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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Leafar

    Leafar New Member

    Just one question: why now and not before, when we were all in Hi5 lnc?
  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    so you are saying the HI5 players had alt accounts on HI5 and they are the only ones being banned , Now ??
  3. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Drink the Kool Aid and Round up the Posse we got witches to fry...

    Thats b/c in our country you're INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, but on the internet, you are subject to the rules of the game, and in here Kano is Judge Jury and Executioner, and I agree with your point can this destroy the game, Alt accounts YES ARE AGAINST THE RULES AND NO I DONT HAVE ONE b/c you cant raise everyones dander the way I do and not expect to have someone putting you in their cross hairs hoping for dirt, so this allows me to speak candidly, i have nothing to hide and nothing to lose, except maybe a debate lol.

    What Im afraid of is the witch hunt that can spawn from all the people that jump on the bandwagons and are real quick to drink the Kool Aide. Because

    A. You cant disagree with them or they throw a fit and attack you.

    B. You cant have an original thought other than theirs or whats being programmed in the feed.

    C. Once you have a posse formed they want to HANG EM HIGH.

    A quick look at history shows how easy it is to burn a woman at the stake for being a witch. How many innocent woman got burned, how many innocent players will get dragged into this? how many players wont come back after being wrongly accused.
    Once you have a players attention, there is a natural window of time before they drift into a new game, lets not accelerate this process, give em chance to get addicted LMAO.

    Yes its against rules but so was being gay in the military and many gay people served proudly in our armed forces, but until the don't ask don't tell got over turned it was against the rules, but, avoided the issue b/c nobody really gave a rats behind. What Im saying is the ends may not justify the means and we might be right to enforce the rules but who will suffer and is the collateral damage worth it, maybe Im just stupid and someone in here thats more intelligent than me can explain it better than I can
  4. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Reply to Lord Breakfield...I stand Corrected

    Ok i see what your saying, Thanks, but you can still attack your battle or level buddy the same amount, players are doing this all day long, all you need is a buddy, not an Alt. account, Even if you did that, the only thing you do is pad a stat, big deal, it doesn't directly affect anyone really. I have an Armada n Guild the amount of time that goes into nurturing players helping fend off bullies, building your player and contributing in the Groups and in here, to be able to do this with multiple accounts is insane
  5. madalina

    madalina Member

    yes..i didn;t had an alt on hi5 but i know a lot of people who have 10-20 accounts..and they play with them on fb..why they are not banned...70-80% of FB players have alts or use autoclick...they will get banned too?..i don;t tink only bann hi5 players because they know how to play the game and are better then FB players...DISCRIMINATION
  6. Yes, only ex HI5 players got banned so far...
    The ones that didnt are almost ready to quit playing because they lost their friends. These are after all "social games" and if you dont have any friends anymore what's the point to go on getting abused and bullied every day by players 10 times your level???
    I'm new to this forum as you can see but i have a few friends on either side (FB and HI5).
    The FB guys are happy about this as they got rid of the "guys getting freebies"
    The ex HI5 players are almost ready to put an end to this unfortunately.
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    If done correctly,you can climb up the leaderboard all the way to the top.A battle buddy is one thing,two separate players.Both might not be online at the same time for whatever reason and one might have to leave for whatever reason.A 2nd account,you know that both will be on at the same time and know that you can hit the attack limit without worrying about the other having to leave.Add in a 3rd account and you've hit the jackpot depending how the 3rd is built.
  8. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Wow,way to go Kano_Once again singling out the hi5 players while letting the fb players get away with murder.Well done.Of course,that wasn't directed to the legit fb players,just the cheats.
  9. hy don ..I will quit this my account was frozen...for no bye bye all..and please guys froze my acc on forum to..please!
  10. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Kano does a great job in protecting its players from abuse

  11. diva of destruction

    diva of destruction Active Member



    here's an edge that alts give, or three, or four......

    If a player wishes, he/she could use an alternate account to get that extra whip to kill, before or after throwing a whip with the alternate account. Sorry if you don't have enough friends, Shark Bait.

    If a player with an alt wishes, he can both lay and collect a bounty. First, pay yourself, Shark Bait? if that is not cheating, I do not know what is.

    If a player with an alt wishes, he can feed bosses to his alternate account, trying to build a stronger character than his leveling all day and night first account. SORRY Shark Bait, you should have played the whole game the first time if you wanted to be truly strong.

    If a player that is a CHEAPSKATE ADDICT wishes, he can drain his stamina, and move to play with an alt, increasing his/her game play without using DJ/Favor points, thus cheating KANO out of any extra income.

    There's FOUR reasons, would you like some fresh ground pepper with your HAT?
  12. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Reply to Gene

    Gene, here is the reality, the real cheats are using bots and that defeats the enjoyment of the game for them, why play? bots are criminal, some idiot with 2 accounts, who cares, i'm saying there are more serious violations that they should start with, because this road can lead to false positives and innocent players getting jammed up for no reason, i watched it happen in Zygna already, a small office of people all joined up one recruiting the other, they played between 9am-6pm on the west coast, while at work, the server was a static IP, which showed all the accounts coming from one source gifting each other back and forth, all their accounts got suspended, they each had to share their facebook info for review to get reinstated, after that their crew fell apart, the game lost valid avid everyday players to other games. Funny part, suspended in Mafia Wars but their Farmville accounts, no problem, idk, i dont get it sometimes, My thing is to defend all active accounts for me the more players the more people to attack, this is a battle game. This is an issue at my level b/c there are times when there's nobody in my level group to fight, and this leads to what people interpret as being a bully
  13. Mystique

    Mystique New Member

    and still no admin on-line to answear some questions....
  14. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    I've had enough of this. Let's see what other developers have to offer...
    It's been fun chatting with some of you addicts (like me).
    Good bye everyone and have fun! :(
  15. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I do not know about your case specifically but we are going through a bunch of accounts and reasons have ranged from the use of multiple accounts, use of automation and for the month of February there was a substantial number of fraudulent charges from hi5 players being transferred over.

    Those are the 3 that we are dealing with at the moment.
  16. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    haha what Dylan said...what? Linda... he didn't prove a serious edge in the game and BTW if i had an alt. account the last thing i would be doing is posting in this feed, you can bet your assets that everyone in this feed will be reviewed for sure, some confessed during there posts already, and my guess you already put my account up for review anyway lol :p Well thanks for the advice and letting me know I have nothing to be concerned about, now I can sleep better. But noone has showed me a game changing serious edge so i win the over all debate : )
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Unfortunately you were caught up in a couple of these, I really wish people wouldn't break the terms of service, it is difficult to get rid of players but we have to take a stand somewhere. And what ends up happening is that when players are caught it just wastes our time and theirs.

  18. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Vipceo just because you do not see the forest for the trees does not mean it is not there
  19. I'm not going to get into a debate over this, I will say that what I posted has been known to provide people with a serious unfair advantage within the game, and people have been and will continue to be banned from it.

    I have provided more than enough examples, and at this point it isn't my fault if you can't clearly see this, but it's my job as a Moderator to report this sort of activity and identify it so I can pass it on to the appropriate people.

    As Linda said, if you have an alternate account then I'd suggest you stop using it, if you do not then I'm not sure whether you agree with alt usage or not, if not then you have nothing to worry about.
  20. Mystique

    Mystique New Member

    ok,and what about a shared computer? u still didn't answear my question??? should i quit playing just because me and my boyfriend use the same pc????:p
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