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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by DarkStratus, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. DarkStratus

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    If you have a lot of stamina in comparison to attack / defense / health your attack / def / health perks will be smaller as your skill points are in stamina.

    Stamina is a great perk in itself as you can attack more then others gaining a lot of XP. People who are not attacking do not gain any xp.
  2. polishpimp

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    Ok, Ty for the reply

    I kinda figured this would be the case. I personally dont agree with stamina being brought in to the equation due to the high amount of stamina needed for the higher levels to continue to move forward in the game because of the high amount of XP required to level.

    The whole idea initially sounded great but much like guild wars and bounty hunting it appears that that the higher of levels are being handicapped.

    Considering that Im so much higher in levels and the XP gained will be minimal at best when attacking lower levels...I just dont see that as any real perk. Thanks but no thanks.
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  3. alka

    alka Banned

    Having read through the whole thread I'm no clearer on what the structure of this idea is.
    What's the time frame, how many attacks can we make? Is it dependant on people being online or will there be an undead.
    Can these players still be hit listed or punched in the normal game. If so, how do we kill them in Perk?
    I killed stacks of Cage fighters through normal fighting mode who thought it clever to chain me in cage mode. I couldn't compete in Cage mode, so does this mean I now need to make a choice as to build for success in Perk or continue building in the normal game?
    Are you going to throw something into the mould at a later date that will require players to spend money for better success, or is this an open game for all comers? As I see it, high levels would have to spend as low levels can build the required skills on their way up.
    As it seems most people around my level prefer to level on energy and hide all day, what incentive is there for them to come out to play if their skills are stacked in Energy? Will players playing the perk appear on the normal Fight List?
    If Perk proves to be a success will you stop enhancing the main game in favour of Perk thus effecting those that choose not to play Perk?
  4. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Perks are an addition to the Battle Arena - Survivor mode. They are small bonus's you get when you enter the arena based on your skill point allocation. For more information and a brief overview on Battle Arena - Survivor check out this forum post.

    Let me answer your questions about Battle Arena - Survivor:
    1) You can attack as many people as your stamina allows you, you get XP for every attack you do. The more damage you do to an opponent the more XP you get

    2) You can only attack people who have joined the battle arena. People do not need to be online and there will be no undead.

    3) You can interact with everyone in the same way outside of the battle arena when you are in the battle arena so you can hit list them or punch them.

    4) Perks are meant to help balance players based on how they allocate their skill points.

    5) People who build all energy builds will not be successful in the battle arena. The battle arena is about fighting and energy does not help with that. All the other skills will help you do well in the battle arena.

    6) Players in Battle Arena - Survivor will appear in the battle arena fight list. They will not appear in the normal fight list. You must opt in and join the battle arena fight list to show up in it. You can attack anyone in this fight list.
  5. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    The goal is not to handicap high level players with perks the goal is to ensure each build is balanced. We will add a stamina perk, so the greater the % of points put in stamina the more bonus xp you will get.

    For example if 50% of your skill points are in stamina you will get at 25% bonus to the xp you get from an attack while in the battle arena. If you had 10% of your skill points in stamina you may only get 5% bonus to the xp payout while you are in the battle arena.

    Obviously the numbers above are sample numbers.

    We will be tuning the numbers on the perks diligently so that all builds feel fair in the battle arena and have a role.

    Energy will not have a perk, high energy players will be at a disadvantage in the arena.
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Once again i appreciate your reply. I dont think that you're maliciously handicapping the higher levels, but isnt "balancing builds" handicapping? Maybe Im just not understanding things correctly....but I just dont see how balance could ever be obtained between a level 1500 and level 8500 without someone getting the short end of the stick. Dont take me wrong. i realize that myself and a couple of others are at the extreme edge of the range of levels and it makes your job of finding a happy medium daunting at best impossible being the most likely. With that in mind I appreciate your efforts to make things as fair as possible but Im not gonna try to fool myself into thinking that I will get the advantage of everything Ive done with my build in comparison to others. This brings me back to the original "arena " post in which was said that the price to participate would be more for those of a higher level and or income....if indeed a higher level player is going to lose some of their earned advantage...shouldnt the price be less?

    You may have already answered this so I apologize for being lazy and not searching it out....but are the rewards going to be the same for all regardless of level on how they place or will they correspond with ones level and or income? So if a level 1500 wins, would they get the exact same thing a level 8500 would get if they won?
  7. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    'balancing builds' is the goal of perks. What I consider a build is where you put your skill points based on the number of skill points you have. I want to balance people who have the same number of skill points vs. one another. For example if you have 1000 skill points and put 100 in attack, 100 in defence, 500 in health, 200 in stamina and 100 in energy I want that person to have advantages and disadvantages compared to an opponent who also has 1000 skill points 500 in attack, 100 in defence, 100 in health, 200 in stamina and 100 in energy.

    I ran some sample battles between people with the same number of skill points but placed in different abilities and a build that puts most of their skill points in attack is better then all the other builds (with some minor exceptions). After running these tests i came up with the perk system to remedy that problem.

    If you have more skill points and equipment then your opponent you will be better then them in the battles. I am not trying to balance that. I am only trying to balance people of similar skill points so that one build isn't clearly better then another.
  8. ben

    ben Active Member

    now what i wonder is if a person kills them selfs attacking me do i get the kill on them and and get health for it...
  9. I like the hole idea !!! But as long as KANO didn't do any effort to take out some of the alt accounts I can see how this is going to be.
    They will bring all their alt accounts to fight for them and just before the alt is killed they will take it out them self gaining the health for the kill. some have a lot of accounts and they will rule the battle arena even more than in the actually game.
    I will bet you my account that I can mention 10 players to you and 5 of them is gonna end in the top 10 finish.
  10. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Yeah if someone kills themselves attacking you you do get the kill and the health for it.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    This is a good point. I can think of a few diff ways that alts could be a huge advantage, with the rewards and bragging rights I assure u its gonna happen. Maybe in competitions such as this Kano should only allow a particular IP address to be entered once in a arena comp at a time. This would kinda suck for family members that share a computer.....but they can simply alternate every other competition much like they have to alternate comp usage. I realize some players get around the whole IP thing....but it may still put a dent in some alt usage.
  12. I agree it would take out most of the alt accounts, but doubt kano will make that kind of drastic decision.

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