Player Levels By Join Date?

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    No Jon is not entirely wrong cause my PC account and my VC account say I started alot earlier than i actually started first playing the games, I clicked, opened them , did nothing at all and went on my way and came back at a later date, my VC account says I started maybe 800 days ago and I only started doing anything with it 2 months ago, My pc games says something like 900 days and I have only played not quite 2 years, I had them both blocked till i decided to play each of them
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    The way I read it was that when you join one app,and then join another,that it registers the same join date.Your point is 100% accurate.If that's what Jon was trying to say,then my apologies.But if it's what I thought he meant,then he is wrong.
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    seems to me if you open a game it show that date so to speak, i only clicked on ZS for the first time , it says 27 days ago, I know that one I never looked at before then , but thought I should get a feel for it as a Mod, the other two i know i looked at quickly way back,but was playing something else back then so blocked them , so..... we are all kinda right lol maybe :)
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    Sorry Lord Breakfield. When i posted that last night i was completely drained. The way Linda posted it was what i was trying to get at. And no apologies needed you called me out on it and you were correct in the way i wrote it it did make it sound like you were thinking. But i was trying to make the point Linda made.
  5. Wow.And this is what I mean by not humanly possible... nobody in the world could or would ever sit on a computer fighting every 17 seconds for 800 days.The only way that could be done is by a program,and if you ask me...I would consider that cheating...heck I even consider "boosting" cheating. (must be because "boosters" get banned from XBox) :rolleyes:
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    Again Let Kano decide who is cheating and not cheating. It is very possible to do whatever you want to in a game without having to use a bot or a script. You can have battle partners were you literally smack the heck out of one another back and forth. And you can hit one another 5000 times a day excluding zombie slayer see i finally remembered that one since i always forget about them being limited to how many then can attack a person in a day. But like someone posted if you leave yourself healed when you go offline and someone attacks you and lose there is another win stat. And also if someone fights you when your on and loses. To many ways. If you build your account to a certain way stamina hog or an energy wraith is what i like to call those accounts you can do anything you want to in a game and level fast.
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    Yeah, he had a total of approx 4.5 million fights (wins and losses). He attacked me while I was on the hitlist. He was lvl 4000+, but I've never seen the name before or since. I don't know if it was a cheat, a glitch or what, but it was odd.

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    The whole idea it is impossible to level at a rate of " an attack every 17 seconds, 24 hours a day, for 800 days" is someone who is not looking at the math correctly. First off, have you ever looked at your rival feed and seen a mobster who has attacked you 14 times in 25 seconds? If you haven't, then you don't know how to stay healed for a leveling partner OR you don't know the advantages of leveling with a leveling partner. Maybe both. It doesn't take long for attacks to add up fast and a lot faster than 17 seconds per attack. I typically take 2.5 hours to do 5000 attacks with my leveling partner. Overall, it takes 5 hours to level. Your theory is that a person did an attack every 17 seconds for 24 hours for 800 days and that it would be impossible.... Well, according to the math, in 24 hours that would be 24 hours x 60 minutes per hour x 60 seconds per minute = 86,400 seconds per day / 17 seconds per attack = 5082.35 attacks per day. I do that in 2.5 hours.

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