[ZS] Please put button on faction, to send gifts!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Maureen, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Maureen

    Maureen Member

    I think it would be nice, if we had a button on the faction feed to send gift to fellow faction member all at once!!
  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    We cannot even get that for the game been asking for a long time
  3. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    Why send gift anyway? its total useless. And not even needing.
  4. kamikazeweasel

    kamikazeweasel Active Member

    much agreed most of the gifts really only help players just starting the game and any more you can level so fast at those levels the boss drops are better than any gifts how about making some worth while gifts then lets worry about that button. iIn my opinion it's not even worth clicking on the button to accept all gifts let alone send them out to my team mates
  5. Maureen

    Maureen Member

    Maybe if they gave us better gifts to give, than what they have now; it be more worth it!! They haven't even had good gifts for long time!! Your right about why, but it is also a way to keep contact with the people in your squad!! How many do you know their name??
  6. funnyman

    funnyman Member

    somekind of intisement to sent the gifts would be nice
  7. Hellhavenofury:)

    Hellhavenofury:) Active Member

    certain gifts give you that small boost in fights boombox for example so not completely worthless
  8. funnyman

    funnyman Member

    wish they would gift something like santas secret surprise: and its a random thing maybe nada or maybe 5 stam and so on, 50 energy or maybe even 1 un
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