can get a bounty before I do even though my wife has posted it, sitting next to me, and while giving me a verbal countdown (1...2....3...4....5). They claim that this is generally unlikely to happen without some assistance.

    Some of these things seem relatively easy to police and catch, whereas others, not so much. I would like to know more about how Kano is monitoring these situations. Perhaps this would lead to less speculation from players.

    BLACKDETH Member

    There is on other issue about cheating that I do not quite understand. Perhaps Hi5 players can offer some direction on this:

    I know a former Hi5 player who also had a vc account in fb for more than 400 days. A few weeks back he was very confused when he claims to have received a new account in fb and that there was a transfer of points to this account. There was a language barrier and I tried to explain that he can only have one account but he insisted he could have two because KANO "gave" him this second account.

    Is this true? Did this sort of thing happen?
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