PLEASE HELP,2nd time ZS has ERASED ALL DESTRUCTIVEs in my Inventory!Very frusterating

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  1. Please help.. I lost all my united states and part of my Canada earned destructives, every single one, about 3/4 of the way done with Canada... It sucked, and I thought I had posted looking for help about it on the forum but never recieved a response. Thankfully, it was still early in the game and I was able to regain most of what I lost after some back tracking.. I just traveled to Fance, and had just started the Peugeot Citroen, Rennes missions. When I clicked on my inventory to go upgrade more items, and went down to destructives it only listed one the Peugeot Rally Car, I had just got(this is how I had realised my destructives were gone the first time around too, was going to upgrade them and nothing showing on the list). So, I immediately thought to myself "Oh no... not again", and went to my inventory and then the destructives tab to double check. And sure enough EVERYTHING I have worked for is completely gone, including ALL the TIME and EFFORT into upgrading them, not to mention I really don't want to have to go back thru all the missions, bosses, and challenges again just to Recollect them all, and I certainly dont want to waste my time with that and upgrading them again... that is ALOT of time involved... Please help me, I didn't recieve an answer last time, but I really hope you guys will this time... cause twice on the same account is ridiculous.. I would assume other people are having it too and just not realizing it.. You can reach me on my facebook account, or by my email address thats linked to this forum account... Thank you.
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    Сталкивался с этой проблемой. Но смысл в том что когда участвуешь в битвах все эти веши пропадают и нельзя делать улучшения. Это мое личное мнение, хотя непонятно в чем проблема то.
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    The Destructives are consumable and you lose one per fight.
  4. correct

    you lose destructives everytime you attack(not when attacked)another player

    there the only item that gets consumed like that

    if you wanna never run out you have to really stock them up in bulk before attacking

    however even though you use them up the game keeps track on what level youve upgraded them to
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    OMG guys, I MEAN EVERY SINGLE DESTRUCTIVE WAS GONE FROM MY INVENTORY, I HAD A MASSED 100's to thousands of items if you count duplicates of items, AND MANY WERE UPGRADED(ie. obviously one or two fights would NOT cause ALL of them to disappear.. seriously guys did you even read the post you are commenting on???). this was not losing one or two from a fight people. this was everything was glitched and GONE. read the whole post and keep non-helpful, non-technical support to yourself. Jesus..the reason I included all the details in my post was to get some actual help from the people who created and run the game, not responses from people who don't even bother to read or understand the post they are commenting on. Thank you.
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  6. Can't read your language... I'll try running it thru google translator... Google Translator::: "Faced with the problem. But the point is that when the battles uchastvuesh these Objects with missing and can not do better. This is my personal opinion, although it is unclear what the problem is." Thank you for atleast being polite, and stating that the problem is unclear. I don't know why all the items would be erased either.. I had a massed tons of them.. so the only thing I can think of is it being a glitch of some sort in the game, which is why I posted in this forum, I am seriously hoping someone from tech support for the game will take a look at the cause of this issue, or an admin, or whatever kanos uses.
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    you dont state your level so well assume your around level 250 - 300

    at that rate you have a full fight list

    so full
    you couldnt possibly have any destructives left
    after all your fights are done
    unless you are doing ONLY bosses...(which isnt possible)
    there isnt enough drops for you to amass enough destructives

    the others were in fairness been very helpful

    you only get a destructive 1:3 for every attack on a boss ....other drops are included property ...weapons ect
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    The people who have responded to your post are players who actively play the game and know a lot about the working of the game. I have edited your post as it was offensive. Please refrain from using offensive language when posting.

    From the help section: Destructives are not armable but give you an extra advantage when attacking in Fights. Each time you use a Destructive it will be lost.

    Once you have upgraded them, if you get more they will all be at the upgraded level that you had with the previous items.
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    And your gamer name is?

    After reading you response, glad to see you lost them...

    Anyone know who this player is.. please send me msg.. with link...

    And i will make more then a few of your enemies lives miserable...

    Hmm, new idea.. Board bounties!!

    Cheers peeps!
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    I used to fight little next to nothing, so I had several thousands of destructives. Once I started fighting, they were gone in a week. Such is life.

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