Petition to cancel the Hitlist Increases.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by The Ice Queen, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    We, the undersigned hereby petition the Developers of Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra to revert the hitlist costs back to how they were on 1st April.

    We give the following reasons.

    1. Bullies are now untouchable as no-one can afford to retaliate against them more than twice.
    2. Family groups are a social part of the game. They have become redundant as a protection method as no-one can afford to retaliate against the bullies.
    3. The Developers are interfering with the way people choose to play the game.

    Kat Paez
    aka The Ice Queen
  2. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Signatures from the FB DB

    10 minutes ago

    Charlotte Caroline Buxbom Rosenkjær
    I cant sign unless i logg in on the forum, and I forgot my pasword again.

    ill get a new one tomorrow. it takes too long to get a new one :(

    5 minutes ago · Report

    Todd Jones sign me up!
    4 minutes ago · Report

    Tammy Hollis Agree
    about a minute ago · Report
  3. Vinny

    Vinny New Member

    fully agree!
  4. You have broke the game, change it back or you will have no one left playing it!
  5. What they said...
  6. don corleone 1980

    don corleone 1980 New Member

    agreed, and the exp lost/death should be 10 x max exp/fight
  7. HarleyQueen

    HarleyQueen New Member

    I agree. give us back the game, and do something about the xp loss asap.

    everyone should lose what they can gain back in like 10 attacks. also the ones above level 1000. the game is not fair as it is now
  8. Fix the game

    I AGREE 10000000%. Kano needs to fix this game ASAP. its already going to crap.. even worse then MW1. This new HL cost is the stupidest thing you have EVER DONE!!!! Why dont you talk to a few Players from every 100 levels and ask them what they would like, then maybe you will get an actual concensus on what changes need to be made and or fixed.. Start with levels 1-99, 100-199, 200-299, so for & so on.. do some type of survey, not just one or two cry babies that dont even lose anything for XP.. And I GUARENTEE those crybabies deserved what ther are getting or got....
  9. jayme uk

    jayme uk New Member

    are you for real devs

    Confirm Cost: $114,387,545,070

    Note: this will be the 2nd hit on this mobster in the last day or so. Recent hits will increase a mobsters hitlist cost.

    nobody can afford this , change it back pls
  10. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    More useless changes. I've just tried to hitlist a level 210 who is Bullying one of my Mobsters... and they are out of my experience range.

    Kano, do you actually know how we play this game?
    You give us a mob feed that says
    XXXXXXXX is under heavy attacks from XXXXXXX. Help out a fellow Mobster!

    You then BLOCK our ability to help out a fellow mobster.
    Even though I can afford to list the 300+ Billion dollar bounties, what's the point?
    They can regain the XP in 2-3 fights.

    Please talk to the players, Kano staff.
    Please reset the game parameters to April 1st.

    We play for enjoyment.
    You do realise you have taken this away from us, don't you?
  11. Sack the person that keeps making these stupid changes or send them back to MW1.
    at the very least take their drugs off them.
  12. bumpy955

    bumpy955 New Member

    kano these changes suck, turn back the clock
  13. bigmike63

    bigmike63 New Member

    Hit list price

    I agree with the players change it back, you are now giving chainers and bullies free reign!:mad:
  14. veebeebelly

    veebeebelly New Member

    kano, you remind me of my dad. he would have good intentions of trying to fix something on my car, but he still managed to 'fark' things up!!!

    Hits Placed: 5021

    Happy bounty hunters: plenty

    Future hits place: 0

    Reason: cant afford too.


    Nothing more to say... Check your ''server activity'' you'll see there is none... no one can afford the ridiculous bounty prices and only being able to punch people because they are ''out of range '' is BORING. Myself and many others are not going to spend real $ on a game that is boring the hell out of them. Change it back and allow people to actually play the game !!
  16. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    I agree. I don't use hitlist.
  17. AmethystRose

    AmethystRose New Member

    My 2 cents...

    There has always been hitlist increases -- So the people with tons of money can not hitlist you over and over without paying for it... I have not noticed any huge changes in hitlist costs -- I have noticed the changes in Ambush costs they are huge..... but have not seen any huge changes in Hitlist cost-- (that i have noticed)
    If you take away hitlist increases do you realize if your hitlist is under a billion how easy it would be to hitlist you over and over -- Think about that if you have a low bounty,

    Bullying is part of the game, that is what is cool about ambushes with the price increases there it does hurt and the new limits on how many you can place-- You make friends, good allies and money is not ever an issue for hitlists.. your friend post one , you win the bounty and repost the bounty and let your friends win it...Making strong close friends is A MUST!!!!

    I have friends I will bounty for anytime, no matter how much the cost....
    And on another front Hitlisting someone is rarely "punishment" -- Ambushing is a battle lost -- you get no wins or losses while on hitlist-- it really is just a minor inconveniece at most-- And the Hit when its a large hit it usually always goes to the person on the hitlist's friends.....

    Anyway To the developers -- I think you all are doing a great job and trying to make improvements-- Things must change or they will die ---
    Thanks for the bosses eventhough I fully do not understand the powerups?

    I would like to see more achievements :)

  18. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Amethyst Rose,

    I was listed twice yesterday. That's all, twice..
    1st Listing 14 billion
    2nd Listing 140 billion
    Current List price 351 Billion.... anyone want to list me?

    As you can see... it's a little unfair. Even after the first listing, I had the ability to bully the living crap out of anyone I pleased and who was going to stop me?

    I also have 600+ stamina. A few ambushes aren't going to stop me either..

    Good thing I'm not a bully... but there are those who are taking advantage of this situation.. been listed once or twice and then they are off chaining, listing anyone they want and they are untouchable... either they have used their Credit Cards to buy 500+ Hg's or they are a lower level and you only get 4 attacks back before they can no longer be attacked.....

    We don't mind the price increases as they were prior to Thursday... that was fair.

    Hell, even basing the person's Bounty on the number of attack they have against you or the number of listings you have against them is fair. a 10 x or 25 x increase is boarding on the ridiculous.
  19. AmethystRose

    AmethystRose New Member

    LMAO i just actually saw that a minute ago on someone else's bounty-- dang have i not listed anyone since thursday?! wow those are huge ... i have seen bounties get to 100billion before but usually after they have been listed a ton of times... anyway i actually came to the forums to figure out the boss fight thingies when i saw the post originally didnt even notice the bounty prices changed like that and i play daily (ok all day) .... need to list more people i guess (probably why i have not gotten the hitlist achievement yet) ...and bullying is really not something i think of since there is only 4 people ahead of me in levels that are not in my mob... :) 600 stamina!? holy crap come bully me if you get bored :) lol
  20. Doc Morpheus

    Doc Morpheus Member

    If you can wait 7 weeks. Then I will have the money ;)

    Maybe its time to begin bountyhunting again, if there are bounties in the 100 bill's :D

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