[PC] Developer Update September 30th - Cagematch Payout Limit and Attack Limit

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. polishpimp

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    Let me begin by apologizing if my words came across as singling u out...although i did Quote u ...My intent was to speak in broad terms and to a larger segment of players.

    As far as my comment of being "pathetic and weak"...I was speaking of those who were abusing cage matches(thus the reason they have been limited)....There were a segment of players who relied and or built their accounts around cage matching in my opinion because they didnt have either the drive, brain cells, time, or simply because they wanted to be malicious towards the higher leveled accounts that did have one or more of these attributes. Many of these players would then turn around and cry "bully" when these higher levels came back and countered their cage matches and proceeded to kick their butts.

    As in life......if there is a way for people to exploit something within the game....THEY WILL. With that said.....players SHOULD always be on the look out for new ways to get a leg up (within the rules of the game of course), the games r continually evolving and players must evolve with them if they wish to continue to be successful. But when and if a particular existing aspect, new update to the games or player...has shown to be problematic, offer an unfair advantage or is simply not conducive to the continued health and growth of the games and its players than Kano has to do something about it as they have in this case.

    In the End...Kano has left us with the ability to continue to cage match if we so wish, If used in the manner u spoke of ...Im pretty sure that 50 cage matches a day should be plenty sufficient to check how you fare "1 on 1" vs an opponent and or to achieve the rewards associated with their use.
  2. Luciano Bradley

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    Ok yea that makes sense....I would never go after someone then cry about it if they hit back haha...In the end 50 is plenty :)
  3. Ace

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    50 is good, as long as you can still do them if you do regular/hitlist attacks... Not that I care much considering my stats for cagematching suck :p
  4. Ahad

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    Cagematch counters should not be abolished.

    Cages are the only way some people are able to play, they should not be immune to counter attacks.
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Did someone say that cage match counters should be abolished? As long as there is cage matches than they should be able to be countered. But cage matches are far from the only way some people can play.....and for some weird reason it is the only way they can play....Then those players are either abusing cage matches or have far bigger problem with their accounts
  6. well if cages are limited then at least should make it where they ALWAYS give less exp

    CM Capture 28.jpg

    CM Capture 29.jpg
  7. snakedriver

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    this is a flawed design either you add 1000 people you do not know and risk facebook banning you or you play a game in which it is impossible to defend yourself. great job making it fair for everyone kano.
  8. Linda

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    Really ??? lol send invites within the game,put your self out alittle and ask for crew, ask a friend and or crewmate to pimp you out, do something about it, instead of complaining,

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