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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by The Ice Queen, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    While we appreciate the time the Kano staff take to "tell" us of upcoming changes to the game, wouldn't it be better to open up the ideas to discussion as soon as you have the idea?

    This way you could gauge players reactions to these changes before you spend the time working on the code.
    It works to save you time and effort (limiting attacks on players ring a bell?) and possibly improve on the idea before you decided to change to game code.

    Give the players a little credit for being intelligent people and realise that this is simply brainstorming and not a concrete indication of changes to come... just something you were thinking about.
    The more you involve us, the more we are involved in the game, the more we play.

    People prefer to be asked, not told.
  2. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    Agreed, especially since us higher level players have invested a lot of time in the game and might be able to point out consequences of the changes that you may not have thought of.
  3. One thing is for certain whatever change you all come up with it is going to anger the players.. I am not a low level player (1) or the high end players (1000) but I am one of the players that is right in the middle of the game.. My fight list consists of those on the leader board since I am a level 500+player.I have a level partner so I do not chain anyone other than him.. I built my character based on the fact that I did not have a level partner when I started. So there are quite a few boss's ahead of me that I can easily beat but I do not bother them since I have a partner. I however will defend myself when attacked and will come after you (provided it does not interrupt my leveling and need for stamina to make the next level). I realize that the developers have to make a decision based on what makes the majority of the players happy and not the minority.So with that in mind I will wait and see what happens and adapt once again.. But I have a feeling that if the cost goes up to high you wont have to worry with fixing the fatigue issue since very few people will be able to afford to list any one. .. ps.. when are you guys going to add something for the players beyond the current cities and jobs...:)
  4. So Not Right and NEEDS FIXING

    This is out of control, I listed one level 500 at 8bill and then go to list hom again and its now 89bill for the 2nd. That is CRAP... SO now i have 3 strikes against me. 1st is i can have ANY lower level Camp on my page and nonstop chain me for hours if they want & I can ONLY attack them into the hospital maybe 4 attacks & Crap XP, 2nd if i blow up from a Rig or get listed by any level i lose about 3400xp which is OUT OF CONTROL.. 3rd was my only defense and you just screwed me out of that.. One list at 8 bill and the second is 89billion.. KANO you people are out of control.. YOu really have to make the game FAIR FOR EVERYONE ASAP. I have spent a good amount of my own money along with others i know to get to the top and all you do i SCREW us over & over. Just like MW1 you always screw the paying customer...

    Fixes, Make a 2 hour window for anyone that attacks a higher level mob. that is only fair with the changes you made so far..
    Get rid of this STUPID bounty not even doubleing. I mean 8bill-89bill for 2 listing..hahahaah you must be smoking something...
    Make health just somehwhat like MW1, So we can get better XP then this crap we have now.. I know you dont want to turn this into MW1, but a max of 203 and lose 3400xp is NUTS!
    Plain & Simple, when you make a change you NEED TO THINK OF EVERYONE in the game. Not one or two crybabie that emailed you about dying.. They lose almost nothing for XP and can get one death back in 3 attacks....

  5. agreed in full
  6. Vinny

    Vinny New Member


    I'd love to hear the Dev's explanation on what the point of this game is now, since everything possible has been restricted. Are we to remove players in our range and just go at it with them ... for only 1 round of course :p
  7. HarleyQueen

    HarleyQueen New Member

    I totally agree

    what is the point of this game now?
  8. KanoApps when are you going to respond to either of the two boards..??????
  9. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    I have tried using the "Contact the Developer" link to send them an email to at least acknowledge that they are aware of our concerns... maybe others could do the same?
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We have adjusted the hitlist multiplier to be lower than what we changed it too but still higher than what it was before. Give the new change a try.

    Also, as for new content. We plan to release new bosses for all the cities which should add quite a bit of new content and then look at what will be added next.
  11. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Thanks for the heads up Eric... new bosses are going to be very much appreciated.

    If you are looking for new content... new jobs, cities and achievements have been asked for a lot by the players over level 400.

    We look forward to discussing the new content amongst ourselve and with you in the near future. :)
  12. Thanks for finally responding... I look forward to the new releases for the cities..
  13. Kat are you going to post these updates to the other boards like you normally do since more people are on that board than this one? You do good work on keeping the masses informed..
  14. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Hehehe I was too busy actually playing for the first time in 3 days last night.

    Will update and do some more FAQ as the week goes on..

    I will see how busy it is at work ;) j/k... I work like a slave
  15. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    A thought on jobs if there are going to be new ones....PLEASE don't infiltrate the jobs all over the place I'm assuming people would like better paid and more exp with better jobs than we currently have

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