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    • Before starting i want to point out that my last thread overviewing Murder Island (Murder Island Overview) i had messed up some of the stats so consider the expected values for crafting void due to this reasoning. I have since fixed it in the chart below. The main details i was discussing stay unchanged but wanted to point out the scale i was using was not the correct one and one of the older ones i was playing around with before settling on the one used in the original thread. (Item stats across the board).
    • One other thing to note is that the picture of the scale being used for the stats has been slightly revised for small mistakes that i had made on the original which i have now found and corrected. If anybody spots spelling mistakes that are still prominent please point them out and i will correct them for the next overview location discussion thread. one major mistake i overlooked was the elite number of 1.2 instead of 1.3 which has been corrected. on the stats calculations it was correct, just not on the word doc listing it.
    • Things are now better organized in proper folders so a mistake like mentioned above should hopefully not happen again. I find it very inconvenient that it happened in the first place but will not go back and edit the post as its too old to be doing any changes to it when most of the information is still solid.
    Splitting into 2 separate posts due to the character cap limit per posts.

    Skipped the last location since i was trying to see how the items are flowing. Mainly with the weapons and mateys, i still see a trend that is indicating trying to catch the mateys up with the weapons overall stats which is nice but i dont consider necessary especially since it is starting to lag the weapons behind what an expected amount should be at the time. ​

    Cut off the prior locations on the chart for both actual and expected values since it takes up a massive amount of space on the page due to the size of the images. For any wanting to see the full images of all items let me know and i can link them, just not embed. The locations showing will be the last 3 since that shows a groupset of 3 random drops. (Groupset being Weapons/Mateys/Ships)
    Alright now that i got that out of the way onto the Madagascar overview critique and review.

    Weapons started out with the appearance that they were going to continue a trend of falling further behind the expected curve but come the 3rd drop things changed quick. West Indies expected value of 226 and actual of 205 with a 21 difference and by the end of Madagascar the difference has shrunk a significant amount to 13. (expected end value of 232 and actual of 219). With that change happening by the end of the weapons it shows that the weapons have not been forgotten just left behind temporarily. If the stats continue to jump the way they have been they will have gotten back on track to the percentage based curve. Assuming the similar stat increases happen over the next couple locations the stats for mateys and weapons will still be caught up relatively soon with both being over the expected amounts. Overall a good change had happened by the end of the location that hopefully continues onward into the next onward.

    Mateys are well above the expected amount and nothing but good things to say about them for the most part. It is great that they are gaining strength fast in what i believe is an attempt to catch up to the weapons. Expected amount being 160 by the end and actual of 194. The positive gain as mentioned above is a great thing to have had happened but i cannot say much more on it as i would need a confirmation about the mateys potentially trying to be caught up to the weapons. Nothing negative to say just a question about the current rate of scaling that will be cleared in due time as the weapons and mateys inevitably reach each other in a couple locations from now with the current trend.

    Ships are still in a sad state where the stats are just in need of some love and care lol. They are lacking and well below an expected amount but the main focus the past few locations has been on mateys with a surprise care to the last 2 weapon drops. I would recommend looking over the ships again since a person can only bring 2k of them into battle. I have ideas for potentially how to fix that wouldnt involve rebalancing the scale currently used but that isnt for this thread and would need a lot more thought taken into consideration since any drastic changes could easily be bad for the game. Easiest solution i believe would be to go a bit more aggressive on the overall stats for a while to get them back to where they should be, similar to what is being done with the mateys and their aggressive scaling.

    Boss Drops:
    Random drop for the boss being a matey this time around is just like the adventure drops, well above the expected total which is completely fine and nice to see a major shift has happened from the last matey drop to now.

    The basic drops for random and set rewards are a bit lacking though which is something that i believe should also be looked at. They should be looked at differently then a regular drop as you are only able to gain 1 per boss tops and not amass them easily so the stats should be a bit higher to show. Ships are included in this section but the problem from them stems from their adventure drop counterpart and should be addressed there as the changes on adventure drops will reflect onto the rest of them.

    Crafting is something that most look forward to and overall the thoughts are similarly reflected up above. The weapons due to their adventure counterpart are showing their difference with overall stats. The crafts for weapons use the first 2 drops and as such will reflect lower numbers then they otherwise would if they were to have used the last 2 items. Next location will have more to say if the end locations drops for weapons stat increase follow onward. Currently it would not be right to compare the expected to actual due to the difference in strength to what is being crafted up.

    Matey crafting compared to the expected values are above which is to be expected due to the base drop being higher than expected. Since this is the case there really isnt much to add that wasnt mentioned above, they are above expected which is great to see.

    Ships show no difference and a perfect example of why they need to be reevaluated is shown with the craft one can do with what is requiring the watercourse cruiser. the stats of the craft overall are 538 and the overall stats of the ship being crafted up are 516. there is only a ~4% increase overall to the ship or 22 point increase. Now compare the craft to the last ship drop fire support ship which is overall 520 point. The craft in comparison to the adventure drops make it meaningless to a player to even attempt to craft a few of them as the point differences will not correlate to anything in battle. A low estimate using only adventure drops on a player with 2k captains to compare/show this is listed below -

    Type/amount/overall attack/overall def
    Fire Support Ship
    Ships/2000/506 000/534 000
    weapons/20000/2 200 000/2 180 000
    mateys/20000/1 960 000/1 920 000
    Overall attack: 4 666 000
    Overall Def: 4 634 000

    Malagasy Warship
    Ships/2000/550 000/526 000
    weapons/20000/2 200 000/2 180 000
    mateys/20000/1 960 000/1 920 000
    Overall attack: 4 710 000
    Overall Def: 4 626 000

    (attack gain of overall 44 000 and a net loss of 8000 which is discussed below)

    Comparing the difference between a person having the craft and not only equates to an overall difference of power that is less than 1% for attack and sadly is a negative amount for defense meaning that none would even be used given the person is completely up to date with the latest adventure drops. These are roughly estimates not including a persons potential raid drops or other items but that only further decrease the difference between a player that invested time crafting compared to one who did not.

    a temp fix for this problem that would temporarily address it for this location would be to boost up the craft a tad, but in doing that it would need to be looked at in perspective to the last locations since that is a ship drop. Its a bit of a challenging situation for them to reevaluate currently and the best course of action i can recommend would be from the next location onward taking a deeper look at ships as a whole and figuring out a better scaling solution that would be more in line with a percentage based curve instead of set amount which is what it appears to be on currently. Percentage based curved eliminate this type of problem since it is always a percentage distance away instead of set amount meaning that as time progresses the difference between one drop to the next will always be proportionate rather then slowly but surely becoming a nominal amount that causes this sort of problem.
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    Challenges overall for their stats are pretty left behind in the grand scheme of the other drops capable of being obtained. A person can only complete a single challenge once every day and a half or so meaning the time to drop value isnt there. The only good thing the challenge provides is the good xp drops. It is positive though that the drops are more heavily weighted towards attack or def meaning they will stay in the persons clan longer then they otherwise would.

    Challenges themselves are in need of a look at though, mainly due to the achievements that are requiring a person to complete 15k of them. I have gone over in a fair amount of detail in another thread about this linked here ( https://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/new-achievement-tiers-september-1st-2017.34944/#post-183366 & https://forums.kanoapps.com/threads...s-september-1st-2017.34943/page-2#post-183228 )

    Overall thoughts on the location is that there is a clear positive change happening but with the positive changes that are happening there are still other aspects of the game be that drops or other that need to be looked over before things are properly balanced in all areas. The weapons seem to have made a positive change by the end but due to the crafts being based off the first 2 drops no comments can really be made about the scaling. Mateys are in a great shape. Ships are in need of some love and care. Challenges are the greatest problem both in terms of how they work and with drops given, mainly a look at how they work is determined by the time it takes to obtain the achievements associated with them as they are unrealistic and require nearly a full lifetime to complete as they stand now which i have gone into more detail within the threads linked above.

    Actual stats of Items:

    Percentage Based Scaling:

    Percentage Based Scaled Stats:

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