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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Starkulf, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Starkulf

    Starkulf New Member

    Health 556 / 1030
    Energy 10 / 180
    Stamina 3 / 180
    Total Attack 557
    Total Defense 520
    Gold 1,000
    Hoard 8.679 billion
    Income 12,269,900
    Upkeep 5,588,000
    Bounty 45,441,920
    Chieftains 33
    Clan 3,188
    Weapons 1,409

    I have been playing for just a week, can anyone help me out with some advice as to whether I should improve my att/health or should I go more fore the other stats. atm I'm L155 and I don't seem to be getting on too well in the battle listing I'm usually given a list where the opponents are 100+ chieftains, this is obviously a waste of time me going against these
  2. Maler

    Maler Member

    First, add as many chieftains as you can.
    Second, don't spend your FP's on God items, use them for hired chieftains.
    Third, upgrade your stats the way you play. If you like to battle, go for high attack. If you like to kill bosses go for high health.
    Eye of the Tiger achievements are very important. i suggest you start from there. The order it's up to your own gameplay.
    Don't use the hoard, invest you money on empire and blacksmith items ( if they are worth crafting).
  3. ill post a link to a thread where i listed the most common builds

    thatll give you a idea of how you wanna spend your skill points

    i will agree with some of what maler says

    dont hoard right away

    hoard once you have over a trillion coin

    then hoard it for the trillion hoard achievement

    or if you really wanna wait on the hoard

    dont hoard it until you have enough for the final achievement

    yes spend your god points on hired chieftains(unless you plan on purchasing them)

    send a add request to everyone you see and then once your full you can weed out clan you dont like

    also dont overbuy items as the extra upkeep only hinders you

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