[KanoPlay] Problems adding mob memebers...

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by The_Jay, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. The_Jay

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    Been having problems adding new people to my mob (actually to all four KANO games) I get them added to my MySpace friends list, then try to add them in the game but I keep getting the little white pop-up reading '_______ is already your friend'.
  2. Linda

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    I know on Fb sometimes there is a lag, between friending someone and being able to add, but on myspace I have no experience with it,try logging out of the game and try later, other wise write to support and tell them what is going on.
  3. The_Jay

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    This has been going on for approximately two weeks... I can't think lag is that bad.
  4. The Protector

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  5. Angel or Not

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    I have been experiencing the same on both PC and MW's...I am on Myspace and it could b a week before I can get someone added..and usually I send a message to anyone who has them and ask if that Person could please send me a game invite ..glad to know I am not the only one this is affecting
  6. The_Jay

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